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The Last Ditch Holster from Crossbreed Holsters  is a great way to carry your firearm safely inside your vehicle, if you do not what to on body carry.
When do you cross the line of adding accessories to your defensive handgun to turn it into a more of a play toy?  What do you actually need to add to your handgun for the context of a defensive shooting situation?
There are handguns sold and marketed as a defensive tool with the slanted rear sight.  I do not know why gun manufactures are putting these on guns that they are marketing for that. When I was teaching on the last two days of Paul Howe’s Tac Pistol Instructor course, an end user student was having problems all day with his trigger press.
Threaded barrels, suppressor sights and red dots are not needed.  When are you going to have a suppressor attached on a regular base? The only big problem I had when I first started carrying my Glock 19 pre chopped was the grip extending past my belt line and it printing really bad.
Is going to a professional firearms instructor to receive training with your firearm worth it?  Let me ask you this, would you buy a pair of boxing gloves and jump in the ring without any training?  Then why would you own a firearm for personal protection and never learn how to use it efficiently?
Too many people become instant firearms experts when they buy a gun or when they own a gun or start watching YouTube.

Generally what I see is people coming out to the range shooting at snail pace or trying to make their firearm sound like a machine gun.
Pretty much it is standard procedures to replace the plastic sights on Glocks.  Over time the front sight will become warped and have seen the rear sight to break. The reasoning behind that is you are most likely to have a threat from 9 to 15 feet and shoot from 2 to 5 rounds. If you aren’t going to have them on regular base, you do not need suppressor sights.  Red dots designed for the use on handguns generally have a big MOA (Minute of Angle) dot. I had to wear baggy shirts, I had to mitigate the printing.  I had a buddy who chopped his Glock 22 to a Glock 27  grip length.
It takes the ten round magazine perfectly now.  I also had him take out the unnecessary finger groves on the front strap of the grip.
The procedure I followed was 200 rounds of target loads and 50 personal protection rounds without any malfunctions. This means your finger can lay flat on the trigger, but not go past the second knuckle.  Secondly, you can reach the slide lock lever and magazine release without shifting your hand. You could shoot from closer to farther away and shoot more and less rounds.  At this distance, it takes a small about of skill to stop the threat.

This could become an issue if you need to be really precise due to the distance of the target or the size. From there I tried a holster made by an alumni, Grant LaVelle of Maximum Life Expectancy out of Missouri. My brother, Ian Strimbeck from Down Range Firearms Training, kept on hounding me to make the switch. I had him put his stock Glock trigger in after the first day.  On day two, with his stock trigger, he was able to get the hits he needed to get. I can see later down the road to having more projects like this done.After my buddy chopped it, I replaced many springs to overhaul the gun.

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training strategies 2014

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