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Max: (As Agent 99 tries to kiss him on the cheek while in the middle of CONTROL headquarters) 99, no one at Control knows we're dating. Two characters suddenly wind up in a relationship together and decide to keep it a secret from everyone. Later, Miki and Yuu get tangled up in one because they're stepsiblings and Miki's mother Rumi warned her not to fall in love with Yuu in the first place. The premise of Please Teacher!, where Mizuho and Kei are married even though she's his teacher. In Hanjuku Joshi, Yae and Chitose keep their relationship secret for a while, since Yae is afraid that their peers will judge them for being Schoolgirl Lesbians. In School Days, Makoto and Sekai both decide to date (and sleep with) each other, while Makoto is still in a relationship with Kotonoha, which he also never really breaks off and continues to lead her on.
Hiro similarly ends up telling Akito about his love for Kisa? before he even confesses his love to Kisa.
Haru and Rin play this trope the most straight, being in a relationship but not telling anyone about it. While most of their friends, and their parents, are well-aware of their relationship, Shuichi and Anna from Wandering Son have this type of relationship. Ranma ?: Played for laughs when Ranma and Akane try to pretend they were secret lovers all along. Ohgi and Villetta of Code Geass have a relationship that remains hidden throughout most of the series.
In Naruto, Asuma and Kurenai had been seeing each other, although they tried to keep it quiet and denied that they were.
Mari and Akko in Girl Friends keep their relationship from their friends, probably because they're both girls and aren't sure how they would react. Reina of Yandere Kanojo would very much like to keep her relationship with Manabu under wraps, to protect her status as a delinquent. Variable Geo: Reimi Jahana is the CEO of the Jahana Corporation and is almost always accompanied by her adjutant, Washio.
The plot of Love Lucky is that Fuuta has to keep his marriage with Kirari secret for one year, or her record company will force them to get a divorce. In Astro City story "Pastoral", what causes Cammie to decide to become a Secret Keeper for Roustabout's Secret Identity is that she learned about this, namely Roustabout and her cousin.
Death Vigil provides a meta example with Sam and Bernie, in which the relationship was being hidden from the audience. Kimber's and Stormer's relationship is this for the first few issues of Jem and the Holograms. Ginger and Nancy fom Afterlife with Archie are secretly dating, despite the fact Nancy has a boyfriend. Advice And Trust: Shinji and Asuka got together after their First Kiss but they kept it secret because they were frightened that their guardian would try to stop them or force one of them to move out. The Child of Love: After getting together Shinji and Asuka try to keep their relationship secret for a while.
Higher Learning: After getting together, Shinji and Asuka kept their relationship secret for a while until Shinji left right before the battle against Zeruel.
The Fullmetal Alchemist fan fiction Best Kept Secret uses this trope as its basic premise, exploring how the story might have gone if Roy and Riza were secretly married throughout the entire thing.
Many Soul Eater fanfics that pair Soul and Maka together have them trying to keep their relationship a secret.
The Sherlock and Harry Potter crossover fanfic The Magic of Deduction has John and Sherlock fake breaking up to protect John from Moriarty. Hisao and Misha in the Katawa Shoujo fic From Shizune's Perspective Shizune is upset by the fact that they kept it a secret from her.
Ace Attorney fanfic Dirty Sympathy has Klavier and Apollo keep their relationship under wraps because at first Daryan would have killed Klavier for infidelity, secondly to keep people from looking too closely at their actions and so that officially people don't realize that they know each other.
Inverted in one story of the Facing The Future Series where Danny and Sam pretend to be broken up to get a bunch of ghosts trying to separate them to back off. In Shatterheart R!Syaoran and Kurogane keep their Friends with Benefits relationship a secret because R!Syaoran was still in love with Sakura and didn't want her finding out and so they could end it without anyone finding out.
By The Wrong Reflection Eleya and Gaarra have graduated to Official Couple status, but they're still keeping the relationship secret because it's against regulations (she being his direct superior officer and all).
This is a favorite trope of fics about pairings of lesser villains, such as Jessie and James or Kunzite and Zoisite.
The Lucky Star fic The Day Everything Changed has Konata and Kagami, at the end of the fic, agreeing to keep their relationship under wraps for a bit, which actually seems to fit in with the yuri subtext seen in the actual anime. Magma Grunt tries to keep her relationship with Brendan a secret in Dating A Team Magma Grunt, but this doesn't even last the first chapter because Courtney saw the two of them together. Say It Again, the prequel to Say It Thrice, has the platonic variant for Betelgeuse and Lydia. Put simply, a character (usually a superhero) keeps his involvement in the events of the plot secret from some or all of the other characters.
Despite his superpowers, he still wants to have a normal life during those times when he is not fighting crime or evil, and he wants to keep that normal life separate from his life as a superhero. He has been accused, or even convicted, of a crime (in either identity) and needs the separation to protect him from the law. He is using his secret identity as a way of keeping tabs on the world, the way Superman uses his guise as Clark Kent to learn about problems Superman may need to fix. While trying to protect that secret, the superhero is often placed in the worst kind of situations that threaten to expose it.
In superhero stories, these are particularly vulnerable to to the superpower The Nose Knows. See Secret Identity Identity for heroes where the secret identity isn't necessarily the "real" one. Experts point to The Scarlet Pimpernel, written at the turn of the 20th century by Baroness Emmuska Orczy, as one of the earliest pure examples of this trope.
If you're a radio listener in Ohio or Kentucky of the United States, there's a good chance you may be familiar with the "Phantom Tire Buyer with a Secret Identity" from ads for Tire Discounters. Light Yagami has taken a Secret Identity known as Kira when killing criminals with the titular Artifact of Doom. Although they aren't super heroes, the talents employed by the Peacock talent agency in Penguin Revolution are obligated to maintain a secret identity, and fired if their real identity is revealed.
