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Unlike face-to-face classes, which a busy government employee may not have time to attend, the Institute's online classes allow students to progress through their chosen courses at their own pace and on their own schedules.
The Institute's self-paced online courses are offered in partnership with the UGA Center for Continuing Education. A new online, self-study course, developed by the Institute in partnership with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) provides eight hours of continuing education for members and alternates of county boards of equalization, tax commissioners, tax assessors, and tax appraisers.
Elected officials and staff will learn the fundamentals of human resources management through this online class.
A capital improvement is a substantial, nonrecurring expenditure for a physical improvement with a long useful life. This course familiarizes students with basic concepts and terminology in the issuance of general obligation and revenue bonds and provides industry best practices.
This course teaches students how to develop a budget and use it as a policy document, communications device, financial plan, and management tool. This course familiarizes students with the basic concepts and terminology in preparing and implementing a local government budget.
In this course students become familiar with basic accounting systems, elements of financial reports, and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for state and local governments. After completing Introductory Governmental Accounting Parts I and II, students can continue to grow their knowledge of financial reporting in state and local governments through the Intermediate Governmental Accounting class.
Government purchasing professionals are responsible for obtaining materials, equipment and services at the best overall value for their employer.
This course familiarizes students with the types of revenues that governments typically generate. This course familiarizes students with the legal and political considerations and parameters within which a treasury management system functions.
The programme has been designed to give participants the skills and knowledge to prepare winning tenders for public- and private-sector training contracts.
With increasing competition and a market that encourages organisations to supply only the best products and services at the lowest prices, purchasers can now afford to be picky. When submitting a tender bid, success always comes from thorough, meticulous preparation, the ability to differentiate your organisation from competitors and a thorough and value-for-money tender proposal. This highly practical and interactive training course will provide you with the business skills you need to consistently develop winning tender submissions.
Dentro de su coleccion Biblioteca Innovacion Educativa, SM publica un nuevo titulo, Coaching educativo.
El modelo de coaching educativo que se propone en este libro aporta un enfoque diferente e innovador, centrado en las emociones, que presta especial atencion a como es el vinculo que se establece entre el docente y sus alumnos. Partiendo de la idea de que entre los diferentes roles que el docente desempena en el aula hay uno que ha sido hasta ahora poco explorado: su rol de lider que dirige al grupo de clase, y que abarca dos importantes funciones. Sabemos que los grupos, para ser eficaces, requieren de lideres que sepan colocar a todos sus miembros en un rol activo para cooperar, delegando en ellos funciones y dejandoles asumir protagonismo.
Si permitimos a los estudiantes asumir este rol mas activo en su educacion les estaremos ayudando a establecer un aprendizaje para toda la vida, poniendo las condiciones para que aprendan a pensar por si mismos, a discrepar, a diferenciarse del grupo a la vez que a tolerar y respetar a los otros.
Ensenandoles a desarrollar liderazgo, a asumir un rol mas activo en los grupos y a buscar soluciones ingeniosas a los desafios.
Para introducir este cambio es preciso primero que los profesores sientan la necesidad de revisar y trabajar su propia inteligencia emocional, su empatia, su capacidad de escucha, su autoconocimiento, su habilidad para conocer a los demas y sus propias posibilidades de liderazgo. Biblioteca Innovacion educativa es una coleccion que recoge las aportaciones mas significativas e innovadoras en el ambito de la ensenanza y el aprendizaje, con el objetivo de ayudar a construir, desde la investigacion la reflexion rigurosas, la escuela del futuro. SM acaba de publicar, dentro de la Biblioteca Innovacion Educativa, el libro de Juan Jose Vergara Aprendo porque quiero. It will remain there either until it becomes due for its review, or if you make any changes to it, when it will move up to the second section called "Approved Risk Assessments Due for Review" (where it will remain active).
TAM's Risk Assessment template focuses on processes, which allows you to deal with more than one hazard in one Risk Assessment.

