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Postgraduate Lectures: C Programming Language (Postgraduate course, Department of Chemistry, University of Milan). 2009-2011: Probabilistic Methods (Postgraduate course, Department of Informatics) University of Milan). Problema€?solving classes at University of Milan: Probability and Statistics (Computer Science Degree). Undergraduate Lectures in Mathematical Statistics, System Department, Politecnico di Milano. Problema€?solving classes at University of Milan: Geometry, Algebra (Computer Science Degree). Problema€?solving classes: Undergraduate course in Mathematical Analysis (Computer Science). Postgraduate Lectures in Probabilistic Methods, Department of Computer Science, University of Milan. Undergraduate Lectures in Probability and Statistics, Computer Science Department, University o Milan.

Gross Human Anatomy is required for a number of majors at Colorado State University, including health and exercise science, biology, and human development, is one of three options for Biomedical Sciences majors, and is a highly recommended elective for other life science majors. Each fall, the Anatomical Board of the State of Colorado, operated out of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, oversees the distribution of cadavers to public and private educational institutions in Colorado.
In addition to a small number of cadavers, students in the anatomy classes at Colorado State University use the Visible Human Dissector. Frasier, who has a joint appointment with the School of New England as an adjunct professor, also offers an online course in digital anatomy using the Visible Human Dissector.
With 300 students each fall, and 100 students each summer, the course presents unique challenges including how the laboratory is set up and efficiencies in organizational structure.
The limited numbers of cadavers received at Colorado State are used in both the 300- and 500-level anatomy courses. The Visible Human Project, established in 1989 by the National Library of Medicine, uses a digital image library of volumetric data representing complete, normal adult male and female anatomy. But then, one semester, he taught anatomy and fell in love with teaching, with the students, and with the course material.

In addition, approximately 50 students take the graduate 500-level anatomy class each semester. The 500-level students dissect one portion of the cadavers, and then students in the 300-level class work with the same portion of the cadavers with the 500-level students as their teaching assistants.
Frasier and colleagues at CSU and the University of Colorado have worked in collaboration through the Center for Human Simulation at UCHSC to develop software programs to enhance the virtual human for educational purposes.
What sets CSU’s undergraduate anatomy class apart from most others nationwide, is the use of a small number of cadavers.
Cadavers used in coursework are frequently preserved and used the next year to ensure that each lab group has a specimen with which to work.

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undergraduate classes for nursing

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