In Full Moon o Sagashite, Mitsuki uses her shinigami's powers to turn herself into a famous singer. Edogawa Conan and Haibara Ai in Detective Conan must keep secret the fact that they were youthened instead of killed by a poison used by a shadowy secret organization. Eyeshield 21 features an ace football player who hides his identity behind an eyeshield and code name. Most of the heroes in Tiger & Bunny have secret identities, the exception being Barnaby Brooks Jr. Horimiya has Miyamura pretend to be Konoha, Hori's cousin, when his Bishounen self interacts with Yuki, Hori's best friend. J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, originally masqueraded as a human police detective named John Jones; a later Retcon made this an impersonation of a real detective Jones whose killing he had witnessed. Thoroughly deconstructed in the Post-Crisis Captain Atom, in that Cap had a "secret non-identity": a government-written cover identity of "Cameron Scott" that existed only on paper, to hide his origins as the time-displaced product of a 1960s military experiment, and to hide that Cap was a government agent masquerading as a superhero. The deconstruction of the secret identity trope and its moral and ethical implications was one of the major themes of the series. Trident, an opponent of the New Teen Titans, was actually three separate individuals masquerading as a single villain. Similarly, the Crimson Fox of Justice League Europe was actually a pair of twin sisters sharing both a single heroic and civilian identity (after having faked the death of one sister).
His successor Connor Hawke never even bothered; at one point he took over ownership of an apartment building and was refused insurance because he was a superhero.
Aztek introduced two background characters, a married superhero couple, neither of whom knew the other's secret identity.
One JLA storyline had an alien device accidentally split the League into two beings, one for their civilian and heroic identities each.
For the bulk of his career, Tony Stark presented Iron Man to the public as an employee wearing the armor he invented, and serving as his bodyguard. Spider-Man's secret identity as Peter Parker was one of the best-kept in the business for forty real-world years. In Ultimate Spider-Man, on the other hand, Spidey's identity is the worst kept secret in superherodom. And by now, on Earth-616, only the Fantastic Four, his fellow Avengers and his clone Kaine know who Spider-Man is under the mask. The Scourge of the Underworld was an entire conspiracy collectively posing as a single vigilante killer. Aversion: when the Fantastic Four were created, they intentionally avoided many genre tropes to distance themselves from their Distinguished Competition (that is, DC's Justice League of America) - with the most significant of these decisions being their lack of dual identities.
Of course, considering that the FF were heavily modeled on DC's Challengers of the Unknown, the lack of secret IDs isn't really surprising.
The Fantastic Four also Deconstructs this lack of private identities at times, most notably with the public knowledge that Reed and Sue have had children. For a time (after he had been attacked by proxy), he had a different appearance as "Doctor Strange" and lived under a Cosmic Retcon which gave him a civilian persona named "Stephen Sanders." He eventually stopped bothering with the double life and practiced magic openly.
Bruce Banner is the Incredible Hulk, which starts off as a secret but ends up as public knowledge in most continuities, in part because it's kind of a hard secret to keep under wraps. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. A Secret Handshake is a gesture used in greeting between two members of a secret society, or a private club, or a covert organization as a means to identify themselves to one another. The excessively elaborate secret handshake is noticed by everyone, advertising rather than concealing the secret. The odd ritual is not noticed, to the point where the lack of attention becomes absurd in itself. Note that the Secret Handshake doesn't have to be an actual handshake, but can be any sort of identifying hand gesture. One of the main cast of Revenge of the Nerds gains access to Lambda Lambda Lambda because he knows the fraternity's secret handshake. The Parent Trap remake included a ridiculously complex secret handshake between Annie and her buddy butler, just to ramp up the logistical difficulty over the original movie in "switching places", since Hallie had to learn it. Sound Of My Voice: A cult uses an elaborate secret handshake as admission before any audience with the cult's leader. In the Magic Kingdom of Landover book A Princess of Landover, the two G'home Gnomes have an elaborate secret handshake so that no one else can pretend to be them (leading the titular princess to wonder why anyone would want to be them). The actual Freemasons have their own signs to identify other members, including secret handshakes (apparently several of them, in fact).
This one was used as a Shout-Out in Babylon 5, as a means of identifying the conspirators behind the assassination of President Santiago. Series 4 of Torchwood shows an example of this in a flash back to Captain Jack's life in the 20s, where a trio of men each grasp another's wrist with their hand, forming a triangle between them.
In My Hero, Ultronians perform a single wave of their elbows directed towards each other as a greeting, joined with the phrase "zneet", or sometimes "zneet znadder zneet". In Kamen Rider Fourze, Gentaro and Yuki had a Secret Handshake back in grade school, which they quickly bring into their Kamen Rider Clubnote For the curious, it's a handshake, reverse hand grip, fist bump, then alternating fist taps from top and bottom. Murdoch Mysteries: In "Victor, Victorian", Freemasons Brackenreid and Crabtree introduce Detective Murdoch to the head of their lodge just after a sudden death has taken place during an initiation ritual. Quest for Glory has the Thief Sign, which consists of putting your thumb on your nose, hand perpendicular to the face and fingers outspread, then wiggling your fingers while focusing your eyes on your thumb and patting your belly with the other hand. Snake and Otacon do this right after Otacon's sister dies in his arms as Snake still needs his help. Homestar Runner and the King of Town actually do this at the very beginning of Ever and More as part of a recruiting ceremony performed by the Brothernal Order of Different Helmets. The Simpsons: after Homer joins the Stonecutters, he gives the secret handshake to his plumber so the plumber will fix his leaky basement pipes for free.
In another episode, another billionaire asks Mr Burns to perform the "billionnaire's secret handshake".
On Jimmy Two-Shoes, Lucius does this with a mechanical hand as a means of getting into his vault. On The Ren & Stimpy Show, Stimpy and Ren's cousin Sven are members of the Loyal Order of Stupids.
One Robot Chicken sketch features a two men who recognize each other from their college days and do their fraternity's secret handshake, which devolves into face-slaps, punches, and kneeing each other in the groin.
