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Every two years, the largest sports and humanitarian event in the world is held, giving athletes with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to showcase their talents globally. Actors, Olympic athletes, musicians, and even the Princess of Monaco attended to show support for the games by performing at the Opening Ceremonies and presenting medals to athletes. The Special Olympics strives to change the perceptions of people with intellectual disabilities and create a worldwide discussion to move towards a unified acceptance. Finished Results was chosen to time the 2015 World Games after showcasing their elite-level timing at the Special Olympics Trials in 2014. In total, Finished Results had a group of seven Lynx operators plus 10-15 helpers who assisted with meet management, athletes, start assistants, etc. The Finished Results team originally needed seven trailers to get all the equipment down to the venue. Once down at the Games, the sheer scale of the event created some logistical issues to overcome which included a lot of: drive to one venue > drop off equipment > drive to the next venue > drop off equipment > go park off site, all the while trying to unload without being in a fire lane.
For the SOWG, Finished Results had to carefully tailor their timing setups depending on the size, venue, or speed or the events. For example, they quickly discovered that a different lens was needed for timing the kayak races because the cameras were set up much farther away from the finish line.
One other wrinkle was the character encoding for results and scoreboards. The events had athletes from all over the world, meaning that a variety of languages and characters would need to be supported for posting results in real time.
One obstacle they faced was that a large event like the SOWG has every detail planned out in advance. We’d like to thank Chris Drescher, Brian Sparacino, and Alex Lohman of Finished Results in Menifee, CA for taking the time to answer our questions and provide an inside look at timing this major event.
The idea under consideration is to organize regional training seminars in several major cities throughout the United States during the summer months.
Lynx training seminars will cover a variety of timing and results tutorials tailored especially for high school track & field meets.

An athletics competion at the Centro Deportivo Olimpico Mexicano that was 100% timed by the participants.
Lynx provided two instructors, one Spanish speaking, and one from the Lynx Headquarters in the USAto present the information at the seminar.
Manchester, England – On Saturday, May 25th, Olympic gold medalist Allyson Felix won the 150m sprint at the Great City Games. Potty Training Seminar04:30PM - 05:00PMHave a new puppy or an older dog going potty in the house? Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. We're generating custom event recommendations for you based on Potty Training Seminar right now! Los Angeles, CA was the home to the most recent games held July 25 – August 2, 2015, hosting the largest event the city has seen since the 1984 Olympic Games. But instead, they opted to use FinishLynx cameras in Time Trial mode with IdentiLynx video for the results. The team quickly made adjustments behind the scenes to produce a seamless experience for athletes, fans, and officials. The sheer number of displays used reinforces how essential scoreboards have become in the sports timing world. When there are so many athletes, spectators, and stakeholders, running a tight ship is essential to the success and security of events.
Lynx normally offers 2-day, on-site training sessions for schools and organizations for $2,795 (for training, travel, & hotel costs). The FMAA organized the seminar, arranged accomodation for the instructors and the participants, and secured the cooperation of the Centro Deportivo Olimpico Mexicano in the project.

Her world record performance at the Great City Games on Saturday will only further reinforce that preference. But with strategic planning (plus an arsenal of backup cameras), the timers were able to pull it off with ease. The team used a jumbotron, seven finish line displays, and up to 24 2-panel LEDs for results, ads, and event signage. But that also means the timing crew wasn’t able to enjoy the same autonomy provided by smaller races. Now we want to help you tap into that network and bring your Lynx timing skills to the next level. But by organizing larger group events with several schools in your region, we can make the training sessions more social and significantly more affordable for everyone involved. The key to that is training your operator or operators on the Lynx hardware and software, so that you are making the most of your people, and your FAT system, at the meets that you host. Our goal is to help you enhance your timing and results skills, so you can become an even better timer, coach, and meet manager. The competitors ran the 150m event on a straight track surface laid down on Deansgate, a major road in Manchester’s city centre.
Thanks to the Special Olympics, these athletes gain self-confidence by competing, plus they’re able to inspire the spectators by achieving their dreams while showing the highest levels of sportsmanship.
Tent locations, event parking, visitor passes, lunch breaks, and event schedules left little room for error or adjustments.
If there is sufficient interest in these seminars, we will try and organize some pilot sessions this year, with a view to developing the program in the future if it is successful.

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