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VA Connecticut, under the Department of Veterans Affairs, is an Equal Opportunity Employer. With a network of sites receiving over 13 million page views per month, we have lots of opportunities for you to make an impression. Members of the Virginia National Guard State Teen Panel gather for their annual Winter Training Dec. After the training the teens were given the option of staying to play laser tag and ice skate.
Related posts:Virginia Guard personnel preparing for possible post-storm recovery operations Freedom Salute honors returning 29th ID SoldiersVa. Online Safety and SecurityPlease visit the Online Safety and Security Resources page to download social media smart cards and read recommendations for personal safety and operational security when online. Community Support RequestsFor more information about requesting the 29th Division Band, a color guard, static displays or other military support, please visit the Community Relations page. Departure ceremonies scheduled for May 14, 15 in Bedford, Christiansburg, Lexington and Lynchburg for Va. Raymond Houck, a member of the Loudoun County Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1177, gives a resume writing and career development class to Soldiers of the Company C, 3rd Battalion, 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team at their home station in Leesburg, Va., Feb.
Raymond Houck, a member of VFW Post 1177 and MAG, gave a two-hour course to more than 40 infantry Soldiers on goal setting, resume writing, employer research and networking. In today’s job market, it’s vital for veterans to demonstrate their transferable skills and experience. He says he had difficulty translating his 12 years of military experience to civilian employers after leaving active duty in the Army. VFW Post 1177 gave full support to host the workshop for their official adopted unit, Company C. To safely lift Bernard Valencia out of his hospital bed, Cheri Moore uses a ceiling lift and sling.
Joleen Beiley and Stephen Gafford lift patient David Eurey using a floating mattress called a HoverMatt, which uses air streams that lift the mattress, making it easy for nursing employees to move a patient from a bed to a gurney.
Eurey is moved via a self-driving gurney that does not need any force by the person driving it at the VA hospital in Loma Linda.
Tony Hilton (left), the safe patient handling and mobility coordinator at the VA hospital in Loma Linda, gives Ruby Baker a safety tip sheet. Tony Hilton, the safe patient handling and mobility coordinator at the VA hospital in Loma Linda, demonstrates one of the hospital's lifts. The Warrenton Training center is actually a collection of four separate facilities simply known as Station A, Station B, Station C and Station D. Station A is 1 mile southwest of Warrenton, B 2 miles northwest of Warrenton, C 1 mile southeast of Remington and D 3 miles northwest of Lignum.
The Warrenton Training Center was created in June of 1951 as a function of the Federal Relocation Arc. In 1973 the facility command was transferred to the Department of the Army and was to be directly commanded by the Army Security Agency, the singles intelligence branch. Acting through the National Communication System (until it’s dissolution in 2012, now under the Department of Homeland Security) the Warrenton Training Center was tasked with facilitating communication for the Federal Government in any situation. The primary and publicly presented mission of the Warrenton Training Center is to provide the ability for government communications to function in any circumstance and serve as a relocation bunker if necessary. Station A is used as a residential, training and administrative facility for multiple agencies including the CIA and Department of State. The Warrenton Training Center is a classified site and in being such, access is limited only to those stationed or employed there.
Of all the car rentals I have used over the years, this one in Warrenton VA was the all around best. Although it operates as an independent base and is often listed as one, Naval Support Activity NSA Northwest Annex is actually an adjacent military base. Training Center Yorktown represents the most important training site for the troops in the United States Coast Guard, but only for Virginia.
Telecom Systems Command is one of the units the United States Coast Guard is responsible for. Getting a Class A commercial driver's license can open the door to a plethora of job opportunities with practically unlimited earning potential. At AAA CDL School in Manassas, you can get the training you need to pass your CDL A license test in as little as four weeks, and then you'll be well on your way to getting a job as a trucker. With some local trucking schools, finding the time to attend classes can be a real problem. When you complete the four- to eight-week program at our CDL Class A school, you'll be well-prepared to tackle your CDL A license test and get a job in the transportation industry.
At a price of only , our training is both the cheapest and fastest way to obtain your Virginia Concealed Handgun permit.
Our class covers all aspects of weapons safety and satisfies the course requirements for obtaining a Concealed and Carry Handgun permit (CHP) in the state of Virginia.
All of our training programs are committed to insuring a range of diversity among our training classes. Following a suggestion from a state teen panel member, hats, coats, scarves, and other winter clothes were gathered to be donated to the Veterans Hospital in Richmond for the winter season.
