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You want to see a world where people don’t waste their lives doing work that drains the life out of them: a world where children can spend time with parents who aren’t too busy for them, and where they can watch those parents build great wealth by doing what they love. You want to see people finding joy by fulfilling their purpose, and when these people are cherishing impossible dreams, you want to see those dreams come true. Perhaps you don’t know how to coach people in a way that makes the “impossible” become “possible”. On this page, I’m going to tell you what it’s like to be a coach, how to become a coach, and what to expect as you begin your journey.
But then, while I was lying in my hospital bed, a woman approached me and told me something that changed my life forever. That is how I became a mentor to so many, and why I’m passionate about empowering other coaches to spread the same knowledge that saved my life, so that nobody has to live a life that’s shorter or smaller than  they were meant for. If your clients aren’t sure what might bring them joy, a coach helps them discover the root of their present unhappiness and to use that dissatisfaction to determine exactly what will bring them real, lasting joy.
Whether it’s discovering the type of job that will make them happy, getting a clear picture of what kind of relationship they want or clarifying their dream in any other area of life, getting a precise idea of what they want will help a client to take what actions they need to take in order to create it. Once you’ve helped your client to find out what they want, you will then help them to form a step-by-step plan in order to obtain it. You won’t necessarily give them the whole plan right away, but you’ll at least give them the next specific, concrete action-step that they want to take that week. More importantly, you will also teach them about the invisible laws that govern whether or not they will succeed. I’m sure you’ve noticed that some people seem to be able to create success almost effortlessly, even if their goals initially seemed impossible, while others continue to struggle for years without making headway. The difference is… the successful ones use the infallible Laws of the Universe in their favor, while the ones who stay stuck ignore these laws or unknowingly use them against their intended outcome.
As a certified life mentor, you’ll want to know how these principles work, so you can help your clients ensure that these laws are working FOR them instead of against them.
The coach supports her as she becomes aware of this, and invites her to stop acting like a mother to the men she meets.
In the same way, you will help your clients to notice the ways in which they’re repelling the things they desire, and show them, instead,  how to shift their thinking, beliefs and habits, so they can attract the people and things they desire instead.
As a certified spiritual coach, you get to experience the joy of helping people go from feeling stressed, exhausted, frustrated and sometimes even hopeless, to being vibrantly happy and excited about life. Learn the principles that govern success, so you can enjoy the same big, fast results that you’re helping your clients to achieve; and cultivate a mindset that helps you to stay joyful, enthusiastic, optimistic and at peace, no matter what the world around you is doing. If you structure your business correctly, you can create a 6-figure income or more, while still having plenty of time to spend with your family, to take care of yourself, and to enjoy the hobbies that you may have been unable to make time for until now. And you’ll be able to help your loved ones to discover how to create the lives they’ve been dreaming of, even if they don’t think they have what it takes until they receive your help. In one-on-one coaching, you and your client will connect individually with the choice to meet in person, through phones or over the internet, usually for 60-90 minutes each week.
You will also teach them how to understand and apply the principles of success, so that their efforts can bear fruit faster than they could without that knowledge.
This method is useful for diving deep into your client’s life and mindset, but it should NOT comprise the bulk of your coaching business. You can set aside some time to work one-on-one with your highest-paying clients, but don’t make your business model dependent on this style of coaching. Group Coaching is similar to one-on-one coaching, but it allows you to serve more people in the same amount of time.
In this style of coaching, you will get on a conference call with a group of your clients, spend some time teaching them about the principles of success, and then take some time to answer any questions that come up. This method is a bit less in-depth than one-on-one coaching, but it allows your clients to learn from each others’ questions and journeys, and to network with each other. And, of course, it allows you to serve more people in less time, so you can make more income and a bigger impact than you could through individualized coaching alone. If you enjoy interacting with your clients in person, and you want to help a lot of people to get a fast start and to learn a great deal in a short amount of time, an on-stage, Live Event can be an incredible way to do that.
