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Use this checklist to follow, post, and share with others that are interested in being an effective leader. You may click on each leadership skill to review the complete article for those skills that may be harder for you than others. Passionate leaders spread passion to others through their love of life, doing new things, taking risks, being motivated, having a sense of urgency, and reinventing self. Followers need the opposite approach of our typical desire to jump in and fix problems. They need managers to involve them in the problem in order to connect and build trust.
Leaders who are successful at leading change, the movers and shakers, have both the intelligence quotient (IQ) and the emotional quotient (EQ) to successfully initiate and complete a needed change.
It is a known fact that the difference between an average performing leader and an extraordinary leader is that great leaders build strong teams. An ethical leader is one that considers positive and negative views, the rights of everyone involved, ensures decisions are made in an ethical manner, and members are held accountable. There’s a big difference between managing others to success—and teaching others to find success themselves. Although dysfunctional behaviors are not the intent of great leaders, the overuse of habits and reactions they have used to succeed end up not be appropriate when working with others.When dysfunctional behaviors are overused it creates a roadblock to openness and trust which affects the results the leader needs to achieve. If you have ideas that you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below.
Mary Kay is a hype-free business strategist, speaker, author and co-founder of About Leaders. Leadership is looking at every single individual as equal, from a homeless man on the street, to a wealthy property owner investing to make even more.
Why do companies continue to fall into the trap of promoting “the best X”, rather than the most qualified leader?
So how do organizations break the cycle of promoting based on past performance and track record? As a Principal at Leadership Alliance, David has been helping organizations in a wide array of industries with the selection and development of high-caliber employees for over 20 years. I wouldn’t think of hiring anyone without the input of Leadership Alliance.  Their assessment tests coupled with the expertise and insights of Karen and David Weller are unmatched and help me hire the right people. The psychologists at Leadership Alliance make executives so comfortable that they wind up sharing sensitive data that our diligence team could never have captured. We are consistently surprised by the information Leadership Alliance is able to capture.
We would never buy a company or make a key hire for a portfolio company without Leadership Alliance’s review.
In the process of developing the Human Capital Planning System at my company, I needed a competency-based set of tools to help us determine the success factors for people in our organization and a means to align individual performance with overall company strategy and goals. We partner with Leadership Alliance to provide our leaders with the objective information required to make effective selection and development decisions. We have been working with Leadership Alliance for several years and as partners they have dramatically enhanced our talent evaluation processes. With the help of Leadership Alliance, we implemented a mentoring program to prepare talented employees to become high performing contributors to our organization. The clear-cut identification of development needs, the focus on critical competencies, and the customized feedback and coaching provided by Leadership Alliance have enabled us to concentrate our development efforts and accelerate the talent development process.
Leadership Alliance partnered with us to shape the foundation of our talent management, succession and leadership development strategies.

