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Conducting Effective Performance AppraisalsAlthough there are no specific training requirements concerning performance appraisals, best practices suggest that the better prepared supervisors are to opening of an appraisal meeting. Conducting Effective Performance AppraisalsThis law prohibits discriminatory practices related to performance appraisals (Equal Pay Act). Appraising PerformanceAppraising Performance Days of Training: 1 Overview This course provides an overview of the basics of conducting performance appraisals. Conducting Effective Performance AppraisalsConducting Effective Performance Appraisals Session Objectives employee give the best performance and have the best career opportunities that are available.

Appraising Performance (Tier 1)Appraising Performance (Tier 1) 1 Day Description Appraising Performance provides an overview of the basics of conducting performance appraisals.
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Our administrative support provider – Regional Government Services Authority (RGS) – presents a three-part series covering essential tools needed for managers and supervisors. See AlsoLGS partners with RGS for Administrative and Support Services, and with MSA for Insurance and Shared Services.

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training managers on conducting performance appraisals guidebook

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