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TL is a powerful training that helps you identify, address and remove personal, team and systemic constraints. We know from experience that transformational training is a process and not a one-time event. Other Trainings are offered by Certified Trainers and Facilitators accompanied by DVD segments with Ford Taylor. This training will walk delegates through to the various types of leadership styles and they fit the 21st century business environment, given the influx of Generation Y's employees. Leadership Style Questionnaires (To be submitted online to the Facilitator 2 weeks before the training). Applying his knowledge and experience from a variety of industries including construction(as CEO), project management, general trading, shares and options trading, unit trusts and real estate, Vince is able to connect with individuals from all walks of life. In his strive to develop excellence in his endeavors, he underwent various life-changing and powerful programs such as Born To Be Free by IHK (Institute of Hard Knocks), Leadership Program (AsiaWorks Training), Memory Techniques, Born Rich (Robert Proctor), Metaphysics, Master Class Train The Trainer (Result Asia), Hypnosis & NLP Practitioner and MIM Certified Professional Trainer, approved by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).
Vince is also very active in Toastmasters (a public speaking club ) and won the humorous contest twice consecutively at club level. He strongly believes that training should be practical which is then followed-up with coaching to make the training sessions more effective. Bank in and then scan the Bank-in slip and email to us before the course commence to confirm your seat. Now there’s a Program that provides the “How-to Guide” for leaders, a road map to build self sustained resilience, loyal star employees, and enviable performance. Leadership is not about process – ask anyone who’s worked for a technicrat, a lawyer or an engineer if you want proof. This Program is not your vanilla standard, seen it all before, boring as bat droppings talkfest. The core of all great leadership is a way of ‘being’ that, once discovered, must be practiced and then instilled in others. If you think this is you, then get your copy of the Transformational Leadership Program – it will change how you look at leading forever.
Explained and developed using the latest research in areas such as neuroscience, neuro-leadership, psychophysiology, neurocardiology, and quantum physics, the Transformational Leadership Program will give you experiences and ideas that will change the way you do leadership (and life) forever. Getting the most out of yourself and others is an art that is incredibly valuable in any employment market. This is the first mind-bending module of the Transformational Leadership Program – in short, you’ll shake up your ideas about leading and put them back together in a way that cements a foundation for becoming a transformational leader. One person at the end of this day said “Now it all makes sense – I understand what’s going on behind the scenes and have a better perspective. You will adopt the mindset and beliefs that will forever change the way you lead and perceive others. You will experience the impact of “being” on your performance as a leader – the key to fulfilling your potential, no matter what role or industry you’re in.
You will understand the corrosive effects of stress and learn how to stop the stress response, improving your IQ and judgement in the process.
Your language is the window to your way of being, and you’ll discover how your language impacts others and what it says about who you are and where you work. You will uncover what unconsciously motivates you and develop strategies to ensure you get what you need to experience fulfillment and peak performance as a leader. Dig into what you think about your own ability to lead and find what is holding you back from being better. You will begin to articulate your unique contribution – a process that brings together heart, mind and spirit to provide an authentic and unique leadership path from which you can be of the greatest service to yourself, your community and the world at large. This module is perfect for anyone who aspires to be or is currently a leader of people, wants to get better, and wants to become known as a leader of choice. You’ll learn to navigate the stormy waters of accountability by understanding and avoiding the ‘threat response.’ Understand what style of accountability will most improve your relationships and team performance. You’ll discover the importance of your intention in determining your actions and the consequent success or failure of your accountability initiatives. You’ll establish a perspective and approach to accountability that will build your reputation and team performance. You’ll practice giving feedback, experience the good and the bad, and employ simple techniques to overcome defensiveness and the SARAH response. While practicing accountability is important, it assumes you are holding people to account for the right things.
You’ll learn a technique to release all anxiety around difficult conversations and begin to craft the outcome you want. This module is essential for anyone who wants to be an effective leader and get the best out of the people around them. In this power packed module, you’ll develop a framework to create a team environment that will deliver outstanding results while you become known as a leader of choice.
Andrew will take you on a journey into the head and heart aspects of team leadership, giving you simple ideas and processes to establish a team environment that values its members and breeds a winning culture.
You will discover the key attributes of high performance teams and practice the strategies to create your own. One of the key questions everyone employee asked is “How well do I know my boss?” You’ll craft a leadership story that sums up what you stand for.
You will learn how to create central ‘meanings’ for your team and its members that are unconsciously motivating and make it easy for individuals to challenge themselves and strive for excellence.
Open communication is the secret ingredient of all highly effective teams, and you’ll discover what is at the core and purpose of all effective team communication. Teams need to understand why they matter, where they’re going and whether they’re winning or not. You will learn how to get the best out of each team member by tapping into the 3 most powerful unconscious triggers for motivation: purpose, mastery and autonomy.
This module rounds out the Transformational Leadership Program, bringing together the ways of being and communicating covered in Modules 1 and 2 in the team context. In this September 2015 interview, Voice of Evolution Radio host Linda Lombardo talks with Alan about Transformational Presence, what it means to create a world that works, and how we can move forward.
