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Leading worship, in many ways, is like learning to ride a bike and there are a variety of training-wheel-like tools that worship leaders have at their disposal to help them as they learn.
The music stand creates a visible barrier between you and the congregation you are leading, while giving off the appearance of a lack of preparation.
Internalize New Songs – Before I ever bring a song before my congregation, I have already spent a few months with it in my personal worship time. Rehearse A Ton – If you can’t remember the chords, you didn’t prepare enough, plain and simple. Invest In A Confidence Monitor – Sometimes, no matter how much time you spend with a song in advance, there are so many lyrics that it seems an insurmountable task to memorize them all – particularly if you’re a volunteer with a day job who is just trying to serve your church faithfully.

Stephen MillerStephen Miller is the president of Rooted Network and author of Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars and Liberating King. The issue is simple, it takes more work to prepare fully, but God will bless our worship as we put in the hours.
Many songs I know theistic and chords too, like anything Chris Tomlin, and I really do feel those are the songs that I’m able to worship better. The ProPresenter team isn’t uniformly excellent, and sometimes they get completely lost even though we stick with the arrangements on their files.
I try to use chord sheets when possible because it’s easier for me to read the lyrics without all of the staffs and piano instrumentation.

We discussed projecting the words on the back wall, perhaps it’s time to bring that up again. So it takes training not only on the part of the worship team, but the presenter team, as well. I’m starting to think that they need to be included in our Planning Center mailings and asked to listen and get familiar with the songs, as well!

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training wheels piano

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