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With high and mid-management personnel in mind, this program is developed to fortify their leadership position as individual and within the organization. Your vibration by getting content and enabling it to work potential than to have to overcome some.
Origin This training programme was designed initially for a multinational industrial corporation in 2005 Assignment: to design a programme to train operations supervisors (production team leaders) in people management skills and train internal trainers to qualify them to deliver the training locally. Every student is entitled for a 150 hours internship on filipino cuisine here in our school canteen. Training Director Chef Rey Sotto Feliciano has created a program that will have professional, motivated and disciplined employees with great work ethic.

It is our goal to recognize the strengths, weaknesses and needs of the industry and to find solutions in these situations.A A culinary education can be expensive. Students entering culinary schools are commonly misled about how much money they are going to make, or the level of position that can be attained coming out of school.
Our mission is to provide affordable training that is task driven about the culinary industry today. Our curriculum will not only teach students how to get the jobs, but also how to be successful at them. We aim to be a competent educational source, to be respected and dedicated to the culinary industry as a whole for versatile training in the hospitality industry.

They have had many years of experience in the field, and are well prepared to offer engaging and insightful instruction. Precision Cuts - Learn the basic and advanced cuts used every day in the Professional kitchen.

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training program outline sample

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