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It is common knowledge that the major part of revenue in any organization is generated by the sales department and therefore, it is mandatory for organizations to train their sales personnel effectively in order to increase sales closure. According to a recent report, the best sales training will improve the performance of an individual on average by 20%. A world class sales benchmarking study revealed that the caliber of the salesperson is the most important factor influencing prospects’ decisions to buy.
According to a survey, over 50% of sales managers are too busy to train and develop their sales teams.
The Internet Sales 20 Group is the preeminent workshop in the automotive industry, and is designed to be highly interactive. The Internet Sales 20 Group is the #1 Automotive Industry Training Workshop specifically designed to be highly immersive and interactive. The Internet Sales 20 Group's curriculum is expertly designed to create a fluid, comprehensive and informative 3-day workshop. Presentations will also focus on showroom sales, best practices, leadership, objections & rebuttals, processes and more.
The first 20 registered dealerships are included in a bench mark composite - a $3,000 value, FREE!
Our emphasis is on Internet Sales which is one of the most powerful and important areaa€™s of the Automotive Industry. IS20G is designed after a traditional 20 Group with one clear track and relevant, current topics. Learn the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from the only certified FranklinCovey trainers in the industry. With a small group setting, you'll be inspired to share ideas, ask questions and collaborate. Resources are available for all members - blog posts, tutorials, presentations, videos and more. Members are contacted by moderators and accountability partners after the event to ensure success. There is content for GMs, content for Dealer Principals, the VIP Party was fabulous, it's a great networking opportunity. The motivational speakers at 20 Group make sure that I'm doing a good job with me, and try to do better for the consumers day in and day out.
The Sales Training Community, a community of Training Industry announces its 2009 Top 20 Sales Training companies. Introducing a Business Opportunity to MARKET, SELL and DELIVER a PROVEN Sales Training Process in Demand by more than 15 MILLION Customers, and Earn upwards of $10,000-$20,000 Per Month! Read on and I’ll explain how you can be part of an ELITE TRAINING that will open doors and give you the ability to generate MORE money and help MORE people by doing something you LOVE. This is for YOU if you have the self disciple and self-control to learn and practice a proven sales training success system, one that works almost every single time, to increase sales results for sales people and make your clients so happy that they want to hire you again and again. This is for YOU you have the ambition, desire and determination to start and build your own successful sales training business. The need for quality sales training has never been greater, and the earning potential… well, let’s just say that there’s a reason why salespeople are some of the highest paid people on earth.
And that’s why I am opening the doors to my first ever Brian Tracy Certified Sales Trainer program. When you complete this training, you will be CERTIFIED and LICENSED to represent, teach, train, facilitate, consult, and market perhaps the most powerful sales training program ever developed. For these reasons, I must require you to complete an application to participate in this training.

