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Every successful business knows that achieving results is absolutely nothing to do with waving a magic wand, crossing your fingers or just plain faith, its about putting in place achievable objectives. Event Staff including ushers, ticket takers and general attendance staffing are trained in a 24-hour program initially, followed by 16 hours after 18 months of on-the-job experience at sports and concert events.
Event Staff include ushers, ticket takers and general attendance staffing including parking attendants.

Executive Division employees have advanced training and handle Celebrity and Executive Team duties including Celebrity Security and elite Guest Services. A fundamentally important building block in an effective business structure is the recruitment and training of high caliber and highly motivated people. If you've had prior entertainment security or patron services (usher, ticket taker, parking)A responsibilities, you're encouraged to apply.

That means your Social Security Card and State of Florida Security D-License if applicable.

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training companies in boston 2014

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