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Get inspired by our collection of 2,000+ keynote speaker videos and 100+ courses of innovative content. Tony Robbins' latest book, 'Money: Master the Game,' offers helpful and easy to understand advice on how to intelligently invest into stocks and funds.
One of the key problems with investing is that many individuals don't know how or where to put their money to make it work for them.

Robbins dispels one of the greatest investment myths, the low interest rate on mutual funds. While it might be advertised that mutual funds only cost 1% interest, Robbins reveals that in the fine print there are multiple other 'costs' that increase that percent to about 3% -- cutting your return rate in half. Other tips Robbins shares include understanding that investors don't always have your best interest at heart, learning fees and return rates and knowing the rules of the game.

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tony robbins money master the game youtube

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