This gave them time to connect and building relationships with each other that will help them serve the National Guard community this next year.
A recent survey by CareerBuilder showed that 65 percent of the 2,600 employers surveyed said they would be more likely to hire a veteran over another, equally qualified candidate. 9 workshop came about after Houck discussed his passion for helping homeless veterans with a fellow member of MAG, an employee resource group at Houck’s employer, SAIC.
VFW Post 1177, in conjunction with the Family Readiness Group for Company C, has hosted picnics for Soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Guard Airmen, Soldiers graduate inaugural training programNGB senior enlisted advisor meets with Va. The VA hospital in Loma Linda, Calif., has safe patient handling technology installed throughout its entire facility. Pettis Memorial Medical Center in Loma Linda, Calif., illustrates how hospitals across the country could fight a nationwide epidemic. The installation is directly outside the city of Warrenton and lies within the fork of State Highways 17 and 211. The facility was constructed of fortified underground bunkers designed to withstand nuclear attack and the ensuing fallout. This includes anything ranging from natural disaster to full scale nuclear attack by a hostile entity. The facility has been used as a communication center by the CIA since the 1950’s and is still used as such in addition to several other communication related functions. Station B, the official headquarters of the Warrenton Training Center includes multiple buildings and facilities including underground bunkers. If you've been thinking that the time is right to get a CDL A license, AAA CDL School is here to make sure it happens for you. Once you pass the test, you're qualified to drive anything on the road, with the exception of motorcycles, and this can open up many exciting new career opportunities for you.

However, when you sign up for a CDL class with AAA CDL School, we'll find a class schedule that works for you. Best of all, from the first day of CDL class at AAA CDL School, we will begin helping you get a position with a reputable company. Offering affordable pricing, flexible class scheduling, and extensive career placement assistance, we're the truck school you can turn to when you want to earn your CDL A license or CDL B license. Our online handgun safety class satisfies all Virginia laws for you to obtain your Concealed Handgun Permit. Our course is state-recognized and all of our instructors possess certifications honored by the courts of Virginia. The class is an informative and fun way of learning what you need to know about concealed carry. The training focused on the new Master Resilience Training curriculum passed down from the National Guard Bureau. More than 40 Soldiers received training on how best to translate their military knowledge and experience to civilian employers. They came to the conclusion that they could aid this cause by helping veterans find employment.
As soon as you enter the room, you can see one of the main strategies: A hook hangs from a metal track that runs across the ceiling.
The WTC has no precisely defined borders that are made public, but is within a craved out swath of heavily wooded area that lies inside a rough square formed by State Highways 17, 211, 522 and Interstate 66. The purpose was to provide a facility where the government could continue to function in the aftermath of a nuclear attack on the United States.
Army Training Group, Warrenton Training Center and was subordinate to the National Security Agency (NSA). Facilities at Station B include equipment maintenance, communications training, electronics testing and a communications development laboratory. In the past, we've provided CDL A training to hundreds of people just like you, who want to secure a good job in the transportation industry. Contact us now to speak to us about your options for the CDL A training you need to start your career in truck driving.
After you fill out a job application on your first day of CDL class, we'll discuss the type of job you want and provide you with the career counseling necessary to obtain it. This isn't some bizarre way of fighting hospital-acquired infections or preventing the staff from getting needle sticks. The publicly presented reason for construction of the Warrenton Training Center at this time was as a communications training school for the Department of Defense. This system was kept in place until 1982 when the facility was rebranded to its original name and command was restored to the Department of Defense with the Department of the Army acting as the administrative executive agent at the behest of the National Communication System. Station B is also home to the Brushwood Conference facility that was built in mid 1990’s. Our comprehensive CDL class will give you the knowledge, experience, and confidence necessary to obtain your CDL A license.
Plus, in addition to the full-time CDL A training course we offer (Monday–Friday), we also offer offer weekend CDL training in Manassas, which is perfect for students who need to hold down a steady job during the week.
The teens focused on the skills of “Goal Setting” and “Hunt the Good Stuff,” which involves finding optimism in negative circumstances. The contraption is a ceiling hoist designed to lift and move patients with a motor instead of muscle. Station C has been designated as a CIA numbers station and is tasked with transmitting coded signals to US embassies and assets overseas. When you choose to study with us, we'll also take the time to help you land a good job after graduation!