Not to mention the six and a half hour long secret handshake between Spongebob and the robotic Mr. In the season 2 finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadance have a variation, though they don't actually shake hoofs the idea is more-or-less the same. An episode of Camp Lazlo has Lumpus trying to create a new handshake for Jelly Cabin after they accidentally figure his club's secret handshake. In Avatar: The Last Airbender, members of the Order of the White Lotus identify each other through a board game called Pai Sho. Basically any secret society will have a form of greeting for fellow members, or a way of testing to see if a new arrival is one.
According to some ancient accounts, the Christian fish symbol was used for discreet recognition during periods of Roman persecution: one person drew an arc in the dirt, and the other would complete the symbol. Secret Agent is a 1992 side-scrolling Platform Game released by Apogee Software (now 3D Realms) and based on the engine of the earlier Crystal Caves. Some characters that just have some dark terrible secret in their pasts that they don't want anyone to know. Soubi in Loveless never tells Ritsuka anything about his past, especially the parts of it that involve Seimei. The dark secret held by Hime in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure is the main drive of the entire series: she opened the Axia Box, releasing the Phantom Empire.
Kokoro Connect: Taichi decides to reveal a dark secret about himself to Inaba, in an attempt to engender some trust between them.
In Death of the Family, Joker claims that Batman has a secret that he has hidden from the entire Batfamily. In the second story-arc of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (IDW) Nightmare Moon II claims that Rarity has one, which is part of why she choose her to be her new vessel. In Justice League of America (2013), Amanda Waller knows who Stargirl's biological father is and will have him answer for his actions if Stargirl does not comply.
Intercom: The emotions, when they first introduce themselves to Riley, don?t mention any of the events that happened during the film (though Fear almost let it slip when he said that Riley might become "apathetic again" in chapter 5). In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan story "Fluttershy Is Free", Fluttershy is half-Changeling, and has the Changeling powers of emotivory and empathy. Thousand Shinji: Subverted when the Keeper of Secrets -a daemon of the Warhammer 40,000 universe- reveals that Shinji finds his guardian Misato attractive and Shinji thinks that information is neither secret nor important. The movie I Know What You Did Last Summer is built on a dark secret shared by a group of friends after they accidentally kill someone with their car. A similar secret is kept by the protagonists of Urban Legend, involving the invocation of an urban legend to scare someone, leading to a fatal car crash.
In The Last Witch Hunter, people tend to keep dark secrets reveal of which would benefit the plot greatly.
The Axe and Cross hides one from Kaulder: the hunter's continued eternal life depends on the life of Witch Queen's heart, meaning the heart was never destroyed and the Queen can come back to life. Chloe is a dreamwalker, meaning she can access a memory Kaulder needs to solve the mystery of the plot, but hides it because it's Dark gift and she once accidentally hurt her little brother with it. A Nightmare on Elm Street's Dark Secret is the decision by the parents of Elm Street to take the law into their own hands and kill Freddy Krueger, who was known back then as the "Springwood Slasher" and liked to kill children. In the movie The Watcher in the Woods, a group of friends have kept the secret of Karen's disappearance since they were children, and are haunted by it. The World Is Not Enough: M is so ashamed over how she handled Elektra King's kidnapping that she sealed Elektra's file so that no one else can access it. In Japanese film Zero Focus, Sachiko, now the respected wife of a prosperous businessman, was once a prostitute who serviced American soldiers after the war.
In the fourth The Dark Tower novel, Roland's friends must see his dark secret to proceed along the Beam. In the first Ellery Queen novel, "The Roman Hat Mystery", the murder victim is a blackmailer. The Missus and John-the-dig in The Thirteenth Tale can't let anyone know there is a third girl in Angelfield, or else Charlie's rapes and incest will become open public knowledge. In Ghost Story, Molly's secret is that she helped Harry- her mentor and Chicago's main protector against supernatural predators- kill himself. The Stormlight Archive: The Knights Radiant were an order of magical knights tasked with protecting humanity from the apocalypse. Murder at Colefax Manor: The manor is the base of a cult for an Eldritch Abomination and all but one of the manor's staff are in on it.
Shaman Blues: The reason Konstancja ran off from Witkacy was that she was pregnant with his child, and was terrified what kind of a parent a depressed junkie would be. In the Cold Case episode The Hen House the victim was killed for discovering that her murderer was really a Nazi pretending to be a Dutch Jew.
In Stephen King's Storm of the Century, many of the residents of Little Tall island have Dark Secrets. In the Community episode "Mixology Certification" the group learns that Shirley had been hiding the fact she was a barfly during a more troubled time of her life.

In Switched at Birth, Regina knew about the switch and had a private investigator keep tabs on Bay for some time. Tara's attempts to hide her part-demon-ness in Buffy almost result in her friends being killed. In the Supernatural episode "Bloody Mary" (S01, Ep5), the ghost's victims all have a secret they do not want anyone else to know, a guilt for another person's death. Several characters in Scream Queens have some dark secret that they don't want getting out.
Simon Tarses in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode The Drumhead had one that he lied about on his Starfleet application because he feared that he would be suspected because of it.
Describe The Secret Show!The Secret Show (2006-2007) is either an incredibly silly cartoon or a ruthless parody of Martini Flavoured Spy Fiction. I'm not the first guy who fell in love with a woman that he met at a restaurant who turned out to be the daughter of a kidnapped scientist, only to lose her to her childhood lover who she last saw on a deserted island, who then turned out fifteen years later to be the leader of the French underground. Two people might be good friends, while aware that their parents, or the outside world, wouldn't approve of their friendship.
While Yuu finds out early on, the rest of the cast doesn't until they're caught and it becomes a scandal. Since this is a Harem Series, and several girls with romantic interest in Kaoru come to live with him, Hilarity Ensues. The Head of the Sohma family (and God of the Zodiac), Akito, is dangerously unstable and particularly susceptible to the Green-Eyed Monster when it comes to the members of the Zodiac, so this seems to be the only kind of relationship they can have.