For 2-3 days, imagine teaching a room full of your clients and giving them detailed guidance on how to create the lives of their dreams, as well as homework, action steps and group exercises as needed so that they can learn your material as quickly as possible in the time you have together.
While these events don’t provide the ongoing support that weekly coaching does, they can often be used to up-sell your clients into long-term coaching programs because they help to build the “know, like and trust” familiarity that you need to make them feel good about investing in their dream with you. Another way to assist your clients without spending a lot of your personal time is to use a Pre-Recorded Curriculum to deliver the bulk of your teaching. Because this method lacks a system for ongoing support, I suggest that you pair it with group coaching calls to ensure that your clients are never left wondering how to use your teaching or what to do next.
At the bottom of this page, I’ll tell you how to get access to a proven curriculum you can sell without having to create it yourself. Many coaches combine two or more of the above methods in order to give their clients the best possible results.
It should help them to get really clear on what they truly desire, on their purpose in life, and on who they really are at their core. It should help them to form a practical, actionable, step-by-step plan to reach their goals. It should give them ongoing support, so they never have to handle the changes they’re creating or the obstacles they encounter alone.
To put it simply, jobs are easier to start and often offer more stability in the short term, while coaching lets you create more of an impact and influence, and a better income and lifestyle, in the long run. As long as your company is bringing in business and doesn’t need to cut your hours or lay anybody off, the income that you get from a job is safe and predictable. Life coaches don’t necessarily have that specific, stable income when you first start out but if you learn how to attract and enroll clients, and start taking big, consistent action in order to do so right away, you can build a 6-figure business in relatively little time. With a job, you work for a set amount of time, and unless you’re working overtime, you get to come home and leave your work behind.
As a certified life coach, you’ll want to learn to set boundaries and hire a team if you want to have time for your family and yourself. Because of this, it’s important to have mentors who know how to run the business side of your coaching, so you can learn to structure it in a way that allows you to get everything done while still having lots of free time for yourself.
If you handle your life coaching business right, you can end up working fewer hours than you would in a job, and making vastly more money; but you’ll need to create that situation for yourself, since you won’t have a boss to do it for you.
Jobs vary wildly in the amount of knowledge that is needed to perform them, so it’s difficult to make an apples-to-apples comparison. On the upside, having these skills will empower you to succeed in a way that almost no type of job training will. In general, getting a job doesn’t require an investment up front, unless you’re thinking about a career that requires college or university training. A mentor's career, on the other hand, does require that you invest in the training you need to make your new career a success, but this training is often only a fraction of the price that some college or university degrees will cost you.
Certification and training is also far more likely to pay for itself than traditional secondary education, which often leaves people holding a degree that doesn’t actually help them get a better job. I’ve helped many people master the coaching and business skills that they require to become successful Life Coaches. How much you can make depends on how much you put into the business, and whether you’re coaching in groups or one-on-one. I, personally, have created a 7-figure business by coaching large groups; and Life Coaching is one of the fastest-growing, 6-figure business models in the world. Even if you only coach people one-on-one, you’ll be able to charge over $150 dollars per session if you market yourself effectively, so your hourly wage would still be considerably higher than that of most professionals.
If you want to learn how to create a thriving business by using the group-coaching model, or to learn more about the process, I would love to hear from you. How long it takes to build your business depends on the amount and nature of the action you take, what kind of training you get, and how you apply the principles of success.
If you don’t have a pre-made program in place and you don’t know how to attract clients, it can take considerably longer than that. How much administrative and marketing work you do will depend on whether you do it yourself or hire a team, and whether you spend additional time actively coaching your clients will depend on whether you have more going on than 1-2 weekly coaching calls.
In the beginning, the workload will be higher, as you may want to do much of your marketing and administrative work yourself, and you’ll also want to take time to prepare for each coaching call. To get a clearer idea of how the coaching process works and what it requires of you, I invite you to get in touch with my team by filling out the form below.
The principles of success that coaches teach are universal – they work regardless of the nature of your goal, your personal history, your culture and ethnicity, your circumstances, your talents, and your personality.
