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This started in Stanfilco when in 1988, Stanfilco changed its paradigm on quality and declared a Vision: to be number one. The concept of TQM was learned when in 1989 JP Mercado and Henry Betancur attended the Philippine Quality and Productivity Movement (PQPM) Conference in Manila. The TQM initiative would be extended to Dole Asia when in 1997, the Dole University Board of Regents resolved to tairlorfit a TQM initiative for Dole Asia Companies.
2)For implementing a workable TQM initiative through a common Framework we call Dole Number One Initiative. In this Manual, we define the "Primer" as a small book containing basic principles and guidelines for teaching all Dole Employees and Partners to understand and implement a common Total Quality Approach. To all of us in Dole and to all our Partners, we enjoin to embark with intelligence and enthusiasm into a journey towards Excellence through a common understanding and practice of Total Quality. To help us understand the DNO Framework and the TQM definitions, let us read the attached recommended readings, many ideas of which become rich sources of our Primer. The foundation of the quality initiative of any Dole Division of its Company is Dole Quality Policy. In our never-ending quest for excellence, we dedicate ourselves to the practice of TOTAL QUALITY, continuously striving to improve our paper converting processes and our delivery systems. The initiative is divided into seven segments, corresponding to the seven categories of the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.
7.5Company-Specific ResultsFor further understanding of these seven criteria, refer to the Revised Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria for Performance Excellence.

When an organization expects to perform a massive transformation among its people, it requires continuous leadership and firm commitment at all levels of management. The quality improvement process and the use of its tools help individuals and work groups define their mission, responsibilities, and customer requirements, and continuously evaluate and improve the quality of the work they perform. Overall, Total Quality is a proven means to achieve our corporate vision, objectives, goals, strategies, and measures.
2.)to effectively work together for continuous process improvement to achieve better performance compared before (last year or last month or yesterday).
12.Remove barriers that stand between the hourly worker and his right to pride of workmanship. Here, we heard the concepts of TQM and the quality and productivity philosophies under TQM through the Keynote Speech of Mr. The task was to facilitate the new Dole Number One Program with goals to be the highest quality, lowest cost producer through customer-focused empowered workforce (Managers, Supervisors,, and workers of business partners. The Dole University is tasked to facilitate its communication, understanding, and implementation through the various companies in Asia. Leadership: This item addresses how the Dole's senior leaders set directions, and build and sustain a leadership system conducive to high performance, individual development, initiative, and organizational learning.
Strategic Planning: This stresses that customer-driven quality and operational performance excellence are key strategic business issues that need to be an integral part of all overall company planning. Customer and Market Focus: This is the focal point within the criteria for examining how Dole seeks to understand the voices of customers and of the marketplace.

Information and Analysis: This is the main point within the criteria for all key information to effectively manage Dole and to drive improvement of company performance and competitiveness.
Human Resource Development and Management: This is the focal point within the criteria for all key human resource practices - those directed toward the creation of a high performance workplace and toward the development of employees that enable them and the company to adapt to change. Process Management: This is the focal point within the criteria for all key work processes. Business Results: This provides a results focus that encompasses the customer's evaluation of the company's products and services, the company's overall financial and market performance, and the results of all key processes and process improvement activities. Management Communication: To establish credibility for long-term change, we must open and maintain communication channels. Core Education Program: In addition to communicating our belief in Dole Number One Initiative, we have to assure its results. Every TQM approach teaches that anticipating trouble spots is more effective than "putting out the fire" since trouble has begun.
Sources indicate that many businesses expend 30-40% of their resources in wasteful activities (including production of poor quality products and services). Individuals working alone, even though they are doing their best, cannot compete with a team on which members cooperate to achieve common goals.

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total quality management course in malaysia

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