While their relationship may not have been intentionally kept a secret to people outside of the Sohma house, Kana and Hatori formally go to Akito to ask for a marriage blessing. Suffice it to say that he ends up regretting it, and although he eventually gets over it, he doesn't actually confess his love to her for a long time.
Naturally, this ends in tragedy when Akito does find out: Akito blames Rin for it, she takes the blame to protect Haru, and promptly throws her out a second-story window, landing her in the hospital. They clearly like each other and would get together in a heartbeat if Ayame wanted to, but knowing that it would only end in heartbreak, he just doesn't start a relationship.
It mainly has to do with the fact Anna is a model (so her career would suffer), and that Shuichi is transgender.
Most people don't buy it though; in fact, Ukyo is convinced Akane is forcing Ranma to lie and the rest of the school knows the two of them aren't really Happily Married because they're not arguing. However, while Sugi-san had mostly figured it out even before Akko and Mari had (thanks to a rather transparent attempt at I Have This Friend by Akko), even in the epilogue set a year after they got together Tamamin still hasn't figured it out. Manabu himself doesn't really mind one way or the other, but it quickly becomes clear that pretty much everyone knows about it, anyway. It isn't revealed that she's romantically involved with him, until Chiho makes the mistake of entering Reimi's private rooftop rose garden and finds her straddling him, while they were making out.
Even after their breakup the former is horrified by the idea of anyone knowing she was in a romantic relationship with a blonde woman.
He wasn't particularly trying to hide it; Scott was just too dumb and self-absorbed to realize it. While Bernie clearly cares a great deal for all of her Death Knights and personally takes any death among them nearly to the point of Heroic BSOD, throughout the series she's demonstrated a particular concern for Sam's well-being, which gets played for Will They or Won't They?
Not because they're gay but because Stormer's bandmates threaten to kick her out if she dates a Hologram member.
However they did not fool Misato for a minute and they stopped pretending after a couple of months.
Straight after becoming lovers Asuka warned Shinji against telling anyone that they were sleeping together. In a nutshell, Shinji and Asuka are time-travelers trying to Set Right What Once Went Wrong, so that they have to hide that they are together, they are actually Happily Married and they even got a daughter. So far they've only told Eleya's parents and sister, but it's briefly implied in the first chapter that Eleya's Number Two, Tess Phohl, knows and isn't saying anything. The couple will go out of their way to hide their love because their superior will likely kill them for so much as having feelings for one another, complete with lots of angst. The main reason why they keep it a secret is usually because they don't want their fathers to pressure them into marriage even more than they already do. In the sequel, Holiday Vacation, their relationship has been common knowledge for two years now, and is often a conversation starter at school among students. Following the events of the film, they're slowly developing the friendship which forms the emotional heart of the main story. A 10-year-old girl and a widely distrusted 21-year-old lower-class man have a platonic friendship, which is tragically misinterpreted when discovered.
Usually, he does this by creating a second, separate persona for himself, which he uses while participating in the plot. However, the Older Than Print Chivalric Romance Roswall and Lillian has the hero work as a servant at court and fight three times at The Tourney disguised in armor, without revealing his identity; it also appears in various Fairy Tales, though in all these it is a temporary measure, and not the perpetual double identity of the modern secret identity, and so Ur Examples. After L's death, he even takes the role of Second L while maintaining his identity as Kira. It's later revealed that Takuto was actually a member of Mitsuki's father's band when he was still alive.
The original rationale was to pretend Conan's prior identity, Kudo Shinichi, was dead, but he can't stop phoning his girlfriend using his Shinichi voice, so it seems to be a pretty open secret that Kudo is still alive. Supervillains are unleashed and given Secret Identities to test a pair of supersuits used by the heroes and promised a pardon if they can successfully unmask either one.
Subverted in that several cast members figure out his identity almost instantly, while others are much slower on the uptake. The Magical Girl Warrior heroine keeps her world-saving activities secret from her friends and family. Stories in the Modern Age have established the idea that, as an unlimited shapeshifter, J'onn has actually created dozens of secret identities (and at least one other heroic identity, the Bronze Wraith). Maggin's pre-Crisis novel Last Son of Krypton, supergenius Lex Luthor actually maintains dozens of identities as artists, scientists, and other highbrow society positions. This twist would actually seem to negate a great deal of the usual justifications for bothering to maintain a dual identity — the general public knows Stark designed the armor, and any enemies of Iron Man are likely to become enemies of Stark by association. During the Winter Soldier debacle, he had to deny assistance to Captain America and The Falcon, since the villain's employer was one of Stark's direct business rivals. At least until the Civil War, where Tony Stark coerced Peter (who did not want any legal trouble on his back, so he had sided with him) to reveal his secret identity on live television. He's been unmasked by at least as many people as he's deliberately revealed his identity to. One popular in-story explanation implies Reed does so to not make the others, especially Ben Grimm (for whom keeping a secret identity is basically impossible), feel ashamed of their abilities. It lasts less than an issue, before he remembers that he was already a celebrity and thus it's pointless.
This attracts the attention of child services, who drop by to question whether or no they should remove their kids from the dangerous environment.
Played with somewhat in that the public rarely takes him seriously — they tend to see him as just another bit of Greenwich Village color. Ditto for his cousin Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, albeit for somewhat different reasons. He thinks his friends don't know, but he's terrible at keeping it a secret, so we pretend we don't notice. And yet, he can still regularly just walk down the street so long as he's not openly brandishing weapons or wearing his trademark skull. In comedies, this secret handshake will be so long and involved that its utterly unlikely anyone would actually perform it for real. To prove his worthiness to enter the BROTHERHOOD headquarters, the title character goes through an involved handshake with a mechanical arm.
Mara Salvatrucha gang members identify each each other with an upside down devils head for "M". However, in Edgar Allan Poe's '"The Cask Of Amontillado": Fortunado makes a gesture Montresor doesn't recognize.