But in order to teach these principles to your clients effectively, it is absolutely vital that you become an expert in training other people and in guiding them to take the actions that they must to create the lives that they’ve been dreaming of.
If you don’t learn how to teach people, you’ll find yourself telling your clients the facts that you’ve learned over and over again but you won’t know how to help them truly absorb and implement the information. In some parts of the world, you can legally become a coach without getting certified, but if you don’t get certified you will not be fully equipped to help your clients and you could end up doing more harm than good in your attempts to change their lives. You need to learn how to help your clients reach the core of their desires, so they know what it is that they truly want and they can move toward their goals with the certainty that what they’re working toward is something that will make them happy.
You must be able to help them discover the obstacles that are holding them back from their dreams.
If you want to build a thriving business by changing peoples’ lives, I want to show you how. I’ve built multiple 7-figure businesses and helped thousands of people create transformations that had once seemed to be completely out of their reach. I’ve learned how to run multiple life-changing programs at once, while still having plenty of time left over for my family and myself.
I want to teach you how to use a proven, time-tested curriculum that’s already created and ready for you to use, so you don’t have to spend months creating one for yourself.
It begins with a series of webinars and MP3 versions of those webinars that you can absorb from the comfort of your home, so you don’t have to travel for an extended period of time in order to get started. Then, once the initial web training is over, you’ll attend my certification training event where you’ll complete your certification process in only three days, with five meals and lodging for two nights included in the price of admission.
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Maxima Visions Production Company - Production in Texas:MAXIMA VISIONS FILMS BELIEVESNew in 2012!
We are seeking now those residents in Middle Tennessee, those individuals who have such experience. I'm here to emphatically inform you that becoming a life coach is one of those powerful and rewarding ways to do that. Or maybe while you have the skills, you aren’t sure how to turn your passion and expertise into an abundant business.
I’ll also tell you how you can get expert, step-by-step training to build your Life Coaching business, so you can have a rewarding career and salary, and don’t have to waste years making little money while you reinvent the wheel.
So when the doctors discovered that one of my kidneys had been completely destroyed, and the other was 50% ruined, it was a death sentence.
Just as thinking about embarrassing things makes our cheeks turn red, and thinking about something frightening makes our hearts race, the way we think about our life causes tangible effects in our circumstances. If a girl with a death sentence could be cured within weeks, what else could these principles create in my life and the lives of the people around me?
Form a concrete, actionable plan, and give your clients the secrets to making sure it succeeds. Let’s say Cassandra wants to attract a strong, mature, supportive man, but the only men who are interested in her are needy, clingy boys. As they discuss her situation, they discover that Cassandra tends to take a ‘caretaker’ role with the men she meets, coddling them and trying to protect them from everything, and spending more time on the people who “need” her than the ones who don’t.
And even when she does meet a good, strong man who’s interested in her, she doesn’t make time to be around him because she’s too busy fulfilling her “obligations” to the people who “need” her. The Life Coach also helps her to start allowing men to take care of her, instead of being so independent that the men who want to support her feel unneeded. If it does, you will find yourself trapped in a cycle of “trading hours for dollars”, and your income and impact on the world will always be limited by the number of hours in a day. It increases the energy that everyone receives through the calls because they’re gathering in a community of passionate, like-minded people. This allows you to charge less than you would for a program that uses up a lot of your time and it lets your clients consume it at their own pace. So if this is something you’re interested in, please make sure to check that out while you’re on this page.
For example, you could host a live event that gives your clients an inspiring, powerful start and then offer a package that combines pre-recorded curriculum with group or one-on-one coaching calls, so your clients can put the pre-recorded curriculum to its most effective use. Without this element, your clients will never be able to create the results and transformations that they’re looking for, so you MUST be able to give them the training they need in this area. It should also teach them how to form future plans, so they can create success over and over in every area of their lives. You know how many hours you’re working, and what you’ll get paid in exchange for that work. As with any home-based business, it’s easy to just keep working on your coaching into the evening or even the night, and if you say “yes” to every project that comes your way and try to do everything on your own, that’s what you’ll end up doing. Regardless of your area of specialty, as a coach you’ll want to understand how to attract clients, how to coach them in a way that gets them big and long-lasting results, how to keep clients coming back for more, and how to run your business in a way that enables it to grow while still leaving you time to enjoy your own lives.
