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Education, Employment and Gender Affairs Minister Hon Tara Rivers says a ‘whole Government’ approach is needed to develop a comprehensive strategy to address employment concerns, in the short, medium and long term. Government’s Inter-Ministerial Committee on Employment (IMCE) calls for increased investment in training and development and better inter-agency collaboration to address Cayman’s unemployment problem. On Friday (1 April) the Committee released its first report entitled “Review of Employment Policy and Strategy in the Cayman Islands” which was completed in 2015. The report identified five key challenges that need attention in Cayman, chief among which is investment in training and development.
Education, Employment and Gender Affairs Minister Hon Tara Rivers, commenting on the findings of the report through a media statement, said there needs to be a “whole Government” approach to addressing unemployment.
The minister pointed out that the work of the IMCE provided useful quantitative data capturing the perceptions of both employers and employees who had registered with the National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA) at that time and who responded to the surveys. The report also catalogues the work and experiences of relevant government agencies, she added. Ms Rivers stressed that focussing on education and enhancing the educational experience of students is an integral part of the long term employment strategy. This, she said, is why the Ministry is addressing some key aspects of education, including overall literacy and numeracy, placing greater emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and developing appropriate technical and vocational education and training (TVET) pathways for students.
Minister Rivers lauded the report as a critical first step in helping the Government prepare a larger plan to address unemployment, in the short and long term, because it provides Cabinet with useful information to help guide employment policy for the Cayman Islands.
She cited the recently launched Ready2Work KY initiative as one of the tangible outcomes of the IMCE report especially since it was developed in response to some of the pressing concerns highlighted in the IMCE report. Ms Rivers explained that Ready2Work KY was designed to tackle both frictional unemployment, which is transitional unemployment due to people moving between jobs, and structural unemployment which represents a more permanent level of unemployment resulting from skills levels of job seekers not meeting the skills requirements of jobs available, or from a mismatch between the skills that workers are supplying versus the skills employers require. The IMCE report used surveys, focus groups and assessments to collect information from job seekers, employers and front line civil servants.
Dr Tasha Ebanks Garcia, Deputy Chief Officer for Employment, Training, Tertiary Education Strategy & Public Library Services in the Ministry, said the data collected confirmed that job seekers in the Cayman Islands are impacted by both direct and indirect barriers that hinder their progress toward entering and retaining employment. The IMCE Report, she said, provides a platform for the various Ministries, departments and agencies of the civil service to develop programmes designed to address unemployment in a more holistic fashion. Following on from the  2015 survey, the importance of marketing and communication as a success factor again increased significantly, aligning itself with an increased emphasis on the importance of client relationships and customer engagement. But how do our leaders remain engaged with their clients whilst embracing the constant change of a volatile economy and technological innovation?
CEOs have nominated market confidence as the key economic success factor driving growth, with knowledge of changing markets, trends and customer perceptions essential to decision-making.
For a business to communicate its message effectively through social and digital media, employees and leaders alike need to be experienced, skilled with technology, willing to embrace innovation and positive about company outlook. Strategies to address this could include adequate staff training, market research and recruitment of staff willing to innovate. A volatile economy has increased the impact of economic factors on business, with market confidence, government regulation and exchange rates creating the biggest obstacles to business growth, followed by interest rates, bank funding availability, and taxes.
An exciting finding of the 2016 survey is an increased willingness to innovate, with more than 80% of respondents suggesting they have a propensity to innovate, with new state of the art technology, improved market knowledge and market share, new distribution channels and international subcontracting nominated as some of the most effective innovation solutions. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
As we enter 2015, the latest stats on use of digital media and technology all point to the growing importance of creating a digital strategy. The need for businesses to compete to reach and engage their audiences as they use digital devices is clear and well-established.
Yet we know from our Managing Digital Marketing research for 2014 and 2015 that many businesses don't have a digital strategy - only around half of all businesses are using digital media and technology strategically. To help businesses create or refine their digital strategy, Dan Bosomworth and I created the RACE planning framework to summarise key activities that need to be measured. This infographic gives a brief explanation of each part of the customer lifecycle and highlights the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help review strategy effectiveness.
For 2015 we have updated our RACE digital strategy infographic to give a stronger focus on strategy development rather than inbound and content marketing which was more the focus of the original from 2012.

