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Wisconsin Website Design, Domain Name Registration, Website Hosting, and Online Marketing by Green Web Design & Selthofner Consulting. The album cover sees the Nickelodeon star wearing a frilly lingerie while sitting on top of pink roses. Ariana Grande took to Twitter and Instagram on Wednesday, July 31, to share the cover of her forthcoming debut album, "Yours Truly". Sporting her signature half-up-and-half-down hairstyle, Grande sits on top of pink roses with her hands placed on her lap. With a nostalgic approach that captures the best elements of '90s R&B and '50s doo-wop, the newest Nickelodeon-turned-pop star, Ariana Grande has created an impressive debut that sets her apart from her peers.
As soon as “The Way” was released earlier this year, comparisons to Mariah Carey began to spring up.
However, more than mimicry, this album’s mission is balancing these seemingly disparate sounds. The obvious low point here is “Popular Song”, a duet with French quirk-pop songwriter Mika. Scott Interrante currently pursuing a master's degree in musicology at CUNY Hunter College where he focuses on issues of gender and genre in contemporary pop music. Phora clears the air with this track and comes forward with the incident that occured when he was 15.
Action Hotels is managed by a carefully selected Board of Directors boasting exceptional experience of the hotel business and other industries. The album cover sees the 20-year-old Nickelodeon star wearing an ensemble of frilly lingerie.

She poses in front of a pink background that features the album title and Grande's name in white letters.
Not just about Grande’s impressive, octave-spanning vocal performance, but about the sleek, percussion heavy production and ‘90s groove.
Instead, all the songs have the same playful flirtation and insinuation found in her doo-wop and Motown influences.
Typically, comparisons to Mariah Carey would work against a singer, but on this debut, Grande proves that she can live up to the hype. The fact that she’s managed by Scooter Braun and is continuing to gain exposure from her Nickelodeon show Sam and Cat, coupled, of course, with the strong material and her even stronger voice, makes it seem unlikely that Ariana Grande is going away anytime soon.
Under their leadership, Action Hotels has grown from a single hotel operation to one of the leading hotel development companies in the Middle East. The 12 songs on the album are filled with vintage chord progressions and nostalgia-tinged cliches, but from many different points on the musical timeline.
The excellent production continues throughout the album, covered mostly by Harmony Samuels, Babyface, and the Rascals, a new production duo featuring fellow Victorious co-star, Leon Thomas.
And so for Grande, who was born in 1993 and recounts growing up listening to the Crystals as much as ‘90s Whitney and Carey, these sounds belong together in her memory. In “Piano”, she sings that she wants to write a song that “makes you wanna grab your lover’s hand”. Her mature timbre and control is balanced by a young and cute vocal affect, where she lets the hard consonants fall off at the end of words, almost as if she has a lisp. Originally released in another version on Mika’s latest solo album, The Origin of Love, Ariana’s take picks up the tempo, pops up the production, and replaces Priscilla Renae’s vocals with Grande’s acrobatic performance.

Compositionally and production wise, tropes of both styles are blended together effortlessly. When she sings the somber piano ballad with the Wanted’s Nathan Sykes, she outshines him to a near embarrassing level. Though the track is good, and it reminds fans of Grande’s beginnings as a Broadway actress, it feels thematically strange as the only song not concerned with love or relationships. Songs like “Tattoo Heart” and “Daydreaming” utilize stock chord progressions and melodies from the ‘50s and ‘60s girl groups like the Ronettes. Erratic programmed drums support the rich harmonies and piano chords of the more doo-wop songs and the R&B tracks are infused with a wide-eyed optimism more associated with the ‘60s pop style. Not by oversinging, as fellow tween pop star Demi Lovato is prone to do, but by showing an impressive amount of emotional control and direction. She more than once mentions wanting “it” and needing “you”, but these sentiments are typically expressed during fantasies and daydreams, which becomes a recurring theme throughout Yours Truly. This is ultimately a more successful model than the faux-chastity and innocence typically employed in the bubblegum pop world. Mac Miller describes Grande as “a princess to the public but a freak when it’s time” in “The Way” and Big Sean explains how he “has some girls missionary” on the Lil Kim sampling “Right There”.

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