You’ll know how to turn your passion into a thriving business, and you’ll understand how to use the secrets of success to make ANY dream that you have into a reality. Just fill out the form below, and my team will get in touch with you to discuss the specifics. I give you a coaching program that’s already created, time-tested and ready to sell, so you don’t have to spend months of unpaid work developing a curriculum. It all depends on how you run your business, how well you use the principles of success, and what kind of training you get.
If you use a group coaching model, combining a pre-made curriculum with coaching calls, you can make a good income while only spending 2-3 hours a week on active coaching.
As you grow and hire a team, how much work you do will depends largely on how much you delegate and on how many programs you’re running at once. You can choose to devote yourself to this full-time, to work as a coach part-time, to try to do everything by yourself, to build a team, or a combination of the above; it all depends on what you’re wanting to build. But if your client is willing to learn, to take action, to accept risks, and to do what is necessary to build the life of their dreams, you will be able to help them.
That is one of the reasons why I strongly recommend that you get trained by an expert before you start your coaching career. And you need to guide them to create a clear, specific, actionable plan for overcoming these challenges and creating the results and transformation they desire. And I know how to run the business side of my coaching, so I always know that I have plenty of clients coming in and I have the structure that I need to enable me to serve all of them, no matter how many there are. And I’ll teach you how to use the same business model I work with, so you can attract hundreds or even thousands of clients, serve them effectively, and create the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. You also have access to Q&A calls to help you to fully understand the material in the webinars. If you want to learn more, or to get started right away on your journey to become an expert coach, just fill out the form below and my team will contact you. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Now, all of the production capabilities possible at our home office in Nashville Tennessee & Norfolk Virginia is possible in the great state of Texas.
We are seeking not only actors who have done major speaking roles, but also full production crews, from producers, directors, script and screen writers, Dpa€™s, lighting personnel, electric, set decorators, hair and make-up artist, editors, to those with experience in marketing and distribution.
She also starts spending less time on “needy” people, and freeing up her schedule so she has time for the men she wants to be around. I also teach you a proven marketing system that helps to start getting you clients right away, so you don’t have to waste time on guesswork and reinventing wheels.
Your results are completely up to you, your level of awareness, expertise, the action you take and the service you provide to others. Please see home page and services page to see services that are now also available in Texas.NOW SEEKING ANYONE WITH MAJOR PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE & PROFESSIONAL ACTORS AND ACTRESSES IN TEXAS!
We need to put together two complete production crews to enable us to always have at least one film in pre-production, one in production and one in post year round. Any testimonials, financial numbers mentioned in emails or referenced on any of our web pages should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings - all numbers are illustrative only. Randall Maxwell, who brings his 35 years experience in Hollywood and Wilmington NC in the film industry to Nashville to direct this Nashville Operation. During the 70a€™s, awareness was limited which truly left her lost, confused, and misguided.
That being said, we believe in you and we are here to support you in making the changes you want for your life and giving you methods, strategies, and ideas that will help move you in the direction of your dream. A A If you are one of those individuals who already have the professional experience necessary to produce quality films and television productions, now is the time to get your working resumes to us to be considered working for our company. She suffered from a severe bout of anorexia and bulimia, both emotionally crippling,which led to other obsessions and self-destructive behaviors.A As an athlete, she focused on nutrition, healing, and her spiritual condition, leading her on a road to recovery. In 1991, after years of being in an alcoholic and addictive family, she became a member of the fellowship Alanon, a 12-step program, and is still an avid member today. The prescription medications Kelli uses to relieve her insecurities change both twins lives forever.Over the course of several years, Kellis drug dependency grows.
