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In his lifetime, Cirilo McSween met great challenges with courage and determination that served to inspire countless others. Provided below are the supplemental photos from the feature article in the December 2008 edition of Alumni News & Notes. This cover of Ebony Magazine bears a note of respect for Cirilo McSween, written by Martin Luther King, Jr. Cirilo McSween and other supporters sing "We Shall Overcome" at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Cirilo McSween, Martin Torrijos, President of the Republic of Panama, and Cirilo McSween, Jr. Panama President Martin Torrijos, President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn, and Cirilo McSween at Panama Canal Museum.
Cirilo McSween stands by an exhibit honoring his life at the Dusable Museum of African American History.
Prior to founding StorWatts, Elizabeth Samara-Rubio led multiple teams that achieved breakthroughs in product affordability, reliability, and commercial adoption.
Harold Ackler is a seasoned R&D professional with over 15 years of postdoctoral experience creating and developing new technologies. Tom Kosnik is a Consulting Professor, Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), in Stanford School of Engineering.

Outside of his involvement with PCT, he serves as the Vice President Internal for Global Business Brigades. In addition to her involvement in PCT, she is the President of Case Corps, which is an organization that focuses on case competitions and general business skills.
She joined PCT for its awesome members and the professional development, and is excited for the chance to have a strong impact on the organization in this position. He has been involved in PCT since his first semester freshman year, and is excited to serve on the Executive Board for the coming year. In addition to being a member of PCT he is a Fellow at the Market Information Lab and a member of the Finance and Investment Management Academies. Interactive Life Coach will help you design, organize, implement and keep track of your progress toward creating the life and business you want and deserve. The College of Business and the University of Illinois are enriched by his affiliation and many contributions to society.
McSween’s gifts and hope all who mourn his passing find solace in the goodness of his life. As Director of Energy Markets and Products at Danaher, she led Corporate Breakthrough Innovation, taking products from R&D through Scale targeting the new Smart-Grid Global Electric Utility sector. He currently serves on the teaching teams of three courses: Global Entrepreneurial Marketing, Global Entrepreneurial Leadership, and the Draper Fisher Jurvetson Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Program. Meller is the managing Director of Creating Dots, LLC where he has built a portfolio of sustainability companies with a strong focus on the developing world. She is also involved with the University of Illinois Student Senate on the Financial Affairs Committee. She joined Phi Chi Theta for the professional development but it's the brotherhood aspect that keeps her involved and passionate about PCT. Ryan is a passionate Cubs, Bears, and Illini fan, and is the drummer for PCT's band, "El Capitano".
In his free time, Connor enjoys running, playing the guitar, and hanging out with his friends in PCT. He is a member of Board of Advisors of the Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students (BASES) and the National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Association (NUSEA).

He has hand-selected these portfolio companies because they use disruptive approaches to changing the world in which we live - for the better. He held various R&D roles in Health Care and was ultimately responsible for the Global Health Care Technology and Clinical organizations during the first half of his tenure. At HP, where Elizabeth led product management, strategic marketing and research, she and her team developed and launched the HP Global Integration and Installation Operations business unit ($110M). Growing up in oil reach countries and understanding the level of dependence of the economy on oil, provoked his insight on focusing on transition paths towards using alternative sources. Upload photos and text to personalize your Big Picture Vision Boards and stay motivated with our one-of-a-kind Life-O-Meter and Interactive Life Coach practices. She has also held leadership positions at early stage companies including Vice President of Marketing at ARX and Director of Product Management and Marketing at YY Software. He also provides consulting and executive education to global companies in imagination-intensive industries.
Some of his past clients include: American Management Systems, Apple Computer, Applied Materials, Electronic Arts, Ericsson, Ernst & Young, Genesys, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Nuance Communications, and numerous startups. His passion towards expanding the means of transition to sustainable sources lead him to StorWatts which he was introduced to by his advisor, Prof. Tom Kosnik earned a BA in History and International Relations from Duke University (1972), an MBA from the University of Virginia (1977) and a Ph.D.
She earned her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). His professional experience includes positions at national laboratories, universities as a faculty member, large companies, and multiple Silicon Valley start-up companies.
He started his research under his supervision over the efficiency analysis of Hydraulically Driven Compressors. Hea€™s currently focused on investigation the efficiency of the expansion regime and the latest analytical and experimental results of his studies on StorWatts prototype model will be presented at ASMEa€™s Fluids Engineering Summer Meeting.

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