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Welcome to the Marketo Blog!Be sure to sign up to receive updates on the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to turn your marketing into revenue. We felt a little concerned, but we did as they asked. One year later, we were back on their site. Build Sessions. Assuming you have build specifications, the actual build ideally happens with the help of a consultant. Testing. In the later stages of implementation, your team should participate in UAT (user acceptance testing). Online Communities. Your team can visit online resource centers, where questions can be asked and crowdsourced.
Vendor Events. Many vendors host events or conferences, which can be great resources for your team. Of course, depending on your budget, you may be limited in which educational opportunities your team can take advantage of. Mathematically, there will be a few key drivers of success. The more components in your portfolio, the more time spent with each component, and the more team members involved, the better your new platform will work for you. These must be reviewed in conjunction with other organisational influences, such as the structure of the organisation, competency frameworks that may already exist, change management or business improvements happening within the business. Thank you, for your interest in Using Strategy Maps to Align Training with Corporate Goals.By entering in your information and submitting the form, you give the sponsor permission to contact you regarding their product.
To continue viewing this content please fill out the form below and become a Corporate Learning Network member.Or if you're already a Corporate Learning Network member, sign in below to download. Spaces are allowed; punctuation is not allowed except for periods, hyphens, apostrophes, and underscores. Address your challenges through knowledge sharing with peers from our global network of specialists. A larger working memory capacity functions to allow for easier learning and application of mental mindware. PUMA is one of the world’s leading sports brands, designing, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories.
The repositioning of our brand, which we began in 2014 with the largest brand campaign in company history, was clearly the focus of our activities again in 2015. In order to improve the quality of our sales and distribution, we introduced joint product and marketing programs with our key retailers to showcase our brand in the right retail environment and drive sell-through with our partners. In 2015, we continued to optimize our organizational structure and setup by making them faster. We also made further progress in the modernization and expansion of our IT infrastructure in 2015. For years, the market segment of female consumers has been an above-average performer for sports products.
These are ideal in the early stages of adoption, as they teach both best practices and tailored processes. If core members of your team are actually involved in the build, they will understand what has been built and can properly execute moving forward. Focused selection of videos and incentive to watch them could increase the use of this great (and often free!) resource. Download our ebook How to Succeed with Marketing Automation: A Change Management Lesson Plan.
Rajiv can be found catalyzing his clients to get the most out of Marketo and moonlighting on the Marketo blog sharing best-practice. When you subscribe to our email updates, you understand and agree that Marketo will send you email invites and updates, ranging from events, webinars, new content, and more, based on your settings. By setting out a training strategy its possible to develop a workable plan for core, and niche competencies for today and beyond.
Much of the success of organizations today is derived from intangible assets—including the skills and knowledge of employees.

