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George Clooney is starring in his first North American Nespresso ad, nearly a decade after first appearing in the campaign in the U.K. In a statement, Clooney said: "I've been working with Nespresso internationally for nine years and I really love and respect the brand, what they do, and how they do it. Featured Profile BtoB marketing requires cutting-edge sophistication to reach clients in real time. Bear in mind that this is the same man who told the Judicial Service Commission that his God a€“ the Christian God a€“ wanted him to be Chief Justice.
Seemingly hellbent on turning South Africa into some kind of weird secular theocracy, Mogoeng said the religious oaths ministers took when they were sworn into Cabinet were provided for in the Bible and an understanding of the scriptural consequences of making promises and breaking them would help many to live up to their promises.
Ita€™s all too easy to easy to break your oath of office if youa€™re entrusting your promise to a supernatural entity whose method of ensuring obedience is to do nothing, even in the face of the most heinous acts of evil. I dona€™t know about your neighbourhood, Judge, but where I come from, bonking the plumbera€™s wife three doors down doesna€™t always lead to machete fights at dawn. He also said perjury was a€?on all fours with the a€¦ biblical injunction that a€?thou shalt not bear false witnessa€™a€?.
Instead of swanning about quoting from Romans, Mogoeng would serve this country better if he spent his time identifying the plethora of legal loopholes through which so many lawyered-up lowlifes manage to slip. Here are some rules embedded in religions which may or may not one day find their way onto our statute books. If you are fighting with another man and your wife tries to rescue you by grabbing your opponenta€™s goolies, you must cut off her hand. There will be stoning in the event of: Homosexuality, astrology, being a disrespectful child, being a drunken son, blasphemy, breaking the Sabbath, perjury, incest, bestiality and witchcraft. EFF leader Julius Malema will remain a Member of Parliament a€“ at least until August the 25th when he is due to appear in court on tax evasion charges. For this week's edition of Hard Shout, Debora Patta tries to conjure up the ghosts of presidents past. Most people are flabbergasted when I tell them that Ia€™m a great fan of genetic modification. Before we start helping ourselves why dona€™t we start with random acts of benevolence towards our fellow inhabitants of the planet?
Nathi Mthethwa went from being the Minister of Police to being the Minister of Arts and Culture. Our cabinet is bigger than Germanya€™s, the USAa€™s or Japana€™s: 71 ministers and cabinet ministers. On the other hand calling everyone who votes ANC a clown, as happened in a recent cartoon, is very counter-revolutionary. Murder accused Oscar Pistorius has ended his first week of psychiatric observation at Weskoppies in Pretoria.
If a ladybird had sex with Postman Pat's van, their offspring would be Google's new driverless car. It's not really anything, just an amorphous dome that promises to ferry you and your companion around the city of the future like two iPeas in an iPod.
This week Google stopped stroking its hairless cat inside its secret volcano long enough torelease some new marketing footage of the car. BNP Paribas partenaire du prochain film VALERIAN de Luc BessonAvec BNP Paribas, partenaire du film Valerian, tentez de gagner votre acces exclusif au tournage du prochain film de Luc Besson : Valerian et la Cite des Mille Planetes avec Dane Dehaan, Cara Delevingne, Clive Owen, Rihanna et Ethan Hawke. Motorola : Droid Turbo avec James FrancoVoici la campagne du dernier Smartphone de Motorola. ASPIRATIONAL : Kirsten DunstL’actrice Kirsten Dunst et le realisateur Matthew Frost nous devoile ce court metrage intitule Aspirational. CANAL+ : Dans la peau de l’oursLa chaine CANAL+ vous propose de devenir un Amazing Director ! The Oscars 2014 – 86th Academy AwardsHier soir se tenait la 86eme ceremonie des Oscars au Dolby Theatre de Los Angeles. 39eme Ceremonie des Cesar – Canal +Ce soir aura lieu la 39eme Ceremonie des Cesar qui sera presentee pour la premiere fois par Cecile de France et presidee par Francois Cluzet.
Trop Bon Trop Com’ (#TBTC) est un blog qui traite de l’actualite des dernieres campagnes de communication. Earlier this year I took (for the first time) just a four hour journey on the train that runs along the coast of California.
Departing Santa Barbara very early on a weekend morning with nary another passenger in sight, I had the entire 2nd floor carriage to myself for much of the journey.