TAM's Risk Assessment template enables you to specify actions, including repeat actions, that need to be taken as a consequence of a Risk Assessment.
Any training requirements entered into your Risk Assessment template are fed to TAM's Training module, making it easy to identify training requirements and to record training done. TAM also enables you to specify whether a training requirement needs to be instructor led or whether employees can complete the training on their own, i.e. A huge advantage with TAM is the fact that the Risk Assessments are available to staff online at all times. When you make a change to a Risk Assessment, TAM will ask you to choose whether the change made necessitates a retraining of staff or not, and, if so, whether the training needs to be instructor led or can be simple self-training. Also, because the Risk Assessments are made available to staff online, any changes you make are immediate and with no hassle. So, do all staff at risk need to be trained on a Risk Assessment and the Safe Systems of Work?
For example, take a detailed Risk Assessment and Safe Systems of Work that are aimed at staff operating a dangerous piece of equipment to ensure they know how to safely operate it. Because TAM works with the concept of Geographic AreaYour workplace is divided into Geographic Areas on TAM and covers all areas inside and outside were staff and contractors may venture as part of their work.
In this way, the "Staff Near It" do not need to receive extensive training they really don't need, yet will still be alerted to the presence of the hazard(s). Whereas each User is told by TAM which Risk Warnings are specifically relevant to them, any staff who are not current Users on TAM will still be able to access a non-personalised listing of the Risk Warnings by Geographic AreaYour workplace is divided into Geographic Areas on TAM and covers all areas inside and outside were staff and contractors may venture as part of their work.
For each Risk Assessment you will be able to specify if there are any additional risks for disabled people, new and expectant mothers, and young persons. If you have more than one site, you will be able to create templates for specific Risk Assessments at a corporate level that your sites can then download, modify to reflect their local working conditions, and then approve. In Australia, the government is seriously committed to enhance the productivity of Australian people in various sectors through several complementary funding programs.
There are some security courses in Brisbane and in the whole Queensland which are largely funded by the government. Certificate 3 Guarantee programs are subsidized security training programs offered by the Queensland government. Certificate II in security operations is also a government funded security course if done through a certificate III guarantee program. Over many years Ideal Truck Driving School has developed and where required provided numerous driver training courses for State and Federal Employment Network or Training providers. We do NOT ONLY sit people in a room and show them slides of how to do it - we get them in a hands on role.
We pride our selves on how we work collaboratively with Government agencies and associated bodies involved in re-training or new training programs.
Government entities, such as municipalities, school districts, and recreation departments, use a capital improvement program (CIP) to systematically evaluate potential projects.
The course focuses on how transactions are reported in external financial statements required for state and local governments. Students also learn how governments utilize investment economics and various investment alternatives. Only the most value for money and well thought out tender bids can hope to achieve success.
This targeted training course will prepare you to consistently meet and exceed client requirements and securing continued new business, as well as help set up your organisation to achieve preferred supplier status. Las emociones, al servicio del aprendizaje, de la psicologa Coral Lopez y la profesora Carmen Valls, fundadoras de la Escuela de Coaching Educativo, que desarrolla esta modalidad de coaching en numerosos centros educativos. Por un lado, generar una estructura que favorezca el aprendizaje; por otro lado, facilitar los procesos emocionales y grupales que lo posibiliten. A Draft Risk Assessment remains inactive, and your staff will not see it until you approve it, when it will appear in the third section called "Approved Risk Assessment".

For example, you may be doing a particular cleaning job that involves a potentially dangerous piece of cleaning equipment, as well as use of a hazardous cleaning chemical and, in the process, you also create a slip hazard. TAM will then track these for you through to completion, as well as providing you with an audit trail of who completed the actions and when.
For those staff that are Users, it is also easy to see what Risk Assessments they have been trained on and those they still need to carry out. Hence, you don't have to replace old hardcopies of the Risk Assessment with new ones, or worry about whether everyone has the latest version or not. This same piece of equipment could potentially be a danger to "Staff Near It", but, as these staff are not going to operate the equipment, there is no need for them to be trained on the detailed Risk Assessment and Safe Systems of Work telling them how to operate it. These can then be viewed either as part of the individual Risk Assessment or as a summary of all the Risk Assessments on Site. It is very easy to complete courses and earn certificates in different fields of interest with these schemes. This is a great help by the government to lighten the monetary burden of undertaking the security courses. The main objective of the certificate 3 Guarantee program is to provide funded security training in Certificate level II and III which would help the students in career progression. A certificate level II in security operations is the first and mandatory level of qualification in the security training.
We have over the years provided Government and associated employment placement agencies with skills for their clients that have seen them enter the local economy as local delivery drivers or expanding their employment prospects with licences to drive medium or heavy vehicles or forklifts. And with organisations aligning their purchasing procedures with the latest corporate governance guidelines and tender processes, and demanding that their suppliera€™s keep abreast of these changes, can you be sure that you are in the best position to consistently win new business? Instead of addressing each one of these three hazards in three different Risk Assessments, you can cover all of them in one TAM Risk Assessment. You cannot only get necessary knowledge and skills for your desired job with almost no fees, but you can also boost the worth of your job resume with that extra qualification. With such a great opportunity to do security courses in Brisbane with a heavy government funding, what is stopping you from getting yourself enrolled in one of the security courses? This program intends to teach the students some foundation skills required for a certificate level III course. Please ask about how we can set up a training program that is realistically priced and yet provides outcomes that count in job creation or retention. Ten comprehensive course lessons cover a broad overview of appraisal and equalization processes, updates on important concepts and terminology, and recent changes in statutory or case law. As a result, it becomes a lot easier for staff to put the issues in context and enabling them to see the bigger picture, not to mention the fact that your Risk Assessments become less repetitive in nature. With a certificate III in security operations course you can practice as a security worker in shopping malls, night clubs, building sites, monitoring centers, and more. We can also demonstrate the best way for installing female hair extensions in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne or Sydney areas. Our company has many years of experience so we provide practical hair tips during accredited hair extensions courses. This security course is also a pre-requisite for various other security courses, such as bodyguard, crowd controller, security guard, etc.
Salons in many locations around Australia can benefit from our accredited training courses.

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