Kelli comes close to dying several times from overdoses -- accidental and intentional -- leading to many stays in psychiatric facilities. You may want to scrawl down past the next several paragraphs, as they pertain to our professional training. Darla struggles to convince the doctors her twins irrational behavior started only after they began pumping her full of powerful anti-psychotic drugs. The same applies to anyone interested in securing us for any of your professional production needs. Not that you must come to work for us, as after training you will be more than qualified with professional training, as you will have actually worked on at least four real feature films in your chosen discipline that you can put on your resume, that you can practically chose the production company you want to work for anywhere in the US or abroad.
Quantum physics are pretty strange, but at its most fundamental level, it is the science of possibilities.
You may choose the discipline of acting, producing, directing, script & screen writing, editing, business of film making, basic film production, camera operator, director of photography, animation, any discipline within the collaborative art of film making. These are conservative figures and take no considerations for attaching a star to this film in making the film a success. This is a two year certificate program with the top 50% of our graduating class being offered a two year paid internship with our production company, giving you a working resume in your chosen discipline where you can continue working for Maxima Vision Films or choose practically any other production company within the US or abroad.
However, we feel the very story is strong enough on its own merit to assure success of distribution of this film, especially considering the number of qualitydistribution outlets available to film makers today. Objectives."A PlanningPlanning creates specific actions and accountabilities (the "who" and when") so that the alignment, vision, and strategy work isn't wasted. We feel certain with the budget of this film being so low, and the quality of story being so good, there is no reason we cannot at least double an investors return on their investment, but quite likely to earn a substantial return.We cannot guarantee the financial success of this venture. These workshops also get you working immediately with our professionals who are making movies each and every day. These workshops can be either taken over weekends, camps, taken one day a week at 3 hour classes, or two days at 1 hour and half, both of which you will also be involved in a three hour workshop on the weekend at our production facilities. Frankly, the overriding qualification for prospective investors in this or similar projects is that they must be fully accredited, and able to lose all or part of their investment, incurring no significant financial damage as a result of loss. That said, we can guarantee thatMaxima Visions Films and Productions has developed and sold compelling stories with universal relevance, and has assembled a team of production professionals who are completely dedicated to, and competent in,delivery of a high quality product.As entertainment appetites and accessibility grows, the industry is begging for high quality product to fill the ever-increasing demands.
Given current worldwide economic conditions, the entertainment industry stands virtually alone as a growth industry. If you are an aspiring actor, you need to at the very least know how to prepare for a casting interview, as you only have one shot in this business to get it right!A Do you know how much work goes into the production of a film or television production? This is an absolute in this business & like preparing you for a casting interview, these are all a part and included in any of our camps, workshops and classes.If you are an aspiring actor? Maxwell is going to be spending so much time here, to do a large amount of productions here in Texas, as opposed to traveling to either the east or west coast.

Remember, a demo reel is just what the name implies, it is a demo of your acting abilities.
At your own school or church, we can even make available a after school program for the cost of basically any other after school program, but you are learning what you are passionate about, making movies. Randall Maxwell will act as the Executive producer on any of these projects.This particular investment group has chosen to use the same success formula Dr. Each of these programs will ultimately produce a short student film that you may use on your resume for your chosen discipline, entered into competition with other Christian schools and churches in our upcoming 2015 film festival.
Maxwell used back in his secular film production days, which is basically, production by the numbers.
What this means is simple; with the number of quality venues of distribution now available if one can keep a production fewer than 3 million dollars, one is practically assured to at least break even on a film, if the story has any merit what so ever.
This means, they especially like projects where they spread their risk, that they simply match dollar for dollar of the projects budget. We are not interested in the number of times you have had an extra spot in a film, or even a speaking role in a student film at some film school. We do already have two projects which this investment group has expressed interest in producing in Texas. As mentioned, we are as committed to quality product, films that will help to shape our culture positively, as we are to hiring as much local talents as possible.