If this sounds like the great career opportunity you're looking for, call or e-mail AAA CDL School at your first opportunity!
As NPR has reported in our investigative series Injured Nurses, nursing employees suffer more debilitating back and other injuries than almost any other occupation — and they get those injuries mainly from doing the everyday tasks of lifting and moving patients.
Station D is tasked with being a receiving point for high frequency traffic for the CIA Office of Communications. We help our graduates get their CDL A license and a job in the industry, with a 98% success rate in job placement after completing our course.
But the Loma Linda hospital is part of a nationwide health care system that is proving hospitals can dramatically reduce the rate of injuries caused by lifting — if administrators are willing to invest the time and money. We can't wait to assist you in getting on the path to a better career in the trucking industry!
As I stood next to Valencia's bed one morning, he and his nurse Patience Umoffia showed how the hook dangling from the ceiling is protecting the VA's staff.
Valencia couldn't help: At 65 years old, his body is so twisted by arthritis that he can barely move his hands or legs.
If this were a typical hospital, Umoffia would cradle her arms around and under Valencia, drag him to the edge of the bed and then lift him like a life-size doll into the wheelchair.
Umoffia says she used to move patients that way — just as hospitals and nursing schools have been teaching for more than a century. Instead, Umoffia attached the hook dangling from the ceiling to a fabric sling wrapped around Valencia's body. The machine slowly hoisted Valencia in his sling a few feet over the bed, swung him until he was dangling in midair over a waterproof wheelchair, and then gently lowered him. Tony Hilton, the hospital's safe patient handling and mobility coordinator, watched as Valencia glided through the air.
You're using technology." The VA's campaign to protect nursing staff started in the late 1990s when one of its hospital directors asked colleagues why so many of the hospital's nursing employees were getting hurt. They were putting patients at risk because, you know, if somebody gets hurt at work and has to go home, you're down a nurse on that shift." The VA's own studies estimated that its hospitals were spending at least $22 million every year treating back and other injuries among nursing staff. And that figure "likely represents a substantial underestimate," a VA report cautioned, since half of all injuries that interfered with employees' ability to do their work were not reported. So VA researchers started studying exactly how nursing employees perform their jobs — partly by just following them around and observing. Scientists at The Ohio State University's Spine Research Institute did their own studies, too. They wired up nursing staff with sophisticated sensors and discovered that when nursing employees move and lift patients using the traditional techniques they've been taught, the magnitude of forces on their backs is greater than researchers had seen on factory assembly lines. VA officials responded in 2008 by announcing a sweeping program: The agency would transform all of its 153 hospitals to prevent nursing staff from getting hurt. The VA is by no means the only system that uses them — administrators at some private hospitals across the country told me that they have lifts in a portion of their rooms, such as in the intensive care unit, and perhaps some rooms reserved for patients getting surgery. But researchers told me they've seldom seen a hospital embrace lifts as dramatically as Loma Linda and other VA medical centers have. Staff engineers at Loma Linda ripped up parts of the ceilings and installed lifts in all 207 patient rooms, at a cost of roughly $2 million.
They also installed lifts just about everywhere else patients need to go, according to Hilton, including imaging departments, clinics and the dialysis center — even the morgue. For instance, workers move some patients on HoverMatt floating mattresses: Just connect the mattress with a pump, and it shoots air streams through thousands of tiny holes under it, so the mattress almost levitates.

They can float the mattress over using just one hand — although HoverMatt recommends using two. Hilton also persuaded hospital administrators to replace their traditional gurneys, which nursing employees have to push, with power gurneys that employees drive at the touch of a button. Again, the VA is not unique in using equipment like that — it's unusual because every corner of the hospital has it.
Still, the VA has discovered that all the equipment in the world does not prevent injuries on its own. When Hilton came to the Loma Linda VA six years ago, for instance, many of the rooms were already outfitted with lifts, but most nursing employees ignored them.
They have to buy into it." Hilton realized that to make that cultural change, they needed to train the nursing employees over and over again.
At the Loma Linda VA, the training starts practically the first day employees come to work. One morning, I watched Hilton walk to the podium in the hospital's auditorium and gaze out over a new batch of nurses, nursing assistants and other staff.
Hilton told the new employees they would not be allowed to move patients anymore without using lifts or other equipment.
