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A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or web-based technology platform designed to support delivery, management and tracking of learning events. The LMS software performs a variety of functions related to online and in-person training administration and provides additional tools which support career development, competency and talent management.
PRODEFIS E-FILE enables electronic storing of all employee-related documents and linking them to the respective electronic records in the system.
LMS is a web-based e-learning system delivering training lessons and exams, electronically, to each of your employees. PRODEFIS MIS provides easy and secure access to relevant information which meets the strategic goals of an airline.
AIS provides secure access to realtime operative airline data as well as to historical and planning data. Designed to provide the highest level of automation, our products reduce costs and increase efficiency.
We invest a lot in the research and development of innovations that are directly incorporated into our products. Some innovations regard to unique user guidance concepts and some others to the underlying technologies, enabling us to provide state-of-theart solutions and delivery models.
SAS, the flag carrier of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and the largest airline in Scandinavia, has opted for PRODEFIS TPMS and PRODEFIS E-FILE.
LFT, a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, has chosen PRODEFIS TPMS for their Electronic Training Management. Organizations spend significant amount of money on training and development of their employees. A good training management system can address the different factors needed to make training effective.
Training methodologies have evolved over the years due to improvement in the knowledge in the behavioral sciences including adult learning and proliferation of internet technologies. A good training management system can make the operational part of the training and development function very effective. Any organization which is serious about developing the knowledge and skills of its employees and invests in training their employees to enhance the human capital of the organization should be seriously considering deploying a good training management system for their organization.
On 22nd May 2014, 24×7 Learning launched the latest version of LearnTrak LMS, the award-winning learning management system that meets the demands of this new group of learners, as well as corporate training challenges.
24×7 Learning, an online elearning platform company carried out extensive research among corporates– the results of which led to the making of the new version of the already successful LearnTrak LMS. Organizations depend on adequately trained employees to keep them competitive and profitable.
Over the 13 years of operation, various forms of knowhow have been incorporated into the LMS system, and the system has since developed and evolved. If you were to take a look at the actual screen, you would see that it reflects the feedback from real users, and realise that it has been developed from a user perspective.

LMS can be utilized not only for the management of e-learning systems, but also harnessed as an integrated management system for all training.
In addition to maintaining course logs, the system also comes equipped with a rich line-up of analytical tools. It is possible to identify users who are lagging behind based on their course logs, and to send these users e-mails to encourage and motivate them. Professional staff provide support through consultations on the service fees and utilisation methods.
ProSeeds is the only provider of Microsoft Office Specialist accredited e-learning courseware in Japan. ProSeeds is a professional producer of e-learning course material that is compatible with SCORM. Gain real-time visibility into the performance of your employee training programs with this comprehensive training management app. Schedule, track and report on training, licensing, certifications and qualification courses for employees, contractors or workgroups.
The QuickBase team has created over one hundred ready-to-use business apps that are available alongside those contributed by users like you. QuickBase is a cloud-based workspace for business apps that helps teams work smarter by automating tasks and workflows and delivering real-time insights through clear, visual reports. Right out of the gate, use one of hundreds of free QuickBase apps, build your own apps without coding, or import your Excel spreadsheets. The TMS QuickBase seems very capable as a scheduling tool for instructional experiences, but it doesn't meet my needs for instructional development. Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing, and service options subject to change without notice. The WebOffices Learning Management System (LMS) provides a comprehensive portal for all your online content, making it easy for you and your users alike. It can be used by all parties involved in training management, and it allows for seamless integration with other systems.
The self-service features allow employees to maintain all kinds of personal data and to upload supporting documentation while simultaneously reducing office staff workload. Its real-time analyses of the key performance indicators (KPIs) support the managements' needs for decision-making. It offers complete support in arrangement of crew accommodation & positioning and in management of respective suppliers.
You can also integrate them with any operations system or back-office application a€“ it does not make any difference whether you use custom solutions or licensed software. Training is done in different areas, for different employees, in different ways at different times.
It also provides strategic inputs for decision making on human capital enhancement for the organization.

These include sending out notifications for group training, attendance management, submission of reports, and collation of survey results. This information includes the comparison of average test scores for each group, comparison of the ratio of correct answers for each question, and the display of distribution graphs showing student progress. Build employee engagement, enhance satisfaction and ensure employee development programs align with corporate goals.
Thousands of companies, including half of the Fortune 100, have built over 3 million QuickBase apps to solve diverse business challenges and improve team productivity. See the ratings and reviews below or browse the hundreds of other ready-to-use QuickBase apps. I am playing around with several already developed apps and creating my own to see how much I am able to create or manipulate to gather the information we need. Your online learning center provides a strong brand presence, as we incorporate your logo and marketing identity throughout the LMS.Our system also provides branded course certificates upon successful completion.
Driven by configurable business rules, automated processes ensure a high quality of results, enabling you to pay attention to the exceptions rather than to the rules. The multi-tenant capability of our products allows integration with multi-tenant environments. Many of them are related to business processes and provide you with a direct competitive advantage by optimising and partly revolutionising your processes.
In addition, the low administrative cost and the resource-saving architecture help you to keep down operating cost. In order to appreciate the benefits of the effort and investment in training, it is imperative that the training is managed in a systematic manner and not treated as a sporadic set of activities or events. There are many methodologies which are adopted for imparting knowledge and skills including instructor classroom training, instructor led training over the web, self paced individual learning, and so on. Administrative activities can be automated, collaboration can be enabled, data generation can be democratized, project or event management can become more systematic and inclusive - all of these making the execution of training management easier, efficient and productive.
Simply by setting the mail delivery criteria, all follow-up mails can be made automated, effectively reducing burden for the administrator.
Organization would need to know the development activities that an employee participated in.
Organizations would very much want to track all such learning activities to make a proper analysis of which of them is working best. From a strategic perspective, a training management system will be able to provide vital information on cost break down from different view points (such as department, location, business unit and so on), feedback on the effectiveness of the training programs, quality of the training vendors, participation levels and so on. It helps track the various activities that an employee goes through during a period of time.

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