The Center for Transformational Presence is the leading edge in providing experiential, practical tools for becoming who we are really called to be. Transformational Presence work bridges in every sense: the being with the doing, the seen with the unseen world, intellect and intuition.
I recommend any program or workshop with Alan without any hesitation to anyone who wants to live a more meaningful or effective life.
Through his own transformational Presence, Alan Seale creates a uniquely powerful learning environment. This morning I was sitting in a cafe with my friend and we were talking about the books and workshops that had inspired us recently and the influence they were having on our lives. When I started in 2012 with my Transformational Presence journey, I was astonished how everything I had learned before and what I felt in my heart came together in this approach. Alan is a great teacher with a perfect balance between letting you experience how TP is working for yourself and others and also in teaching about the basics and backgrounds.

Alan is warm, intuitive, close, and really travels together with you, and you never feel that he is judging you or your issues.
Transformational Presence is growing and developing and I am proud to be a member of the TP community.
Having the opportunity to learn from Alan and to embody Transformational Presence in my work as a nonprofit director has allowed me to operate from a deeper place of listening and connection than ever before. For me, this depth and drawing out has allowed me to embrace a greater understanding of my presence and my work in the world.
Finding Alan and his work in Transformational Presence has brought new ways of thinking and a new vocabulary to match what I so deeply value. There are very few people who are able to make a quantum, profound, and incredible impact in the lives of those they touch.
Transformational Presence goes beyond coach studies and reaches practicums for living a soul-centered life. Alan’s authenticity rings true in his books, his workshops, and in his individual coaching sessions. Transformational Presence work appeals to me because of the beautiful combination of grand theory and very practical application.
City-wide Trainings are taught by Ford Taylor and it's length can vary from a 1 to 3 day format.
The format offered through the faciltated trainings is perfect for learning and absorbing the tools with time in between sessions to apply and practicethe material. You will also learn how to project the behaviour of a leader and to communicate effectively as a leader. Constantly seeking to show others how to be more self-aware and get more out of life, he has made training and coaching his life ambition. His creativity coupled with his sense of humour, versatility and passion to make a difference in the lives of others have compelled him to become a Master Trainer and Coach and work towards building a world where people live to contribute their best. Today, being a trainer and coach allows him to share a different perspective of the world with others and to connect with them at a very personal level. After the course, I feel that I can apply the useful knowledge learnt back at the workplace.
Telegraphic Transfer- You can also opt to use GIRO or telegraphic transfer of payment via international banks. You will not be leaving with a bunch of theoretical but useless concepts, a sore head, or no idea how to make things better immediately. That way of ‘being’ sustains a perspective, attitude and ability to relate that are the foundations of success as a leader.
Those who do become talent magnets with the Midas touch, building engaged, high performing teams of fulfilled and loyal employees. I’m so confident you will love this material that if you are not happy for any reason, simply return it in good condition within 14 days and I’ll refund you in full, no questions asked. You will experience the unreliability of your senses and the importance of your perspective when it comes to determining what is possible.
You will learn how to use your bodymind to accentuate your leadership effect at a conscious and unconscious level.
You’ll discover the subtle early warning signs that tell you when you’re no longer leading but are reacting and eroding trust. You’ll master simple rules to ensure what you say encourages performance rather than accentuating survival.
Discover the essential core elements of a high performance environment and develop your own list of essentials for your accountability framework. You’ll examine the behaviours you are modelling, assess your impact on those around and come up with a strategy to improve your performance. You’ll challenge your thinking around difficult conversations and learn to embrace them as opportunities for all involved.
If you dislike the hard conversations or have a burning need to win them, then this is the course for you. Today, businesses rise and fall according to the enthusiasm and innovation of their people. You’ll make it easy for talented employees to find you and decide to volunteer their best efforts to your team. You’ll experience and practice key attributes of effective communication, including listening and asking simple coaching questions.
You’ll develop your own list of what’s required to capture the enthusiasm and imagination of your team. You will discover the easy way to get your team heading in the right direction, focussed on what matters and getting the maximum value from their efforts. Learn how to motivate individuals by giving them what they really want in a way that ensures the success of you and your team. You will discover a team driven process that builds team accountability without personal confrontation.
By defining the identity of a team and helping its members find their place in it, a leader can create a sustainable high performance environment driven by self motivated team members.
Alan has distilled the essence to create his extremely powerful approach, Transformational Presence. During this conversation, I realized that meeting you this summer in Poland created a shift in my life. The program—and the Transformational Presence work—combined the somewhat scattered thoughts, knowledge, and ideas that I already had into a clear, logical and very accessible system. For me, there was no doubt that I wanted to learn everything about TP and that I wanted to work in this way. In my 17 years of experience and after a lot of training in this field, I can say that this is by far the best training I have ever had.
It serves as a bridge for the young leaders to come as well as a bridge for the older leaders to understand the new world.
The power of that—the true power of Transformational Presence—has rippled through every element of my agency. I can feel the power of that gift and have been able to extend and embody that in my offerings and leadership approach.