We developed our RACE Digital Strategy framework to help businesses scope out their investment in digital technology and media. It's one of 10 infographics which are designed to be useful - to help businesses map, plan and manage their digital strategy. If you're not familiar with RACE, these are the four main stages of the customer lifecycle and how a digital strategy and different forms of technology can support businesses to improve the efficiency of the funnel. The marketing funnel remains as the most common way to manage customer engagement and to set targets and review performance. A digital strategy defines a focus for investment in digital technology and media for an organisation to engage audiences as they use digital devices.
The growth in use of digital devices by consumers as they select and buy  products has changed consumer buying behaviour to such a degree that a digital strategy is now seen as essential by many. A digital strategy and digital marketing strategy are very similar, so it's not worth getting too hung up on the terminology or differences, however they can mean different things to different people within an organisation, so it's best to standardise.
So, alternatively, a digital strategy focuses on making the right investments in digital technology rather than digital media. Hi Dave, would you please explain that satisfaction and loyalt is a KPI for effectiveness or efficiency? The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible. McAfee Secure sites help keep you safe from identity theft, card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams.
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Sorry, your requested ticket quantity exceeds the number provided by your promotional code. Sorry, you need to enable javascript to place an order.How do I enable JavaScript on my computer? We couldn't process your order because you have this event open on multiple tabs in your browser. This CSR VIP session is designed for Leaders and CSR senior leadership from all sectors and functions, and focuses on their role in mainstreaming CSR and sustainable development within an organisation. ACTIVE AND PRACTICAL TRAININGEMG’s training courses encourage an active, hands-on approach enabling participants to engage in experimental learning. With content based on international standards, the trainings are delivered by highly experienced trainers who extensive subject-matter and corporate experience and awareness of local CSR and sustainability practice and issues.
EMG delivers certified and bespoke training courses which provide an emphasis on exploring how best to apply CSR and sustainability concepts to participant’s own organizations, ensuring participants are able to effectively implement their newly acquired knowledge immediately. Participants should expect a challenging and thought-provoking course that will inspire and enable action on CSR within their organization. Building on theoretical knowledge, participants will develop practical skills that will increase the visibility and profile of CSR within their organization and accelerate the return on investment in CSR related policy, strategy and activities. About the key trainerDrs Daan Elffers Named one of the '100 Most Talented Leaders in CSR' by the World CSR Day organization, Elffers was the Chairman of the recent CSR Summit in Dubai, the longest running CSR summit in the region and provided trainings at regional events such as CSR Saudi Arabia, CSR Oman, CSR Dubai and CSR Qatar.
For more than a decade, EMG has been the first choice in CSR advisory for governments, businesses and not-for-profit organizations worldwide. New employee orientation is the process of providing a new hire with a snapshot of the organization. Having agreed that employee orientation training is important, a question that still remains unanswered is the one on how to deliver the training. Let’s look at some of the instructional approaches we used to develop a new hire orientation program. These are some of the instructional approaches we used for building an engaging new employee orientation e-learning course.
Given the complexity of the issue and the multiple services currently offered by various agencies, it was necessary for there to be a ‘whole Government’ approach taken; hence, Cabinet called for the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Employment to be convened back in 2014,” she said.

Since taking office in 2013, there has also been greater emphasis placed on increasing the collaboration within the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs to ensure that the various policies and programmes delivered are better aligned with the Government’s agenda to raise standards in education, and to increase the employment prospects for and address concerns of employers and employees alike,” Ms Rivers said. We feel that we are now better positioned to carry out the Government’s mandate to address the challenges of unemployment with a clearer understanding of its context in the Cayman Islands,” said Dr Ebanks Garcia. She was previously employed as a Senior Reporter with the Sunday Guardian, after having spent a number of years at the Trinidad Guardian, San Fernando Bureau. However, finance and cost continue to present a challenge to marketing function effectiveness. The survey outlines the significance of employing a marketing strategy and suitable budget targeted specifically at this communication platform. However, staff attitude, experience & retention is decreasingly viewed by CEOs as something they can influence.
RACE is structured around the classic stages of customer lifecycle marketing from generating initial awareness in a brand as part of customer acquisition through nurturing relationships with prospects to sale and ongoing customer engagement. Although most would agree that prospects don't pass through the funnel in a linear way and it's more of iterative process as shown in this infographic summarising the customer buying decision, it's essential that a funnel-based conversion model is use to set targets and review the effectiveness and efficiency of online marketing.
Otentimes, I find they are simply different labels with digital strategy a short-hand contraction for the longer digital marketing strategy. Please enter a quantity of 1 or more next to the type or types of tickets you would like to purchase. With theoretical and practical content delivered through a mixture of lectures, group discussions, case-study reviews and one-on-one dialogue, participants are taught in a supportive and stimulating learning environment.
Elffers holds a Master’s degree from the Rotterdam School of Management and is on the CSR Expert Panel for the Department of Business Economics at Erasmus University (The Netherlands). Our unique blend of deep insight, coupled with our extensive international experience, make EMG a trusted partner for realizing long-term profit and growth through sustainability and social responsibility on a major scale. It is about conveying the culture, values,and principles of the organization in a manner that helps new employees understand and then apply them. We now have many instructional approaches to make e-learning courses engaging and interactive. So, we used another approach – we personalized the content, where we used real images and conversational audio. It would appear, therefore, that business leaders would benefit from budgeted and focused marketing solutions and would do well to engage with trusted marketing advisors. From an internal point-of-view, digital strategy considers the range of digital technology deployed inside a company to manage digital marketing and digital business such as marketing automation, content and commerce management and CRM systems as catalogued so well by Scott Brinkler in his Marketing Technology Landscape  From an external perspective, a digital strategy focuses more on digital technology used by audiences and considers how to engage audiences when using different types of digital devices from the obvious smartphone, tablets and desktop devices to the less obvious games consoles and in-store devices.
A certified Cradle to Cradle consultant since 2008, he is an advisor with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute in California (USA) and a Guest Member of the Circular Economy Taskforce at the World Economic Forum. EMG is a registered vendor to the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM), complying with the UNGM Code of Conduct, and providing services which adhere to the standards set by the United Nations. To make the video more interesting, we used the video scribe software, with which we created our own style of whiteboard animations. As the content included different topics such as diversity and inclusion and improving environmental performance around the globe, we used real images of people from different cultural backgrounds, and images related to environment and energy.
In government, or some not-for-profit organisations, developing a "digital marketing strategy" is less appropriate, so a digital strategy gives a more appropriate label for managing digital technologies. He is a Strategic Advisory Council Member to the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, the world’s largest membership organization for sustainability professionals. For example, the UK government defines its Digital Strategy in this useful way - here there is a clear focus on technology to deliver services rather than marketing.

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