We are absolutely committed to producing such quality that in the near future that anyone who has any interest in producing a redemptive story idea, there is only one logical solution as to what company one is to come to for producing such a product, and that is Maxima Vision Films. We feel after viewing how serious we are about those talents we hire above, you will realize how serious we are in producing for you the most professional production money can buy.
During this scen her demmons rebel, crying out to her, it is them who are her friends, it is this pastor who is trying to manipulate her and take advantage of her. URGENT NEEDSAs already mentioned, in order for Maxima Visions Films to go past pre-production and go into actual production of films here in Texas, we have need of finding the talents needed to have at least two feature films going at any particular time.
A A Come now to get involved in our celebration of our opening up our home office in Nashville, Tennessee. If one has read our home page, you will find we also have serious interest in developing a film school as well, and we might just find that Texas is the ideal place to have such a school. Get involved now with a company who is committed to harnessing the power of the mediums of film and television to help shape our culture positively verses negatively, as Hollywood has for decades.
Please see below the talents we are seeking immediately, and as you read through, please also consider if you would also like teaching on a collegiate level in our film school. You may also call our Executive Producer at (757) 636-8163 to discuss your experience and any ideas you may have with him.
At present, we are seriously seeking those who have a very similar look to the photos below, as we are seeking to do trailers for each of the above films immediately and need those who look like the photos below.
For Sister Surrendered we need almost an identical match, as the actor who we are seeking is a twin sister to Darla above.
In Rachels Grace we need a close look alike for Rachel at present age, and her as a child, a teen, then a 20 something. Maxwell is also available in Texas to work as either a producer or consultant on any feature film production. He is also available to do most any kind of crew work, from script writing, producing, directing, and assisting in any phase of a film or television production.Dr. Maxwell is also available to assist in teaching any area of film making;Are you interested in getting into film or television productions? Maxwell is certified and qualified to teach or tutor in many areas, especially Script Writing for film and televisionand producing, and directing. We offer either group workshops or private lessons.Do you have a story idea that you think is hot for the time and need help in the development of the story into a feature film script or television script, and finally have it made into a feature film or television production?
MaxwellI would sincerely love to help any young person aspiring to break into the entertainment industry in any way I can.
Before being called to the ministry back in 1999, I had spent most all of my adult life, 20+ years in the secular film industry.
I have witnessed firsthand what a corrupt industry it can be, so, I would love to be able to coach a young person in ways to avoid some of the costly mistakes I made when I was young.Back in 1999 when first called to ministry, I had actually thought I would never again be involved in the film industry, as I could not see how ministry and the film industry could co-exist, because of the very nature of the industry. Had it not been for my desire to return to school so that I could teach on a collegiate level what I had done all my life, I would have never come to the conclusion I have today, that we can actually use this medium to shape our culture positively. I came to realize that Satan has certainly used this most powerful medium to shape our culture to fit his agenda, so why couldnt we. I had wanted to teach, so I did not have to take funds out of this ministry I had been called to live on.While back in school seeking my degree I came to realize more and more, just how much power this medium has to impact. I began to realize what more powerful medium could there be to at least share Gods message, to at least plant a seed to get a viewer to at least begin to seek truth, in hopes that they may find the real love Christ my Lord has for a hurting world. I hope to lead young film makers down the right paths, many of which I missed along the road during my secular days in film making.
I hope to make such an impression that will inspire young people to realize that if they truly have some talent within the entertainment industry, that they at least owe it to our Lord to do it with all their heart for His ultimate glory!Talent & Model Management CompanyUn-Like so many other agencies! First and foremost, because our Talent and Model Management Company is actually married to our own production company, we will always strive to use as much of our own talents in our own productions as is possible to still keep the integrity of the production its self. By using our own talent for our own productions, this gives our talents actual work, which they can add to their resume.
This of course makes an individual talent more marketable for us to sell to other production companies. It has a domino effect.We are now taking resumes, head shots, and portfolio shots from any aspiring actors or models that are aspiring to get involved in the entertainment industry.
