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Body language says a lot, and bad body language sends the wrong message, so relax, stop twirling your hair, and stop fidgeting. If the other party has different point of view than you, ask questions to find out why their point of view differs. When you are speaking show the appropriate enthusiasm in your tone, and when you are listening show the appropriate enthusiasm in your body language. Communication is important in all aspects of business from management down through the chain of command. Proper training in business communication can play an integral role in improving company moral, higher production, increased sales, and improved customer satisfaction. Commonly companies will spend significant money on communication training in the workplace. Today’s business environment provides a number of communication methods including in person, presentation chat, email, telephone, texts, video-conferencing, etc. Quality business communication requires you to understand the audience and this is done by listening to both the verbal and non-verbal communication.

Along with verbal communication, written communication is also important and having the right written communication skills can make your message more effective.
There are all kinds of written communication – letters, emails, memos, and newsletters to name just a few. Some of the normal ones are: family communication, business communication, social communication, emotional communication and intellectual communication. We use both verbal and non-verbal communication on a daily basis, so it’s important to know how to get the most out of your communication. How well you get your message across depends a great deal, on how well you understand the other party. People are attracted to those that show an interest in them, and will watch more closely what they are wearing. It’s also important to have an idea of the education level or training of the person you are communicating with to ensure appropriate communication. For example, when communication travels through lines of communication many times information is added or omitted, and this can change the original message’s intent.

Connecting with others on a deep level is important for a happy and healthy life. Emotional communication is truly food for the soul. An email from a boss to a worker is going to have a far different tone than a proposal to provide services.
Hugs, high-fives, pats on the back, shaking hands and broad smiles are some of the simple ways that we emotionally connect with one another. If a person is career focused he or she will have a more pressing need to create stronger business communication than someone who isna€™t as concerned about advancing.

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types of communication skills in hindi online

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