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You’re embarking on a four day journey of epic proportions—you have to nourish your body right! Join the CommunityBecome part of the leading personal and business development community in the world. Sure, you want to look nice, but before you get dressed ask yourself, “can I move in this?”, “can I wear this for up-to 12 hours?” If so, you are ready to rock it. Before it’s your turn to step up, you will be given instructions on how to make it to the other side victoriously and uninjured. Anthony Robbins and crew want to make certain that you are absolutely informed and prepared for the ultimate experience of a lifetime.

You will want to bring smart snacks that are quick, nutritious and require little effort to get into your system.
We recommend that you go before you take your seat and whenever you’re given the quick opportunity. You want to bring shoes that are comfortable to wear, stand and walk in for extended periods of time. Be sure to ask one of our friendly crew members where the closest restroom to where you are seated is located. You don’t need anything but bare feet.  One friendly suggestion—you might want to save your fancy spa pedicures as a reward for after your walk, but it’s OK if you’ve had one prior to.

Therefore, it’s super important that you take a brief moment to review the following recommendations that we know will ensure the maximum level of comfort for everyone.

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tony robbins upw music

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