As Alan teaches, he generously encourages all participants to make the learnings their own, which gives license and freedom for application into all walks of life. From the first exercise on, he created a space of connection, a space in which it was safe to explore and experiment, a container for people to transform and to participate in one another’s transformation.
Through this work, we help you how to stop managing and start leading and, as a result, making you a vital part to your organization's future and you a better leader. Peer Group Sharing of Cases will be used as case studies, videos, and mini lectures will be used in this training.

I also learned about how I perceive myself and my surroundings and the reasons for my tendency to respond in the way I do.
Those who don’t consign themselves to a role of chief motivator or agitator, achieve average results at a significant personal cost, and face an endless barrage of unengaged staff looking for an easier way to make more money. Discover the key questions that every worker is asking in deciding whether to make an effort on your behalf. You’ll practice consciously creating rapport and utilise language that enhances communication. Never before has it been so important to understand how to create a self sustaining environment that makes it easy for individuals to give their best. Your job is to care, make it easy for the team to win and listen with your head and your heart. If you want to create that type of team environment, you’ll get a lot out of this module. Connecting to self, source energy, and potential is a significant difference from any other coach training I have attended. He has a way of intuitively asking the right questions at the right moment in the most appropriate way, often bringing transformation on the spot. I liked the mix of theory and simple but powerful exercises, putting the theory into praxis. I am a practical, result-oriented, and down-to-earth coach and trainer and big companies, and this fits perfectly with the Transformational Presence approach. His full awareness of himself and those around him allows for amazing experiences and learning to happen. Yet there is not a day that goes by where the “centering” of that experience and the “practice” of Transformational Presence has not been available to help ground and lead me back to the truths that inspire and empower me to do my work in the world.
If there is something inside of you that wants a more authentic life, more real, more true to who you are, this is a great step to take. All participants can incorporate the lessons and create their own fresh, new expression of it—fulfilling the goal of extending everyone’s full presence. There are many impressive programs, many impressive writers, and many impressive facilitators. I highly recommend this program if you want to cut through story and work at the level of energy to transform yourself and to support others in the transformations they’re looking for.
Discover the easy way to transform your team and its performance by coming to the Transformational Leadership Program. There is a huge opportunity for leaders who understand how to bring people together, helping them find meaning and motivation, individually and as a group. I see results in my clients’ lives and work that are far beyond what I saw before working with Alan. For me personally, this has been extremely valuable in my search for fulfillment in the second half of my life. The basic Transformational Presence exercises and concepts offer endless opportunities for combinations and improvisations, and thus for working intuitively with clients in a way that serves them and helps them to their greatness. He keeps the relations open, positive, and focused on the future with its challenges and opportunities. That presence and passion for what he does is unmatched in any program or instructor I have ever experienced. Learn to sidestep the drama, learn to create a space that is you so that you can share your beauty with those you serve, whatever way you serve. He has enabled me to integrate my personal belief system with my daily working activities as a psychologist and coach.
Finding authenticity in all of these roles that aligns with the stated goals and objectives of the course is critical to me.
At the Program you’ll focus on the 3 key areas to grow people, profit and performance, namely You, Your Relationships, and Your Team. I do much more experiential coaching now rather than just asking questions, listening, and talking. Specifically, it inspired me to found the Academy of New Leadership Quinter in The Netherlands in 2012.
I had expected that we would do a lot more reflective or meditative practices rather than using “concrete” tools to get us into the intuitive mind. I just want you to know that the spirit of Transformational Presence and the Transformational Presence approach is still with me.
What I find unique with the Transformational Presence work is the focus on energy and deeper levels of transformation, i.e. The experiential learning environment Alan creates serves us all who find our way to his room. Transformational Presence is singularly the most impactful, inspiring, and useful course I have taken in my 8 ? years of graduate school.
As you do, you’ll discover how to avoid the common mistakes that get leaders and businesses into a world of pain. My intuitive knowing has become more developed through this work, and I am aware of trusting it and using it more. His teachings and the gifts that we elicit from ourselves during the learning carry us surely, steadfastly, with hope and love, into our own magnificent future. For me, he is the only example of a teacher who “walks his talk” and embodies the change that both he and I want to see in the world. And my coaching has become quicker and deeper, and is bringing much greater results for my clients.
Intensely and lovingly committed and involved, Alan has given me confidence to continue in this approach and has provided me with the biggest picture possible of the contribution I can make to others. Perhaps most important, this way of being in the world -- living the principles of TPLC -- has become my natural habitat; TPLC is personally transformative as well as professionally profound. The Transformational Presence approach has attracted the people that I most enjoy coaching across sectors and demographics. It's a new kind of living every day—a new quality of life. Thank you from my heart for sharing your passion and wisdom with others.
Alan himself “walked his talk” every minute of the program and was totally present with us. Whether you want to get unstuck with personal challenges, become a more effective coach, or a more inspirational leader in service of making the world a better place—work with Alan.
You are going to learn to touch the sacred in you and others and become a force that is truly transformational.

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