Officials at private hospitals told me they teach employees to move patients safely, too — typically by sending them to an hourlong class, perhaps once per year. At the Loma Linda hospital, they're constantly training employees how to use lift equipment, partly with "peer" trainers.
There's at least one employee on every unit, every shift, 24 hours a day, assigned to coach colleagues on how to use safe lifting technology.
One afternoon, we dropped by a room where nurses from the intensive care unit were learning how to use a brand-new machine that takes over the job of turning patients onto their stomachs. One of the trainees at the session, Tiffany Gratton, said she worked at roughly 20 private hospitals as a substitute nurse before she came to the VA a few years ago. Hospital administrators told me that without Hilton's constant lobbying, armed with research to bolster her arguments, they wouldn't have invested so much money in safe patient handling. Rank-and-file nursing employees said that without Hilton's prodding, they wouldn't remember to use the equipment. Hilton spends a typical day speed-walking from one unit to the next, making sure the staff is staying safe. They show that VA hospitals across the country have reduced nursing injuries from moving patients by an average of 40 percent since the program started. Hilton says the reduction at the Loma Linda hospital has been closer to 30 percent — but the injuries that employees do suffer are less serious than they used to be. Loma Linda spent almost $1 million during a recent four-year period just to hire replacements for employees who got hurt so badly they had to go home, Hilton said.
NPR's Robert Benincasa, Lydia Emmanouilidou, Samantha Sunne and Barbara Van Woerkom contributed reporting and research to this story.Copyright 2015 NPR. Nursing employees suffer more debilitating back and other injuries than almost any other occupation. Today, we're going to hear how one of the nation's largest healthcare systems is proving many of these injuries can be prevented.
DANIEL ZWERDLING, BYLINE: You've probably heard negative stories recently about the Department of Veterans Affairs - long wait times and all that. But when it comes to nursing employees wrecking their backs, researchers say the VA has done more to prevent those injuries than any hospital system in America. If this were a typical hospital, she'd cradle her arms around him and drag him to the edge of the bed. ZWERDLING: In fact, the VA's records show that more 2,400 workers at their hospitals used to get injured every year just from lifting patients. Umoffia grabs a hook that's dangling from the ceiling, and she attaches it to a sling around Valencia's body. She pushes a button and now a machine that's mounted in the ceiling lifts Valencia out of his bed and it raises him a few feet up in the air. ZWERDLING: So you're saying your edict here - the edict in the whole VA is you do not manually handle patients?
VA studies showed they were spending at least $22 million per year just on injuries that nursing employees got from lifting. HODGSON: They were putting patients at risk, because, you know, if somebody gets hurt at work and has to go home, you're down a nurse on that shift. ZWERDLING: So the VA's top officials decided we have to transform all 153 hospitals in our system to help prevent nursing staff from getting hurt. Over the past six years, the VA has spent more than $200 million reinventing how nursing employees move patients. ZWERDLING: Now, a lot of hospitals around the country have bought some equipment to help the staff move patients. But Hilton says here at the Loma Linda VA, they ripped up the ceilings and installed motorized lifts in every patient room. ZWERDLING: And a pump shoots air streams through thousands of tiny holes under the mattress until it almost levitates so workers don't have to lift a patient from a bed to a gurney. ZWERDLING: But here's what I don't get totally - it seems like management should be able to just say to the staff, look, this is what you - you're already shaking your head no. HILTON: So all about safe patient handling - anybody here knows what in the world is safe patient handling all about? ZWERDLING: Officials at other hospitals around the country have told me we train our employees to move patients safely, too. We send them to an hour-long class every year, to which Tony Hilton says no, no, no, that won't work. For instance, there's at least one employee on every unit 24 hours a day who coaches colleagues how to use the equipment. And we drop by a room where nurses in the ICU are learning how to use a brand-new machine that takes over the job of turning patients onto their stomachs.
She says she was a substitute nurse at roughly 20 hospitals before she came to the VA a few years ago. In my 12 years of experience, I've not experienced this type of system for safe patient handling. ZWERDLING: Researchers in the VA have discovered that there's one more ingredient hospitals need if they really want to prevent injuries.
They show that VA hospitals across the country have reduced nursing injuries from moving patients by an average of 40 percent.
And Hilton says here at Loma Linda, the injuries they do get are less serious than they used to be. This hospital spent almost a million dollars during a recent four-year period just to hire replacements for employees who got hurt so badly they had to go home.

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