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We conduct quality evaluations after each training day to ensure your complete satisfaction. The SkillPath Corporate Strategies’ Time and Task Management training course will equip your employees with the tools, knowledge, insights and skills to make them more effective and productive.
How to assertively, but tactfully, handle drop-in visitors and interruptions from colleagues—even from the boss! Your employees are constantly faced with too many deadlines and too many projects, all of which have top priority. In today’s business environment, managers must develop greater skills to meet the increasing demands of continually changing situations.
Of all the things that challenge managers, trying to get the best performance from each employee, every day, is probably THE toughest challenge to tackle.

It demands that managers understand the tasks as well as the abilities of those who will tackle them. This training program puts professional development at the forefront with field-proven strategies and techniques in core areas absolutely essential to success, including how to build high-performance teams, how to inspire and motivate people, how to be a more powerful leader and much, much more.This training is set up in a convenient track format with 10 exciting sessions.
Then, just when you think things are going smoothly, a crisis erupts, priorities change and the scramble is on. This training course provides the information, skill development and tools necessary to help managers meet the challenges of leadership, self-management and managing employee performance. Annual performance appraisals typically don’t seem to bring about any lasting and desired behavior changes.
As a strong manager or supervisor, performance must be measured, reviewed and adjusted in ways that work for the organization and for the employee.Our Strategic Performance Management course provides practical, real-world training that delivers proven skills for achieving results and managing daily employee performance.

Our Effective Performance Management training course provides a faster, easier and more effective approach to managing daily employee performance.
Performance management is about planning performance, diagnosing the causes of problems, communicating frequently, reinforcing good behavior—and creating a work environment where employees can improve and succeed.

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training topics for new managers training

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