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We have had such a strong response to our article about Open Office Impress that we have decided to convert all of our most popular PowerPoint templates across to Open Office Impress.
Please note that these free Open Office Impress templates are property of Presentation Magazine and cannot be resold or displayed on the web without permission. Luckily we have a good community of users who are happy to point out where they see our templates displayed.
Start the setup application to repair the instillation from the CD or the folder containing the instillation packages. They are free to use in personal and business presentations, but not to be sold on, or be redistributed in any way. I can open the file, but how do I save it as a template and apply to existing presentations?

Max – The easiest way is just to open the file (File > Open) and then add in some changes and save it in My Documents with a new file name. Thank you for these…I can get the corporate one to open but cannot figure out how to edit where it says company logo to insert my logo nor where it says the url I cannot seem to edit that as well?
I will be using these as I prepare presentations (using Impress) for a home-school co-op class.
Ok, like everyone else I was lost as to how to use these templates and none of the other comments were working.
The templates below can be downloaded from our site, saved, edited as necessary, and then printed.
Editable calendars are great for listing homework, creating student activity sheets, and more.

They showed up in the Available for use pane, under Master pages but icons had no picture and did nothing to pages I tried to apply them to. I agree with one of the previous posters without instructions on how to install them they are useless to idiots like myself. I just started making small simple powerpoint videos and this site is a great resource and huge find for me.

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training invitation templates free

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