Much of our success is due to the exceptional managers we’ve successfully hired with your assistance. Serving the global Fortune 500, our multilingual team aids in the selection and talent development of employees around the world. From personal experience, I’ve found that the best military leaders have a high level of influence.
In summary, these are the top 10 military leadership skills as I see it. I encourage you to evaluate yourself in each one of these skills and assess your performance. Affiliate DisclosureI make money on some products and services that I talk about on this website through affiliate relationships with the merchants in question. Staying true to your convictions means holding tough discussions, clarifying expectations, and letting those that choose not to contribute know they are no longer a match for the organization’s purpose and mission. It is a long list, but I’ve narrowed these descriptions of passion down to four, main leadership behaviors.Passionate people are optimistic, have a great story, involve people, and have a simple, recharge strategy. Great leaders are experts at being vulnerable (walking naked) to reveal their real, authentic character.A leader who doesn’t walk naked isn’t a leader, but a poser because we don’t know who they really are or if we can trust them.
The blend of IQ and EQ occurs when leaders explore their emotions, internal needs, and what will give them the courage to lead in areas that are unknown.
When great leaders take a vacation their team members keep things humming without missing a beat.Great leaders know how to build top performing teams that achieve profitable results while they comfortably take a vacation when needed – no sweat. It is not the size of the building, how cool the product is, or even the best equipment or process that determines success.What propels and sustains a successful organization is its diverse team of talented, motivated employees.
The ethical actions of a leader enhance his or her credibility and integrity which causes followers to trust.Employees, students, and children establish faith in their leader’s decision making and the choices the leader makes by listening and watching what they do. Great leaders constantly work on balancing or adjusting their ego to the appropriate level.
Great leaders find satisfaction not only in teaching others but also in mentoring them—in showing others how they can become more than they ever believed they could.These types of leaders have a strong drive to invest in people not for the return it will give them but for the rewards it will bring to people personally.
Here’s the key – as long as leaders are willing to work on how they are perceived as well as develop “human relationships” they can smooth out their rough edges. She works closely with senior leadership teams, helps customers understand and profit from productive organizational cultures, and shares the power of leadership with dozens of on-site engagements annually including; DOE, Mars Petcare, GE, Future Foam, NNSA, Cornell Cookson, Boeing, and many more in a wide variety of industries.
The best salesperson becomes the sales manager, the best accountant becomes the accounting manager and so on. As we found our ability to distinguish higher-caliber employees evolve, so did the opportunity to have Leadership Alliance implement ongoing talent development. This information clarifies our understanding of what is really going on strategically and operationally inside the company, allowing us to develop deal terms that better align incentives and protect our interests.
Their evaluation is a standard practice of our due diligence process, and our entire firm is convinced that making decisions without Norma’s insight is analogous to flying blind.
Leadership Alliance introduced me to the Lominger system, and I have been thrilled ever since! We have been pleased with our experience working with their seasoned and highly capable staff in identifying those individuals with the highest likelihood to meet or exceed expectations. We would not dream of hiring a key executive in our company without a thorough assessment and analysis from Leadership Alliance. I see this as a very cost-effective investment that has boosted us towards the expansion of our presence in the world area.

They brought tools and methodologies to the table in a way that worked for our team and our culture. In other words, people WANT to follow them because their followers trust their leader‘s judgement, integrity, and leadership ability. The Ability to Get Things Done: The best military leaders are masters at getting things done. Strong, Personal Example: The best military leaders set a strong personal example for others to follow.
Perseverance: I would add this one to the list because not all leaders have the ability to finish what they start. My favorite is the uncanny ability to communicate and encourage communication appropriately. A leader can become more self-aware, be adaptable, believe in others, and communicate clearly, but without holding others accountable the leader quickly loses trust. The skill to handle your personal reactions allows you to make change happen at a faster rate than ordinary leaders. Great leaders continually invest in their people and understand motivational rewards for employees. This leads to having an organization staffed with leaders who are great at the individual contributor skills, but not so good at the leadership skills.  You also end up losing top performers in exchange for mediocre managers. They took the time to know our core values and guiding principles and help us hire the team players and leaders we need as we grow.  They are simply The Best! As a result, their assessment and coaching techniques have provided our executives and managers the ability to grow as company leaders. I attended training at Leadership Alliance and found the facilitators to be proficient in their knowledge and use of the tools. From candidate assessments, executive 360 reviews, behavioral interview training, and employee development we have evolved significantly thanks to this partnership. They spent a lot of time listening to our needs and really figuring out what the most impactful solutions would be for our leadership team.
For the purpose of this blog post I want to share with you what I think are the top 10 military leadership skills.
It’s also important to recognize that these skills can be carried over into their civilian life as well.
They can make a tough decision during a critical moment, based upon their experience and the information they have on hand at that moment in time. Great military leaders have a high level of personal discipline and their units also have a high level of discipline. Yes, the lowest ten competencies exhibited by managers and executives encompass a significant number of key leadership skills like motivating others, conflict management, and developing direct reports.  It just so happens that, when you look at what is most important for success in managerial and executive roles, many of those bottom 10 skills also make that list. They are articulate and make sure that their followers understand what they are saying and thinking.

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