Crouching tiger, zookeeper's boy, hairdresser on fire, girlfriend in a coma, slap it on a biscuit.
Whenever Gentaro does the shake with someone, it marks the moment where they join his ever-expanding circle of friends. The head of the lodge shakes hands with Murdoch, who doesn't complete the secret handshake. Devious GMs are encouraged to give the players' societies secret handshakes that are very similar to some other group's handshake, then direct them to find an ally and sit back as Hilarity Ensues. It's specifically designed to be incredibly silly so non-Thieves will just assume you've having some kind of seizure and dismiss it as nothing. No matter which option you choose, the game will always inform you that none of the characters will remember it.
His version is described as "close enough" — and he accidentally tears one of the other guy's fingers off. It's good enough to pass muster for most of the episode, but when it fails to perform the secret handshake, Sonic realizes something's up. Their "secret handshake" consists of gently biting the inflated gloves on each others' heads. Krabs, which involves standing on one leg, putting a glass of chocolate milk on your head, singing the National Anthem of Bikini Bottom, shooting from a cannon through a ring of fire, eating 105 black licorice jellybeans through a straw, and (if it's the third Wednesday in January, and it's not raining) gargling with vanilla pudding.
This also serves as both the first clue to Twilight that the first Cadance is a fake when she doesn't recognize the "hoofshake" and how the real Cadance convinces Twilight that she's the real one, by performing the sequence for her. The new handshake includes jumping through a ring of fire, riding another camper like a horse, and throwing a fit. The secret handshake begins by opening with the white lotus tile (which the order is named after) placed in the center space, and forming a pattern across the board resembling a large flower.
The Free Masons are the secret society that's best-known and there have been stories about what their Secret Handshake might be.
In Greek, the word for fish is an acronym of "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Savior" (also in Greek, of course; the Greek word for fish isn't "jcgss"). When his old pack was attacked by humans, he ran away, leaving his friends to die because he was afraid. She memorized every tiny detail of her body and she fantasized about all naughty, perverted things that she wanted to do with and TO Asuka. So this secret of how Joy and Sadness got lost hangs over the emotions while still trying to have Riley like them. He actually covered this up by altering Sarafina's memory, leading her to believe that a lion called Muerto was her actual father. Pessimal's take on the Discworld, Assassin Miss Alice Band has a terrible dark secret known to only a very few. When Bond requests the classified information as an employee, M flatly refuses with a stern warning ("I will not tolerate insubordination, 007"), so he resorts to using their implicit mother-son relationship (the gentle way he asks, "What happened?") before she willingly discloses a painful part of her past.
She believes he can't love her because he's still thinking of his first wife Rebecca who was supposedly drowned in a sailing accident.
They find out he shot and killed his mother, upon seeing Rhea's reflection in the Wizard's Glass.
No one familiar with the rules of Golden Age mystery novels will consider "murderer is being blackmailed" a spoiler. Her guilt over this fucks up her psyche and relationships with people, but she can't tell anyone for fear that they'll hate her as much as she does. Thousands of years before the story, they abandoned their oaths, as well as their unspeakably powerful arms and armor, for unknown reasons. Sheridan also has a secret, in that he's a member of a military conspiracy to overthrow President Clark. The Big Bad, being a mind reading demonic sorcerer, lets them know that he knows just to freak them out.
Still, they stand up for her anyway and eventually determine that Tara's family lied to her about her heritage. La Roche has a Tupperware container hidden in a safe, which is later stolen and retrieved, as the contents of the plastic container would ruin his career and reputation. Chanel #3 believes that her father could be Charles Manson, Chanel #5 touches herself to Dora The Explorer and Chad is extremely ashamed of his lactose intolerance. The events of the episode validate that fear — he claimed his grandfather was Vulcan, when actually he was Romulan. If it's revealed, the character loses the Secret, but gains Disadvantage(s) (or loses Advantages) worth twice as many points as the Secret. The only variation is when, how, and whether everyone finds out at once or just one or two people find out at first and have to help keep the secret until everyone else finds out. In an attempt to prevent that from being discovered, the friends do everything they can to hide it, but sooner or later, hell will break loose.
Akito treats this knowledge as a secret that was kept from him or better said her, and flips out accordingly by smashing a vase into Hatori's head, effectively blinding him in one eye in the process.
The idea is still somewhat deconstructed, though, since it's clear that their choice to keep their relationship a secret is indicative of their poor communication in general, which causes still more trouble for them as time goes on.
It's however an Open Secret as in issue 6 Kimber's sisters casually ask if she is secretly dating Stormer, and Pizzazz knows something is going on between Stormer and Kimber but wants to stop it. Even though Asuka now admits to herself and Shinji that she's in love with him, she tries not to tell anybody else, much to his surprise.
After several days she stopped caring about people knowing but she forgot to tell him, so Shinji was still denying everything to his friends and trying to keep it secret as the same time that her friends pried everything out of her.
This goes double for fics where a villain falls in love with a heroic character and vice versa, Bowser and Peach being a favorite example. In more mundane moments, the superhero often has to quickly come up with a Secret Identity Change Trick in order to get out of sight. If they stay largely out of the action, outside an occasional errand or trap setup, they're simply Secret Keepers. Further subverted in that about halfway through the series, he abandons his secret identity altogether (on live TV no less) and operates under his real name from then on, with "Eyeshield 21" remaining as a nickname. However the second entry in the series - Ganbarugar - plays this very straight, and with justification (kinda) in that if the heroes reveal their identities, they'll be turned into dogs. But she's not really trying to hide her identity from the villains; she even transforms in front of them.
Though the alien characters will try to keep Muggles from seeing their battles with Cosmic Horrors, they do little else to maintain The Masquerade.
