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Sara Tansey, 673d Aerospace Medicine Squadron exercise physiologist, conducts the physical fitness portion of the Physical Training Leader class at the JBER-Elmendorf Fitness Center Oct. To ensure all military members on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson are able to adhere to physical fitness standards throughout their time here and beyond, the JBER Health and Wellness Center offers the physical training leader program. The process to become a PTL is relatively simple, but does require members to complete certain steps to be considered and become qualified for the duty. These qualifications satisfy the requirements to become a basic PTL, but to lead group physical training and be designated as a 'PTL-A,' additional training is required. A passion for exercise and physical fitness is not an official requirement, but could prove to be a vital asset to a PTL.
Although the PTL program is an Air Force initiative, the HAWC's ability to influence fitness leaders is not limited to one branch.

The HAWC has been able to assist the 1-40th Cavalry with their fitness goals in a variety of ways. Kelter, who is also a Pacific Air Forces consultant for exercise physiology and health promotion, said the various fitness programs have allowed the HAWC to set their sights on loftier goals.
As careers progress and metabolisms decline, however, maintaining the standards can become more and more challenging.
We come out of basic training to really good Physcial condition some even adding mucle mass and weight they never had before. The opertunity to continue on a daily basis before the work day begins as a unit march run and physical exercise formation could be easily accomplished.
This would keep everyone in better condition with no extra time committed in their busy lives.

I seen on a recent business trip to South Korea that this is what almost every company does as a group witth their employees.
Our Army and Marines have done this forever why is the Air Force not thinking of doing this to strengthen their people.

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training keeps employees

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