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The era of Behavioral Training is growing and new innovations are being launched to discover the ideal match between our needs and the behavior required to accomplish those needs. VYAPT training programs are customized and developed after getting a clear understanding of the clients training needs. In outbound training program, Our training program focuses on the thoughts and behavior shown by the employees during the training program. Our Behavioral Training program and Soft Skills Training program try to reduce defensiveness and negative attitude and encourage employees in such a way that they develop the same confidence and energy level in others. The Astute team have many years of experience in developing sales courses, working to develop sales teams, from new recruits through to experienced and proven professionals. Trainings geared towards three different groups of individuals; Deans and Department Chairs, Supervisors and Managers, and all other university employees to build leadership and interpersonal skills across campus. Information and trainings for all employees regarding information privacy and sexual harassment laws and policies.

Trainings given by trained instructor’s on-campus that will increase your knowledge and skills as an employee and individual.
Trainings that include topics that help individuals communicate more effectively and deal with life’s changes in a more balanced manner. Trainings, which are meant to develop and strengthen employees both inside and outside of work. Having many years of experience in developing people and organizations , puts us in a great position to work with you to co-create tailored experiential development centre for your organization.
We suppose that both processes can provide a essential function in identifying your talent pipeline at different points of an employee’s career in your organization whether that is recruitment, selection, promotion or development.
Harnessing its vast experience in various Industry sectors, Vyapt  offers customized behavioral training programs for corporate. These thoughts & behavior patterns are intensely analyzed and corresponded to the employees in such manner so as make them realize the effect of their thinking on their attitude and their behavior.

By delivering this programme over an agreed time period as modules it builds strong foundations and supports individuals during the development stages of their role. Customer Service Training includes information about basic customer service principles, and phone and email etiquette in an office setting. Topics will include difficult conversations, continuous process improvement, dealing with change, and finding a balance in life. Personal Analysis is a self-assessment that identifies the strengths and development areas of an individual. What makes Personal Analysis different from other assessments is that it is able to measure at a deeper unconscious level to exclude the impact of the environment.

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training and development institute uk

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