However, one turns out to be a Deconstruction: Reiner Braun is unable to handle the guilt of his crimes as The Mole, and slowly loses focus of his true self. However, it turned out that the separation only made things worse for most of them: for example, Bruce Wayne was all bottled fury with no outlet, while Batman was completely directionless. He does it partly to influence affairs in those fields, partly as a source of income, but mostly to keep from being bored.
It sometimes seems the primary reason for this posture is to give Tony a measure of legal cover for Iron Man's activities — and indeed, on at least one occasion, Tony has publicly "fired" Iron Man in response to a scandal arising from his actions.
He explained that he could lose his company and end up in jail if it looked like he was using the Iron Man armor to intimidate his competitors. Then Spidey defected to the Anti-Reg movement, Aunt May got shot in an attempt on his life and the and struck a deal with Mephisto to keep her alive, with the plus of everyone forgetting that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are one and the same. While he worked in construction, the boss noticed his strength and his dexterity and concluded he had to be — Spider-Man. Despite this, they're mostly just an over-ceremonial charity organization - except, of course, for the offshoot featured in the story. Crabtree explains why the head of the lodge knew Murdoch isn't a Mason, and the man soon quizzes Murdoch on his religious beliefs. This was because when the Masons were still a society of architects and builders, the members had to travel long distances for jobs and the only way someone at each job site can determine whether you are a qualified architect is to check if you have been taught the secret codes and gestures of the society.
Each island is covered with DVS bases where our intrepid agent faces villainous guards and reckless robots alike, along with an assortment of traps, while trying to find and destroy the radar on the level and then blow up the elevator door to escape.
Or it's almost an anticlimax either because they've known all along, or it just wasn't as dark a secret as the keeper thought it was. My Greatest Failure is a particularly common type of Dark Secret, and it is often an element of a Dark and Troubled Past or a Mysterious Past and revealed in a Troubled Backstory Flashback.
It finally comes to light in Chapter 15, thanks to Forgetters Bobby and Paula Saying Too Much. Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster stories, Jeeves reveals British fascist leader Sir Roderick Spode's terrible secret to Bertie: Spode owns a ladies' fashion boutique.
The current religion claims that they used tricks to pretend divine powers and a holy calling and fled when the charade was discovered, but we see the event at one point, and it's clearly something else entirely. Kappa keeps an entire room filled with the evidence of their more disturbing acts, most of which we don't learn the whole story of, but there is one event that leads to different people's own secrets. This is arguably more politically than genetically relevant, as Romulans and Vulcans are the same species, or at least very closely related, but Vulcan is a key and founding member of the Federation while Romulus is the centre of the original rival empire to the Federation. They remain awkwardly but successfully concealed for several episodes, speaking in Unusual Euphemisms, constantly leaving to Talk About That Thing and generating many a Fawlty Towers Plot—basically put, behaving in such a manner that requires all other characters to juggle the Idiot Ball like crazy.
A common humorous scenario is that everyone knows, but doesn't care; or people think it's funny watching them scramble to hide.
Kana's witnessing of this and Akito's accusation that this happened because of their relationship breaks Kana to the point where Hatori had to erase all her memories of their relationship to save her from her depression. And then issue 8 reveals to the audience that Sam and Bernie had been together all along, completely changing the reading of their interactions earlier in the series.
If the relationship with the hero is deeper, at least on a professional basis, then the insider may be a Battle Butler.

Finally, due to budget constraints, everyone (heroes and villains alike) are living in the same apartment building. And for their part, the villains know where she lives and they try to exploit her civilian identity. Nyarko will gladly introduce herself as "The Crawling Chaos who creeps up on you with a smile, Nyarlathotep", and when joining Mahiro's high school gave a speech where she outright says she travels the stars and fights Malign Deities. This causes him to suffer bouts of Trauma-Induced Amnesia, repressing his real memories while completely submerged into his false identity. Eventually, the civilian identities had to fight the aliens who created the device, who turned out to have loosed it on purpose as a form of field test.
Balloon Belly: In the final episode of The Animated Series, after eating enough garlic to fill an entire room.
For once, being a "papist" isn't quite a liability, since the lodge head says that's better than being a "stupid atheist". In the second book, Words of Radiance, Taravangian's Diagram says (in code) "Hold the secret that broke the Knights Radiant. Thing is, once this is found out that's the only thing driving the proceedings against Tarses — his personal feelings and political leanings about Starfleet and the Federation aren't even looked at. If one or both of a hero's parents were ever heroes themselves, they'll often be overjoyed rather than shocked at the child's heroism, and reveal it as part of their Secret Legacy. Kaburagi winds up being known to the general public when it becomes the only way to clear his civilian name to is to go public given the time frame he was working under. And it's not even a case of being written off as a Cloud Cuckoolander, since people always seem to believe her Blatant Lies about being pregnant with Mahiro's child.
Bare Your Midriff: Slightly in The Animated Series as her outfit doesn't show her belly button and more so in Secret Life where it does. It doesn't matter how big or small the secret is, it just matters that the person keeping it thinks that it's vitally important that it stay hidden. The line is so diluted that there are no visible signs of African descent in the murderer's appearance, but that "drop" of blood would ruin him socially and professionally. While the future of his career is uncertain at the end of the episode (the investigation dramatically fell apart, but he did still lie on his Starfleet application), Expanded Universe materials tended to take pity on the poor fellow, and have it eventually recover. We can't even go out on a weekend on a normal date or anything, and I'd really like to do that. Does she want to prove to Shinji that she loves him by giving him what she keeps from other people?
Montresor reaches into his robes and pulls out a trowel, which Fortunado assumes is a joke. Later she decides to return the favor by telling him a dark secret of her own: she's masturbated to his picture as well. Once there, he is swept up into a spy plot by Hillary Flammond, whose father is held captive by the Communists. Hillary takes Nick to the French Resistance (yes, in East Germany), the charismatic leader of which is her former lover, and who seizes on the opportunity to use Nick's knowledge of the prison to break Dr.
