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The way in which you communicate with both clients and colleagues will inevitably have a major impact on your overall ability to succeed both personally and professionally. We have the expertise to help individuals and groups excel when faced with a wide range of communication challenges, whether it's delivering a critical presentation, writing a proposal, influencing a more senior colleague or simply dealing with a difficult customer. Phoenix recently delivered an excellent team event that surpassed expectation and inspired even the most sceptical amongst us. Phoenix Training and Development specialise in making learning stick and helping clients achieve a genuine return on investment. We provide consultancy and training services across all industries. Strong communicators have the ability to win hearts and minds, turn negatives into positives, influence upwards and even potentially diffuse situations of conflict.

Perhaps more importantly we are already seeing the benefits of the training throughout the organisation - a real case of ROI. Supply employees with coaches to reinforce the lessons learned during more formal training and to spend one-on-one time honing skills and performance.
Your employees can learn as much from managers and colleagues as they can from a classroom trainer.
Coaches-for-hire are available to bolster any business skill, from writing to etiquette to public speaking to supervising. If you cut training to save money during the recession, it’s time to restore your program.

Teach employees what they need to learn when they need to know it through in-house and outside seminars, webinars, brown-bag discussions, one-on-one sessions and conferences.

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training and development communicating for success kossen

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