Luckily, the trip was smooth, calm and virtually crime-free so I didn’t have to share my snacks with anyone. I arrived at my destination well rested, well fed, and most importantly, without the battle fatigue of fighting traffic for four + hours. Someday, somewhere, sometime I might even be lucky enough to experience a trip on the Orient Express. I love to design interiors, snap photos and fiddle with flowers and started this blog in 2009 on a dare. I was nursing a broken heart from a marriage suddenly gone very bad when my parents invited me to run away to Europe with them for a few weeks.

Two Decembers ago the kids and I took the train from Grand Central Station in downtown Los Angeles to Seattle Washington. About 30 years ago, I took a train from Shanghai to Xian in a train compartment that must have dated from before the war (and I mean one, not two). I also enjoy taking the Acela express whenever I am on the East Coast and need to go between Boston, NY or Washington.
The best ever was taking the Shanghai Express from Peking, China to Shanghai in Feb 1975 during the Cultural Revolution.
But otherwise was very glamorous with marvelous food, starched damask napkins, great wines etc. Took the Orient Express train from Cuzco, Peru to Machu Picchu and it really is our fondest memory of our couples trips. We’ve done lots of trains through France and Italy and the hotel train from Paris to Madrid. Although my father was a carpenter on the old Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in Maryland, I had never been on a train by the time I was 12.
Could you please tell us the name of the movie you’ve included in this post, with Cary Grant and his blonde travel companion? Ah, Slim…it was the awesomely beautiful and romantic American experience called the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco in 1985.
Nespresso and I have a shared commitment to sustainability, most recently helping to rebuild coffee farms in South Sudan. He believes South Africa would be a far better country a€?if religion could be allowed to influence the laws that govern our daily livesa€?.
Our politicians dona€™t break their oaths because they lack an understanding of the scriptural consequences. Who wouldna€™t be tempted to fiddle their expenses knowing that God is disinclined to stop or punish those responsible for child rape and chemical warfare?
I like to point out when Chris Barnard and his gardener were perfecting the first heart transplants people were skeptical about the ethical issues around putting dead peoplea€™s hearts into the living. Everyone has opposable thumbs now, which makes everyone feel entitled to type whatever inane thoughts on social media.
Imagine that our biotechnologists stopped faffing about with bigger, redder tomatoes and concentrated on what really matters to us: goats. Are your 400 followers just not getting the real jist of what you thought about X-Men: Days of Future Past or how cold it is lately?
Unless you are actually a clown, then best you join us on LNN or get a leadership position in COPE. Irony is someone who sells Black Like Me products hanging with Comrade Helen a€?Black-Like-Mea€™ Zille. A few years back, maybe before the global recession, the international media would have ground to a palpitating, salivating, tumescent halt; but the response to the Googlebug seemed somewhat muted.
After all, if a driver is something that uses spatial awareness and a knowledge of road rules to prevent collisions, then our roads have been full of driverless cars for years. Will a vegan presidential hopeful one day have to abandon his campaign when his Google car's browsing history reveals that he spent his Thursday afternoons in a motel with something from a nearby McDonald's drive-through? They have a driver, and he is a vast, shadowy mega-corporation that works in secret and has more money than everybody at a Zuma family braai.
I am a child of the conspiracy era, born eight years after a destitute slam poet called Neil Moonbeam Armstrong was offered a role in a short CIA-produced art-house film called "Apollo 11".
SupercutDecouvrez cette compilation de fausses publicites apparues dans les films au cinema ! Un regard plus que satirique sur la mode du selfie, et un detournement justement mene par l’actrice fetiche de Sofia Coppola. 7 secondes, 5 plans, et un hastag #NOE ne fais qu’attiser un peu plus notre curiosite sur ce prochain long metrage. The sun was just rising, casting a gentle, apricot-hued haze upon the scenery slipping by the large windows.
Do you have any  train film favourites or possibly great train journeys you would recommend? Mom and I left for London ahead of Dad, an imported car dealer, who we would meet up with in Paris for the International Auto Show. I envisioned myself Marlene Dietrich in her film SHANGHAI EXPRESS but believe me I wasn’t that glamorous!! There were more than several Japanese tourists on the train so even though we ‘dressed’ they were dressed dressed! Last summer we got on the train in Santa Barbara and transferred in Los Angeles for an overnight train to El Paso. And watched a pbs thing where they train it to the arctic circle…my next trip, I wish. My father decided to change that one Saturday when he put me on the passenger train in Brunswick, Maryland that was going to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.