Genki Girl: Very bubbly, cute and outgoing and pretty much the poster child of the Plucky Genki Girl. Other foes are the Impostors, a race of (probably) worm-like aliens who have special suits that allow them to assume perfect disguises, The Reptogators who live 60 miles below the surface of the Earth, and are naturally stupid; they have terrible eye sight, so they track people down by the smell of dirty teeth.
Flammond out.That's the plot, but the movie is perhaps better appreciated for its farcical, even savage zaniness.
They only become intelligent by sucking out the brainwaves of other creatures (most are too stupid to know this however). It parodies everything, from rock idols to forced perspective shots to Professional Wrestling to goose-stepping Nazis to, well, cow disguises, with the ZAZ team's trademark Rapid-Fire Comedy. Despite this he was genuinely very whimsical and charismatic to the point where even Anita was falling to his charms! Naive Everygirl: She's not shy, but can be insecure at times and is an overall idealistic Nice Girl often bullied by the Alpha Bitch. It takes Nick a couple tries to find the right one, but there seem to be several more than strictly necessary. Berserk Button: The early episode villain Robert Baron HATES to be deceived, a fact he is quick to angrily express. The Germans in the movie are supposed to be East Germans, but their uniforms are Nazi-era uniforms with the swastikas removed. Then we snap back to reality where he's being whipped in a German prison and he exclaims, "Thank God".
Almost Dead Guy: Every time Latrine enters the scene, he's been shot, beaten up, tortured, or whatever, and is gasping out a desperate message. They do one hit point of damage, which makes no difference because you'll land in the water a split second later and die. Not exactly "big brother", but he's actually much older than Sabrina and often gives her (good or bad) advice.
Big Eater Cats Are Magic: He was originally a warlock, but was transformed into a cat as punishment for trying to take over the world. He wasn't originally a cat, but when he tried taking over the world, he had to become a cat for 100 years as punishment. Cats Are Snarkers: A perfect example of the trope though we don't know if he was already snarky before becoming a cat. Cute Little Fangs Deadpan Snarker The Faceless: In flashbacks to when he was a human warlock. Assumed Win: Nick turns a planned operatic performance into a rock concert by assuming that the lauding of the singer is meant for him. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's usually very cynical and self-absorbed, but he's also very friendly at times. Subverted, BEAUTIFULLY, in an episode where Granny is sick, so her rarely-seen husband, Sweet Little Grandpa, runs the bunny show.
The first thing we see him doing is sitting around, being a Scary Black Man, smoking a huge cigar. Later he drinks gasoline from a bottle, single-handedly wields a 19th century smooth-bore cannon as a firearm, exhibits Improbable Aiming Skills, wrestles a German soldier WWE-style, and apparently has people waiting just off-camera to hand him machine guns. While stranded on a deserted island, Hillary and Nigel build a modern home out of "bamboo, dried seaweed, and snot", complete with functioning garage door (and a remote). Behind the Black: Played for laughs as they come upon a pair of boots that they should be able to tell are just a pair of boots in a field, but they don't realize that there is no enemy soldier there until the camera shows it to the audience. Different in Every Episode: The chief changes his name in each episode for security reasons.
Doctor once had nanobots eat Changed Daily's moustache, which she then Lampshades as being "pointless, but amusing". Cool and Unusual Punishment: Due to abusing magic with Zelda, they have been turned into teenagers for 100 years.
Big Electric Switch When Nick Rivers is being taken to be executed, the electric chair is activated with an electric switch.
Bigger Is Better in Bed: Hillary literally breaks out a tape measure when she's reunited with Nigel, holding it in a way that implies a spectacular result.
Bilingual Bonus: While a lot of the German phrases are rendered in As Long as It Sounds Foreign style, a few of them are actual jokes. Future Badass: Victor in 'Victor of the Future,' although the 'terrible future' aspect of the trope doesn't seem to be present.
Harmless Freezing: On more than one occasion members of UZZ or even the whole UZZ base get frozen (usually due to The Imposters).
Hypocritical Humor: Practically Once an Episode, Professor Professor asks Victor if he's still alive.
Cool and Unusual Punishment: Due to abusing magic with Hilda, they have been turned into teenagers for 100 years.
In the episode where their roles were reversed, Professor Professor berated Victor for asking the question. Everyone else in the world (except vegetarians) ends up doing the same thing twice by the episode's end. Not So Different: She tends to be a little more responsible with her magic than Hilda, but at times she uses her magic for nonsense too.
Jerkass: You would think that Professor Professor would bother to test his experiments, rather than just wait for Victor to need them. Professor Professor always seems intent on screwing around with people, even when it would really be inappropriate (like in the middle of a life or death situation).
He was added in because with Hilda and Zelda as teenagers, there was no adult guardian living in the house.
Lampshade Hanging: Victor Volt figures out Doctor Doctor's plot to hypnotize the world with a song. However, one could guess that he left because by then, Hilda and Zelda were legally adults at that point, and didn't serve a purpose anymore. Adorably Precocious Child Adorkable Agent Mulder: He has a strong interest in aliens and general tabloid weirdness.
Left the Background Music On: Omnious music was mentioned every time somebody mentioned the Bermuda Trapezoid. A band was revealed to be doing it when Victor Volt asked them if they'd do that every time somebody said "Bermuda Trapezoid"? Cloudcuckoolander: Can be this at times in the 1999 series, but becomes a full one in Sabrina's Secret Life.
Loophole Abuse: A clown became the World Leader by renaming himself after the ballot's instruction of where to put the "X" to get votes from confused voters. This could be because Viacom didn't want DiC to use any of the characters that only appeared in the 1996 live action show.
Sassy Black Woman Secret Keeper: She is the only mortal other than Uncle Quigley who knows that Sabrina is a witch.
