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Purpose Private and industrial landowners in the Southeast are increasingly interested in managing their forested lands to provide recreational opportunities and to enhance habitats for wildlife species, particularly game species. This course will focus on the principles and applications of wildlife-habitat management techniques for three primary game species in the Southeast a€” white-tailed deer, wild turkey, and bobwhite quail. Who Will Benefit?This short course will be invaluable for forestry professionals, including consultants and forest managers, forest landowners interested in wildlife management on their lands, and realtors.
Mike Chamberlain is professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management at the University of Georgia Daniel B. Hotel AccommodationsA block of rooms has been reserved at the Holiday Inn Express (706-546-8122) in Athens for attendees of Wildlife Management for the nights of July 25 and 26, 2016. There are over 100,000 acres of private ponds in Georgia being managed for sportfish production. This course will be held at Flinchuma€™s Phoenix building located in the Whitehall Forest (See map for directions).
13 Continuing Forestry Education (CFE) Hoursa€“Category 113 Continuing Logger Education Hours (CLE) a€“ Environment5 Pesticide Applicator Credits Approved. This course will provide information that will help you to effectively manage pine stands for pine straw production.

Review cut-over and old-field pine straw studies, as well as other factors that affect pine straw yields. Learn how the effect of pine straw raking (semiannual, annual, periodic) relates to soil moisture status, nutrient cycling, and stand growth. Learn how to use diagnostic tools and soils information to determine fertilizer needs, herbicide use, and recommendations.
Learn management alternatives to moving a cut-over pine stand into pine straw production, hear about sequencing fertilizer and herbicide use, and discuss the economics of pine straw in overall pine stand management. Foresters, landowners, land managers, pine straw contractors, and others who are interested in making effective silvicultural and economic management decisions for loblolly, longleaf, or slash pine stands for pine straw.
The UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center is strategically located in the geographic center of South Georgia at the crossroads of I-75, U.S.
The UGA TCCC is only a one-hour drive from Albany, a two-hour drive from Macon or Tallahassee, and a three-hour drive from Atlanta, Athens, Savannah, Jacksonville and Montgomery. Although financial considerations remain important determinants for management decisions, many landowners are reluctant to manage in a way that reduces wildlife numbers or habitat quality. Miller is professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management at the University of Georgia Daniel B.

Sportfish ponds and small impoundments provide significant opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and enhance property value. Revenues for pine straw paid to forest landowners in Georgia have increased from an estimated $15.5 million in 1999 to more than $25 million in 2003. Rather, many landowners seek technical information on specific techniques that they can use to enhance wildlife on their properties. Also, bring a brimmed hat, sunglasses, sun screen, extra change of clothes, and a towel. Many forest landowners and land managers are interested in managing their loblolly, longleaf, or slash pine for pine straw.

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