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You can find our training programme here.  Please note you can attend any training course regardless of where you are based.
We can provide courses or workshops tailored specifically for your organisation or for a cluster of organisations working in the same field. If there is a topic you are interested in that we don’t seem to cover please tell us below.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Hi Dear Friends, This is our brochure on Training , Distance Learning Courses for HR Professionals & other HR Services.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The Learning and Development Centre (LDC) is the staff development unit for the University. The LDC course directory offers a range of development opportunities for individual staff, and these are flagged to indicate their suitability for academic, research and non academic staff.
There are also half day workshops on Equality and Diversity, Disability Awareness and Mental Health Awareness. Understanding assumptions, prejudices and stereotyping – examining your own prejudices.
Recognise the importance of communication and feedback – identifying and challenging inappropriate behaviour. Understand how negative assumptions about others can become prejudices and wherever prejudices exist there is a chance that behaviour can be affected.
Everyone has at some time in their lives, made assumptions about another person – this course makes you stop to think why you do this and how you should be aware of the decisions you make because of these assumptions.

This course is really thought provoking – delegates will have the opportunity to examine their own prejudices, and will understand that whether consciously or unconsciously everyone had prejudices. Effective Communication - how to communicate with someone who does not communicate in a conventional way.
We all have a state of mental and physical health which fluctuates over time and is dependent upon a number of factors, some of which are under our control. You will learn about some of the factors which lead to the development of mental health difficulties, how to respond appropriately to individuals who are exhibiting signs of distress and also what you can do to improve your own mental health. In addition, there are two e-learning modules (Diversity in the Workplace and Recruitment and Selection) aimed at supporting staff to carry out their roles within the University and ensure both the institution and individuals comply with legislation. The Diversity in the Workplace Module is intended for all staff in customer facing roles and individuals who need to have an understanding of equality issues in conducting their role (e.g. The Recruitment and Selection Module is aimed at all individuals that are involved in selection decisions, both staff and student.
If you are interested in bespoke training or accessing the modules please contact your HR Adviser. Here at Mentor Training, we are one of the leading specialists in delivering quality first aid training.
Our company is built on the principles of offering a discreet, quality, professional and reliable service.
We deliver our courses in a friendly, plain English vocabulary no medical jargon which can confuse and mystify students! Our intention is to encourage, develop and empower students with confidence to deliver lifesaving first aid effectively. Our diversified services continue to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to our clients.

These cover a wide range of topics that staff and volunteers need to know to improve their financial management skills and strengthen and develop the sustainability of their organisation. We can develop a specific course if there is enough interest, or possibly provide some individual support to you.
LDC also offers a bespoke service to departments, including advice on finding external training solutions, facilitating team development and team planning sessions and tailoring central training for local departments. Realising how even the simplest activies can be very difficult for someone, for example in a wheelchair, highlights the problems face in very real terms. It is important to remember that many more people become disabled than are born disabled and the course covers on ways this can happen, which brings the subject closer to home for delegates. Just as some individuals are susceptible to physical ill health, so some individuals are more susceptible to being affected by mental health difficulties.
This module builds on the legislation provided in the E&D module to provide more detailed practical guidance in relation to recruitment and selection. We have been providing high quality, informative courses to some of the most reputable companies in the Liverpool area. LDC also co-ordinates the University’s Coaching and Mentoring scheme in which volunteer coaches and mentors work with colleagues to talk through specific issues. This module details some of the key legislation in this area and offers guidance in dealing with equality issues. Once you take our first aid course, you staff will become a certified first aider which is compliant with HSE regulations.

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