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Hey moron, if you're gonna diss Cole for being corny (really tho?), maybe you should try coming up with a less corny nickname for him..
Dope and "some of them are great songs and important stories that just won’t make the album (either they don’t fit Sonically, don’t fit Theme, or there’s just not enough space)." which basically means NONradio friendly that's the only cause that and commercial fit!
Y'all say that Cole hasn't progressed, when he's rapping and producing beats that are a LOT more instrumental based, as well as opening up about his past relationships. Come up with better ways to shoot at Cole, because y'all are just becoming redundant at this point.
How can you say his songs have not progressed musically when I just stated the reasons why, which you didn't exactly refute?
Not saying I dont like Mixtapes and EPs cause I do but one thing thats bad about them is it allows mainstream artists to throw out fillers and bad music and the fans just accept it because its free. Cole doesn't really GAIN anything, but I'm guessing he felt that we as the fans deserved it, considering the large drought.
2nd, if you don't see the LARGE difference in production on this one EP compared to FNL and Sideline Story, all I can truly say is get better headphones lol.
Yeah your saying Cole doesn't have to gain anything, 1 because the music isnt good enough to gain anything commercially or underground. In celebration of the National Chocolate Day, we are giving you a gallery of all things chocolate in weddings and wedding anniversaries. If you need more sweet wedding inspirations, you can visit our newly published Pinterest board! We give you the best names of the fashion industry, including Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier and Justin Alexander.
We’ve prepared 30 boards for you (and counting!) and more than 1,100 photos of wedding inspirations, including boards about autumn weddings, engagement shoot ideas, bridal gowns for pregnant women, wedding cakes, wedding rings, honeymoon destinations and summer dresses for your wedding guests. They are the masters of high heels and they know how to charm a fully-packed arena with their smiles.
Jennifer Hawkins was not a beauty queen yet when she and her husband Jake Wall met each other. It’s  still  officially summer here in Chicago, but in less than 5 weeks, autumn will start to kick in. Take a peek at the images below and get some ideas for the perfect bride and groom poses, that will go great in the album you will pass down for generations! Wedding Wire is an online community of brides who give out reviews for vendors of products and services that they’ve used for their big day.
You are probably looking at tons of photos from your wedding and having a hard time deciding which one will make the perfect wedding album cover.
Minutes after the wedding has ended and before you join family and friends at the reception, your photographer and your wedding planner will whisk you away for a romantic photoshoot with your new spouce.
You probably have seen and read hundreds of magazine features about bridal gowns and what’s in and out for 2015, the next season and the next years to come.

Over at Pinterest, we created an entire board filled with more than 50 inspirations of drop-dead outfits for female wedding guests. The so-called wedding season might be over but we can make every day an opportunity for romance.
Red, white and blue stripes seems to be the go-to theme for weddings held on the 4th of July. Cole releases 5 new songs via his Dream Villain blog and leaves us with the following message. I appreciate you giving me the time I needed to grow, experiment, and find the direction for my 2nd album.. It’s hard as fuck for me to keep all this music from you for so long, so I know it’s been hard for you to wait. How does his 2013 self have no variation in flow, subject matter or delivery from his 2009 self?
Not that the grammys is king shit in the hip hop world but that is a sign of progression on Drake's part. You mentioned Jayz and Nas but during their first 4 or 5 years in the game they couldn't chance making bad music because everything counted on every project. It's truly obvious Cole is using a lot more live instrumentals and talking about more revealing subject matter. The fans will most likely not give a shit about these songs a week from now cause these songs are bland and forgettable. I dare this strawberry milkshake, donut eating nigga to make a video to one of these bullshit songs. Just cause a niggas beat selecting skills is worse then Nas before LIG, and his approach musically is more boring then Joe Boredom and he raps over acoustic guitar riffs like he doing a Makaveli impression, even with his song titles and perspectives.
The time of  year when the green leaves of summer begin to turn various shades of red, yellow, purple, orange, pink, magenta and brown. It’s never too late to switch wedding dresses to fit the season for your upcoming big day this year. With or without a crown, you are a beauty queen and you deserve your own fairy tale moment. Despite the instant fame given to her when she became the second Australian to win the Miss Universe crown in 2004, she held on to their love affair. We’ve  gathered some of the best fall wedding portraits which will make gorgeous wedding album covers. More than 2 million reviews have been published on this website and we are glad to have received our own positive feedback from our customers. Especially if you have chosen our Photo Cover Style (Click here to check out our three album covers), the selected photo has to be the best.
However, we’d like to give you a few tips on which photos are the best choices for the cover.

Since the photographer has more of an opportunity to be creative and with the bride and the groom still in euphoria after a beautiful wedding ceremony, you can usually find the best wedding images here. We’re hoping you have finalized the menu already but if you haven’t yet, here are some visually inspiring ideas! People mite as well stop bringing Drake up in comparison with Cole cause Drake has done too much already and if this is the kinda shit ya'll want from Cole musically then "progression" is one word that Cole is having trouble with. They are all the same and if you wanted to hear these type of songs he has fifty of them already.
They didn't make mixtapes and EPs that wasn't fire, they had to capitalize on every project. 2 he doesn't have to gain anything so its no need from him to try and progress musically cause these songs will ultimately serve no purpose. As we start seeing more of falls beauty in the coming weeks, we will also get a chance to see these colors transform to look of  weddings too! So, how glamorous can they get on the day when a woman is expected to be at her most beautiful. Their relationship went on even if she was based away from her hometown to serve the duties of a Miss Universe title holder in New York. If you’re planning for a simple 4th of July dinner with family and friends, these ideas are sure to help! Cause Cole has a bunch of songs that all sound like these 5 and musically this EP is just one big song that stays in one zone the whole time. Just give you some sleepy ass music with basic ass bars and your happy with this weak shit. On June 4, 2013, they got married in a quiet ceremony at the majestic island of Bali in Indonesia. If its Curren$y or an underground artists on the come up then cool but these other mainstream MCs can keep their throwaway material imo. 3rd these songs are in no way better or more progressive then his other projects so not only is it no progression its a step backwards and 4th the shit almost sucks. 5 songs, all with the same tired vibe, lyrics all the same delivery and even though some of it was thoughtful, its the same shit about bitches getting their feelings hurt, other peoples struggles and people he used to know that hated on him. Introduces New Signee, Lance SkiiiwalkerJAY Z Joins Fat Joe & Remy Ma On "All The Way Up (Remix)"ScHoolboy Q - "THat Part" f.

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