Helps that he is prone to get jealous or angry whenever their relationship is threatened Asian and Nerdy: Fits the description quite well. Badass Adorable: No matter how many times he's picked on, he fearlessly pursues the paranormal in 'Paranormal Pi'. Also in 'Hexcalibur' he becomes Merlin who is constantly disappointed and unsure of himself but will do anything to protect Arthur, even facing Morgana for him. Even Victor does this in his stead at the end of one episode, when everyone else is partying in the briefing room after the World Anthem.
Creator Cameo: The three directors, Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, play the three guards who arrest Nick in the "prop room". Also do NOT upstage him in the classroom and make him feel neglected or else he will turn on you faster than you can say Yandere. Beware the Nice Ones: He's normally the definition of chill and is one of the hardest people ever to annoy. Nick is about to be executed by firing squad but they get a call that he is allowed to perform his concert that night. They make the call to stop the execution but the only one close enough to the phone is an elderly woman on a walker. Genius Ditz: Sabrina even described him as "totally smart and really out of it at the same time". Riddle for the Ages: What's Changed Daily's original name and why did Lucy Woo believe it used to fit him? Punny Name: Pi is a mathematical term and Pi himself appears to enjoy math as he speaks about equations in "Paranormal Pi". Plus The Secret Thing, a tiny mechanical spider and Granny's fluffy bunnies can be seen in the background of every episode.
The military vehicle that crashes into it manages to leave the scene of the accident successfully, despite being on fire.
Shorter Means Smarter: He's the smallest of Sabrina's human friends and arguably the second shortest in the whole human pre-teen cast (beaten only by Bernard). Shout-Out: The way the toothbrush in "Return of the Killer Toothbrush" rips through Victor's clothing closely resembles the chestburster from Alien. Theme Tune Cameo: At the beginning of "The Secret Thing", Victor and Anita are singing the show's theme song (as they usually do during the title sequence). Sealed Evil in a Can Trickster Mentor: He comes off as evil and scary but always left a loophole in whatever Sabrina wished for so she could find a way to fix it when it (inevitably) goes wrong. It ends up being a plot point later on when Victor is confronted with two Anitas (the real one and an Imposter) and he uses it to determine the real one. Fake-Out Make-Out: Nick and Hillary manage to combine this with Lost in a Crowd, avoiding a patrol by ducking into a park crowded with couples making out and doing likewise. In "The Thing That Goes Ping", at an island in the Bermuda Trapezoid, Anita and Doctor Doctor have a dance-off to win the trust of the island's leader. Fearsome Foot: Masterfully parodied in a scene in which Nick is trying to infiltrate a fortress by crawling on the grass.
Again with Viacom probably not wanting DiC to use Libby (DiC only used their characters and the characters already from the comics). The Unintelligible: The World Leader, according to the old website, spoke an ancient Aztec language, and her husband was the only one who could translate. Even Evil Has Standards: "When in Rome" reveals that even Gem would never intentionally kill someone. Fictional Sport: Skeet surfing - combining skeet shooting with surfing (complete with a parodic Beach Boys style surf song) in the opening sequence. Also what is Changed Daily's real name (4 times in the space of 30 seconds in one episode)? This is, of course, as stupidly dangerous as it sounds, with errant shots hitting palm trees, hang gliders, and even passing airplanes.
Freudian Excuse: As revealed in the episode "Witch Switch," most of her nastiness could be a result of some seriously demanding parents. Give Geeks a Chance: Harvey isn't exactly the coolest guy around, yet Gem has an all too transparent crush on him. Weaksauce Weakness: The Impostors thrive in the cold, but are allergic to penguins, which (as we all know) also thrive in the cold. Also, their helmets vibrate to a high C note, making them shatter and forcing the creepy crawly aliens that actually control the suits to retreat to their base 90 miles below the surface of the Earth.
Which would explain why they live underground and try to freeze places where penguins are not a native species.
The pilot and Resistance members using the RAF emblem on the side of the plane as a dartboard. Double gag in that it's actually a high school fight song (Sherwood High School in Wisconsin). Raven Hair, Ivory Skin Rich Bitch: Paid fellow students to do everything for her (even be her friends) and seemed to be unable to understand that they only tolerated her for her money (even in the Christmas Carol episode where she was shown even her parents hated being around her and her nanny screaming in glee that she was finally free when Gem died). Getting Crap Past the Radar: In the prison sequence, a sex toy called "The Anal Intruder" is prominently featured. Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Revealed in one episode, where her family are no longer rich. Hillary measures every inch of The Torch, who is either hung like a stallion, fully erect, or both.
Two phallic scenes in a row: Cedric's telescopic antenna and the ballet, the latter of which was bowdlerized for cable. Poor guy just wanted to learn magic but most of the witches gave him no end of grief for being a mortal.
Technically, he's merely a powerless warlock as he's still an immortal who learned from Leonardo da Vinci. Even Evil Has Standards: In "Documagicary" during the Engineered Public Confession where the evil reality show director explains that he released Tim, endangering the lives of witches everywhere, for ratings, Tim is shocked at how evil this guy is.
Instead of being attracted to ships and blowing them up like a regular magnetic mine, it's so powerful it drags ships to itself from hundreds of miles away.
Freudian Excuse: Tim's hatred of witches comes from them tormenting him when he was a child. Muggle Born of Mages: The reason why he was picked on since many full bloodied witches look down on humans. Last Minute Reprieve: Nick is so popular that the consulate insists on him giving one last performance before his execution. It seems that Hillary is consoling Nick for his failure to perform, but it turns out that she's reading a trashy romance novel out loud. Lost in a Crowd: Nick and Hillary hide from German pursuit by mixing with crowd of lovers in a park and making out along with them.
Made of Explodium: The Ford Pinto in the field detonates from the slightest tap on the rear bumper.
Made of Iron: In the Traintop Battle, Kruger not only No Sells Cedric's punches, but when he falls prey to the classic "low bridge" kill, the bridge breaks. The Mole: Someone in the Resistance is feeding the Germans information on their plans and targets. It turns out to be Nigel, who was evidently "turned" during his time with the salvage pirates.

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