Niven is an author, management consultant, and noted speaker on the subjects of Strategy Formation and Strategy Execution with the Balanced Scorecard. Having more RAM allows you to process more information faster, but it doesn’t help you know what rules and strategies to apply to the information in order to get the right results!
Activation in this area allows for the flexible application of a wider range of novel strategies and rules [reference], overcoming automatic responses, and these new rules – with practice – are then more effectively encoded in more anterior (to the front of the head) prefrontal areas [reference]. For over 65 years, PUMA has been producing the most innovative products for the fastest athletes on the planet. Our objective is to demonstrate that PUMA is back in sports and that our brand has great assets and a distinctive attitude: Brave, confident, determined, and joyful. The collections stood out for their clearer design, more innovative technology and the greater commerciality of the products. One of the key projects was standardizing and optimizing the procedures between PUMA and its external suppliers by restructuring the sourcing organization to manage global order and invoice flows. As part of this initiative, we have made it possible for additional markets to access a single ERP system and modernized the IT infrastructure at PUMA worldwide. We believe that the balance of these three aspects is key to the sustainable development of our business and faster is how we are working with our partners towards a more just and sustainable future, accelerating positive change in the industry and the world.
And women will continue to be more and more involved in sports worldwide, and sports is having an ever increasing influence on fashion. This included a 2-day discovery session, which got them up to speed and formed a base for how they’d use their new marketing platform. Group education forms a great base for further learning, and provides an overall perspective on marketing automation. There can be several rounds of testing to ensure that everyone’s comfortable with the platform. Rajiv holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Vanderbilt University and has a Masters in Management from London Business School. To give your plan a real chance of success you must align your strategy to the organisation's business goals, and objectives.
But if your employees don’t fully understand your corporate goals that success could be in jeopardy. As both a practitioner and Consultant he has developed successful Performance Management systems for clients large and small in a wide variety of organizations, including Fortune 1000 companies, public sector agencies, and nonprofit organizations. The e-mail address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or wish to receive certain news or notifications by e-mail. PUMA offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as Football, Running and Training, Golf, and Motorsports. Our objective is to be fast in reacting to new trends, fast in bringing new innovations to the market, fast in decision-making and fast in solving problems for our partners. The second Forever Faster brand campaign, in which we invested several million Euros in 2015, focuses on our brand ambassadors and shows how they are training with PUMA products to get into peak form for the major competitions in 2016. Not only was the feedback from our retail partners positive, but the significant increase in sales strengthens our conviction that we are heading in the right direction. In 2016, we will again focus on three areas: optimize our IT infrastructure, start the implementation of a standard ERP system to support our sourcing and trading functions, and set up platforms to improve the design, development and planning processes. Our mission to be the fastest sports brand in the world also includes assuming responsibility for ensuring that our products are manufactured under appropriate working conditions and produced by suppliers who respect human rights. PUMA is a pioneer in this segment and we have set standards for years with the success of our models and collaborations with designers. And it doesn’t help you solve problems unless you know the right strategies to apply to the problem. Expanding the mind’s workspace: training and transfer effects with a complex working memory span task.
PUMA engages in exciting collaborations with renowned design brands such as Alexander McQueen as well as designers like BWGH (Brooklyn We Go Hard) and Vashtie to bring innovative and fast designs to the sports world.

Rihanna joined Usain Bolt, Arsenal London and other athletes for the campaign on a number of fronts, including the first TV spot for our training shoe IGNITE XT. During the year we began collaborating with other well-known retailers with the aim of improving the presence of the PUMA brand in stores, better communicating our product promise on site, and thereby achieving a sustained sales increase. For example, our Sportstyle and Fundamentals product areas were merged under the leadership of a single manager. We are very confident that our investment in these areas will lay the foundation for a fast, lean and efficient company in the future. Niven will demonstrate how training professionals can create alignment with organizational strategy and maximize the value of the training function through the use of a powerful communication and alignment tool known as a Strategy Map. The larger your working memory capacity, the more information and relationships you can process during reasoning and problem solving. Leading up to this, she ensured a high level of attention in the media and on social networks. In Football, we continued to strengthen our position and further expanded our product platforms evoSPEED and evoPOWER.
For example, we continued to expand our presence in major sports retailers such as Finish Line and Champs by adding new shop-in-shop systems, special shelving units and permanent in-store communication.
A key element of this strategy is the partnership we have developed jointly with the international star Rihanna as brand ambassador and creative director. A correctly designed Strategy Map doesn’t just state your corporate goals, but provides a simple visual of your strategy, boosting comprehension and allowing for increased employee contribution. PUMA distributes its products in more than 120 countries and employs more than 11,000 people worldwide. The new products include evoSPEED SL, which is now the lightest football shoe in the market at 103 grams.
We also developed a completely new Forever Faster store concept for the Company’s own retail stores. This concept was first introduced at the Group headquarters in Herzogenaurach and then in 20 additional locations during the year.
In 2016 with the introduction of a complete women’s collection of shoes and textiles, she will be a vital part of improving our product offering for women in our Performance and Sportstyle categories. The new store concept optimizes the presentation of our products and the related technologies and strengthens our position as a sports brand. TESTIMONIALS "Paul has been instrumental in assisting us with our implementation of the Balanced Scorecard. The shoe received a great deal of attention on social media and in the press and the first color options were sold out within hours. To further expand our online presence, we launched an improved, integrated web shop and rolled it out in other markets in 2015.
The continuous optimization of the website and our online product offering is a high priority for PUMA. We will introduce a complete women’s collection of shoes and apparel in 2016 working with Rihanna as creative director. His multi-sector and international experiences with the Balanced Scorecard are world-class." -Chief Management Official, Coordinating Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA "Paul Niven pulls together amazing strengths. All at once he is sage-like, laser-like focused on results, a great listener, forward-looking, confident, warm and an enthusiast for strengthening your organization.
He combines zeal with common-sense and knows how to move groups past a web of complexity to profound simplicity.

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