Of course a lot of the humor comes from the actors' mismatched physiques, but the pair -- good friends in real life -- also have a great rapport and the ad works.

I then point out that in 20 years GMOa€™s will be just a part of life the same way everybody has accepted heart transplants. That poor creature has been waiting for evolution to give it its own shell for thousands of years. My Zulu peeps and I use the soul of decapitated goats to have conversations with the ancestors. The only reason you would keep Tina is because you need someone to do so badly they make the other ministers look good.
You know how policing gives you the cultural depth you need to help grow the soul of a nation?
Mogoeng Mogoeng on the other hand is very much around, and telling us he thinks adultery and pomping cause murders. Given that all Google searches ultimately take you to kittens or porn, will all roads eventually lead to a cattery above an Adult World?
My mother and I traveled to Texas to try to see my father, stationed in Texas, before he shipped out to the south Pacific. They may as well say, a€?So help me Teletubbiesa€? for all it serves to keep them on the straight and narrow. Going to be a tricky business, this framing laws forged in the hellfires of eternal damnation. The ANCa€™s Chief of Propaganda, and Sangoma of Spin, the new spokesman Comrade Zizi Kodwa says ita€™s because we are a developing country. If thata€™s true it's a matter of time before he arrests the President for inciting violence. The mother and child in the clip did their best to look amazed and delighted as they whizzed down a California street but it all still had the look of a 1958 advertisement for a Soviet trade fair at which workers get to ride in a giant asbestos potato to experience the thrill of mechanised agriculture. If you misspell "Oregon" will it think you've asked: "How do I reach Orgasm?" More alarmingly, will it take you there? On y retrouve Toy Story, Robocop, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Beetlejuice, Lost in Translation, Starship Troopers et pleins d’autres !
I appreciate that evolution gave us these opposable thumbs, which made it possible for us to make bows and arrows and later, to use a fork. Imagine one Friday evening in the Valley of a Thousand Hiils, a GMO goat born without a hid boarding a minibus taxi and presenting itself skinless, with an Okapi pocketknife in its pocket just in time for the family patriarch to burn incense and have an animated conversation with the ancestors. My guess is they are trying to fill those 6 million jobs they promised entirely with cabinet positions. I wasn’t a girl guide for years to slink away with nothing but a smattering of badges glued instead of sewn on my wrinkled sash.
When we went to the dining car, we passed through carriages where passenger with bundles and chickens in cages. After a few nights there–amazing bright starry nights, we made our way towards the Rio Grande for a bit of rafting and then on to Big Bend National Park and eventually Austin where we flew home. My other two daughters and infant granddaughter decided to take the 45 minute flight from St Louis.
They have genetically modified fish, what next; humans?a€? Actuall, I'm particularly keen on human genetic modification. Also, in the year 50,000 BC these opposable thumbs were cutting edge technology when the ability to pick berries made the difference between getting laid on Friday night or engaging in the one armed struggle without a thumb. When all was said and done, the flying girls envied the train travelers when they heard our stories of that trip. In very simplistic terms, all species are subject to random a€?accidentala€? mutations to their DNA.
And Ia€™m not just talking about the biggies such as taking malaria out of mosquitoes or getting rid of the cancer.
Dona€™t you think ita€™s time humans were sommer born with custom made shoes, socks, underpants and pants with pockets? There were no scandals, or other mysterious goings on so far as I could tell, except the ones I was more than relieved to put behind me in the states.
If there was some huge advantage (and I can see men nodding) to women having three breasts, everybody would want to mate with a three-breasted woman, leading to the proliferation of three-breasted women in society. And Ia€™m not suggesting fancy Dolce and Gabbana couture, just standard pants with pockets. So now imagine ita€™s 50,000 BC and the first guy is walking around with opposable thumbs, picking up berries and getting action every Friday. So you can imagine that 10,000 years later, maybe half of the human population had opposable thumbs.
I bet it made for uncomfortable social situations because the guys with opposable thumbs got all the government tenders toa€¦you know, pick stuff up. I bet the guys with regular fingers called the 40,000 BC tenderpreneurs a€?clever blacksa€? and other such nasty terms.

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