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Along with Truly Yours 4, Cole also had playlists titled, Slept on Beats, Revenge of the Dreamers 2, and an Anguilla list. Cole and Kendrick Lamar dropped their Black Friday verses, Lamar seemed to go for the jugular while Cole is working on the element of surprise and building buzz for 2016. Cole and Kendrick Lamar collaboration was put to rest in his Black Friday freestyle over the instrumental for Lamar's "Alright." Cole rapped, "When you and K.

While Revenge of the Dreamers 2 would also be a top prospect, it's more of a collaborative effort with Dreamville artists like Bas and Omen. Chances are if Cole wants the world to fear his flow the only singular go to is Truly Yours 4.
Listen to the streams of the five tracks below (you can hit the next button to skip through them), and make sure you grab J.

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truly yours 3 j cole release date

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