I’ve put together a very conservative estimate of what you could reasonably set as fees for a variety of services you’ll be certified to offer after you are trained and licensed.
Of course I also want to emphasize that ANY of these potential numbers are entirely dependent on YOUR performance, willingness to take action, and consistent implementation of your skills. This is yet another area that can be quite substantial for you, especially if you are doing keynote speeches, working within the corporate arena conducting workshops and seminars, and offering products as part of your back-of-the-room sales.
This high-content course is designed to be given to sales teams of any size as an intensive, one-day sales training that covers the seven key subjects that are essential for sales success. First, you will be given access to the program to consume the content as a student, so that you fully understand the material you will become certified to teach. In this training you’ll learn how multiply your sales skills, identify your best market opportunities and focus your efforts on closing them. Every aspect of “how to” effectively facilitate the Sales Success Made Simple Learning and Teaching Curriculum course you have completed. How to present and deliver each of the key subjects in the course curriculum to any sales team. You will also have the benefit of LEVERAGING off of the tremendous knowledge and experience of my hand-picked top Certified Trainer and Instructor, Dr.
You already may be pretty familiar with my track record of success, so allow me to show you why I have asked Dr.
In order to represent yourself in a credible and effective way, you need the support of proven, strategic marketing. To that end, I’ve created everything you need to assure you not only represent Brian Tracy International in the best possible way, but in a way that also multiplies your earning potential exponentially. If you are not completely satisfied with the value of your Brian Tracy Certification Training, you will have until the end of the first day of the Certification Training to decide if it’s not for you.
As I am sure you can understand, since we will also be deeply committed to your success, we expect you will give yourself every opportunity to succeed.
You agree to complete the entire PHASE ONE curriculum AND attend the first day of the live event before you make a decision.
If after the first day of the live event, you feel this is not for you after all, just let one of the Brian Tracy International team members at the event know and we will refund your total program fee. Except as outlined here, the total program fee or any portion paid thereof is non- refundable.
That’s why I have a few requirements you must meet, which I’ve created to make sure you are in exactly the right place and get the most out of your investment, both financially and personally.
As you will soon see, you will benefit tremendously from the leverage, momentum, and credibility attached to that important step. The day you become Certified, You can IMMEDIATELY begin to facilitate trainings and begin to see a return on your investment! If you understand and are EXCITED about the value of the knowledge and opportunity I am offering you here, I invite you to seize the moment. Reserve your seat, and prepare to join your fellow superstars in the journey of a lifetime. Your business will instantly expand, and confusion, frustration, or discouragement will dissolve. Where else will you find this opportunity to finally reach your full potential, in a way that practically guarantees your success? Let us look at some sales training statistics that throw light on why training your sales personnel is important. Sensible investment in recruiting and developing real sales talent produces amazing returns.

It was created to bring together Dealers, General Managers, Internet Directors, trainers, consultants, and subject matter experts for 3 days of intense training, education and motivation. Each session is geared towards showing members what to do, when to do it, and why to do it. It's a mixture of content, it's not just for someone like me who is the director of internet and business development. You don't JUST have the interenet sales people, or JUST internet managers, or JUST general managers - it's a group of everybody, and you get such a good mix of people in the auto industry.
Attendees will have an open forum to share information, learn from each other, share ideas and hold each other accountable. And since those who are accepted into the program will be a direct reflection on Brian Tracy International, I will only be selecting a very limited number of experienced sales people into the training.
If I honestly feel you are not ready for this, I will very politely let you know it’s not the right time for you to do this. The keys to your future are simply making a commitment to increasing your knowledge and honing your skills.
And I also want to be sure you have everything you need to make the kind of money that can change your life forever. After all, it’s a reflection on me as well—so I am truly invested in your success on several levels. You MUST have the self discipline and self-control to learn and practice a proven sales training success system.
You MUST have the ambition, desire and determination to start and build your own successful sales training business. That is for your benefit, so you will receive the kind of mentoring, support and attention you need to stay on track. Instead of lying awake at night worrying, your mind will be flooded with the amazing array of possibilities that have opened up for you.
Whether you’re hiring new salespeople or looking to train your existing team, a good course can improve areas of weakness and boost their overall sales effectiveness.We’ve identified 10 of the top sales classes, seminars and resources. This highlights the need for refresher trainings from time to time along with effective sales training. I gotta tell ya, in 25 years in the car business, I'm trying to rack my brain to find a better experience.
This is a thoughtful and serious commitment to creating the most spectacular chapter of your life. It is also to the benefit of the Brian Tracy organization, to have potential superstars as part of our ranks. Online training can be used on its own, or alongside a course to improve knowledge retention.The following list covers a wide range of industries and topics, so you should be able to find something that works for your business: Want to manage 1000's of leads, save time, and get organized? Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to reinforce knowledge with ongoing lessons, as opposed to a just one-time workshop.
But you can always pair your training with online quizzes to achieve this.If you don’t know where to start, consider using a sales assessment test to identify areas of strength and weakness in your sales team. Given this insight, you might realize you can host your own classes, or design your own course through Mindflash.

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