Maxwell is here on assignment with the ministry he has been called, we feel that the ideal would be to find a property that both Maxima Visions Films and Hope Retreats International, which is Dr. AS a part of the program for troubled youth, there is an element of a work program, thus making as many students as needed to help around the studios as far as assistant, general house- keeping and maintenance of the areas, keeping cost down.
We are also looking into working with the manufacturers of log homes and module homes, so as to use our facilities as model homes to use to market other homes in the area, thus bring in another source of income for the joint project. The ministry is of course a non-profit venture as well, thus this could be used as an advantage in a joint venture to be able to write off most all losses.We have particular interest in both the production company and film school working as one identity. Secondly; A student intern makes for less expensive labor cost while benefiting the student at the same time, as the student can then put this on their professional resume as real work done. To steal some of the thunder from the school page to demonstrate here the advantages of a student coming to our school verses a tradition college, we will add some of those benefits here.The greatest danger most of us face is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is too low and we reach it. Many universities and film schools do a very good job in training their students in the art of film making, but then it is completely up to you to go out into this competitive world of film making to find your own job. First words that come out of your prospective employers mouth is; What experience do you have?
Well, if you are like most, you have never done any actual work on a real film set, other than the few simple student films you did with your class mates in college. Upon fulfilling that agreement you may be given a new contract or you may choose to go elsewhere, but at least now you will be going with a very real, producer, director, screen writer, actor or editors resume, and not just a resume stating all the things you did in film school.Because of the very nature of our school, we are only seeking the serious minded film makers, those who are willing to pay the price for excellence.
In fact, our tuition is less than practically any other film school, and if you are serious and you are in at least your top 50% of your graduating class and you do receive the two year contract, your education actually cost you nothing, as the amount of money you make on your contract for two years will pay you back your tuition and you will have actually earned money for getting educated.Unfortunately, many who go to college to receive a degree in film making spend so much more time in studying every other subject that is required to get a degree, so little time is ever available to truly learn the craft of film making. This is not a school for those who have hopes of teaching film and television.By combining the school to the production company has many advantages to the production company as well.
Many production companies during times when they themselves are not doing a production, the cost is the same and continues even in down time.
With the school attached, there is always production going on.Finally, the source of income coming from tuition is a continuous source of income, even in down time in productions. The production company can also make these students available to other production companies who lease our facilities. Not necessarily because we feel this is the ideal place to produce feature films, but because there is a much needed service needed here is our main reason for being here. That service is, what our Executive Producer is here to accomplish.This whole area is in much need for a Christ centered resident recovery program for troubled youth.
Though this program is a much needed service and a perfect way for the Christian community to get involved in sharing the real love Christ our Lord has for a hurting world in a very practical way, if their church does not have a desire to get involved, they do not either.
Unfortunately, so many of this Christian community are so involved in their own Churchs denominational agenda, and keeping their own Churchs mortgage paid, they do not have the time to devote to making this happen.In fact, all across America today, the average church spends 90% of their income in just paying their mortgage and administration cost, leaving very little for outside ministry. This is the ministry who will end up paying a large portion of the expenses to support this youth retreat. The vision of our parent mission leads and guides everything that we do, both at Hope Retreats and Maxima Visions films. Maxwell, Maxima Visions Films, and our investment group are so committed to making a success here in Texas. Please readOur most pressing news as of September 2015, something I hope all readers might read before searching other pages on this site.
Maxwell will be deciding upon and after this illness passed we will take a look at producing these scripts into feature films or television productions. Maxwell is spending this time taking care of his wife, and not in production, he has plenty of time to read scripts.
Now, all the services offered at our other production facilities will be available to serve Tennessee. At present we have two major investment groups, one of which has already committed funding four feature films or television productions every year over the next five years. A Ask any professional in the film or television industry how difficult it is to obtain the funding for a feature film or television production. No one in Nashville is even producing a film per year, let alone cranking out four feature films or television productions each and every year, not until now.

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