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Please refer to the Price & Booking Details tab below for pricing options that may apply to this course. The roles of administrative professionals, secretaries and PAs and EAs in business are continually evolving. Marion Fox is a training and development consultant with 30 years’ experience in training staff from both public and private organisations. Her impressive list of clients include major national and global corporations and public sector organisations at all levels of government. Her workshops are based on practical experience, adult learning principles, behaviour and skills relevant to the participants.
Marion has designed this course for experienced executive assistants wishing to build upon their already considerable professional skills and knowledge. FACEBOOKKonnect Learning 4 weeks ago Women in Leadership is fast approaching just a short month away 6-9 June. When an organization is staffed with highly engaged employees, it’s a fact that the team becomes more productive. The goal of a performance evaluation on this level is to rate the company’s ability to create a positive and engaged workforce. Before conducting one, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of this type of effort. Compensation planning can be based on actual performance goals rather than average salary and benefit rates across job types. Selecting the right 360 Degree Performance Evaluation system and data management can be confusing if there is no standard in place currently. While there are bound to be some hesitation at first, knowing what to expect with a 360 Degree Performance Evaluation can make this a worthwhile effort.
There are some specific ways your organization can get the most from a 360 Degree Performance Evaluation. If you are struggling to find ways to improve employee engagement and performance management, consider how OrangeHRM’s platform can support your organizational goals this year. The Diploma Business Administration is designed to teach managerial skills to those in the administration sector.

This Diploma Business Administration is delivered online and is designed with flexibility in mind allowing individuals to study at a time and place practical to them.
Career Paths and Job Descriptions vary between industries however the follow positions give an indication of the career’s this Diploma supports.
Plan or review the requirement of effective administration systems and procedures for implementing, monitoring and reviewing the system. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to establish standards for the design and production of organisational documents and to manage documents design and production processes to ensure agreed standards are met. Establish and monitor security procedures for managing organisational payroll services and to calculate and process salary payments, group taxation and related payments. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to undertake a straightforward project or a section of a larger project. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to management own performance and professional development. This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to facilitate all aspects of teamwork of teamwork within the organisation. This course will empower administration and assistant staff with the skills to become more efficient, productive and professional. She works for a number of specialised industry bodies, including The Australian Institute of Management and The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, KMPG, Holding Redlich and Hewlett Packard.
She has a special interest in working with senior executives and personal assistants in order to foster continuous improvement. It will provide a framework for ongoing professional development and performance excellence.
This increases overall revenues and raises employee morale, adding value to the company to ensure more successful future projects and recruitment efforts. On a corporate level, a 360 Degree Performance Evaluation can help Human Resources to see the “bigger picture” and how well the company is doing in terms of supporting the productivity of employees. Let’s learn more about this type of evaluation and give some best practices for managing one at your organization. The qualification is designed to develop existing skills in planning, leadership and management positions.

You will have 12 months to complete you studies and you will be provided with all the resources needed to complete the course. Development of key result areas and key performance indicators and standards, coupled with regular and timely coaching and feedback, provide the basis for performance management. This unit addresses the management of projects, including developing a project plan, administering and monitoring the project, finalising the project, and reviewing the project to identify lessons learned for application to future projects. Particular emphasis is on setting and meeting priorities, analysing information and using a range of strategies to develop further competence. It involves taking a leadership role in the development of team plans, leading and facilitation teamwork and actively engaging with the management of the organisation. One good way to understand if employees are happy and engaged in their work is to conduct a 360 Degree Performance Evaluation. A 360 Degree Performance Evaluation provides much insight into the company, including what’s going well and what needs improvement.
Then being able to link performance with individual job tasks to develop better compensation strategies helps to produce a more engaged and skilled workforce.
The Diploma Business Administration covers topics such as team building, communication, computer skills, and resource allocation.
It can also be used to enhance compensation planning, identify the need for more training programs, and connect performance with corporate objectives. This factor alone makes a 360 Degree Performance Evaluation a vital part of your human capital management. This Diploma is geared towards preparing Administration personnel for leadership roles by developing an understanding o corporate management, organisational & the planning perspectives of  administration.

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