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We're the largest and most active group of non-believers and progressive believers in the Philippines. Every human being has the same rights regardless of race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. Promoting critical thinking and the scientific method; debunking fallacies and superstition. DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers. This site is intended to be a repository of information pertaining to the court cases, rulings, and attorney general opinions that the ULC has been involved in, but it contains other resources as well.
Religious Law Blog – A blog that discusses current issues in laws involving religion and religious customs, as well as cases or legal updates in involving the ULC. Guide to Performing Weddings – One of the most important legal privileges given to Universal Life Church ministers once they get ordained is the right to officiate wedding ceremonies.
Guide To Starting A Church – Though they are an extreme minority, a handful of Universal Life Church ministers decide that they want to start their own independent ministries.
Free ULC Downloads – The Universal Life Church staff has prepared a number of free downloadable PDF guides on pragmatic topics. The Universal Life Church (ULC) believes that all religions are equally valid and shall be respected as just in the eyes of God and Man.
Another goal of the Universal Life Church is more of a concept and one that we believe strongly in – that of Ecumenical Reconciliation. In a case that garnered less national attention than other cases that made their way to the U.S.
There has been much attention drawn over the past year to the religious freedom bills being presented by legislatures across the states. Some argue that Mississippi has long been known as one of the most conservative in the nation, with its people and legislature thumbing their noses at many of the federal government’s social reform efforts throughout the course of post-Civil War history. The Constitution of the United States of America is fairly straightforward regarding freedom of religion and religious tests. There are 4 distinct personality styles, and some are similar and others are diametrically opposed to one another. The very best in our business have learned skills that help them appeal to a wide cross section of the population. Insight questions: Asking intelligent insightful questions that require serious thought and open communication on then part of clients and prospects. Active listening: The process of asking questions to ensure clear understanding is achieved by asking checking questions during conversations to verify meaning. Mirroring: Changing tone, pace, cadence vocabulary and physical gestures to mirror prospects and clients along with effective questions will build trust and rapport quickly. Verbal communication: Mastering questions, listening skills and succinct persuasive statements to build confidence. Transparency: Employing honest business conversations will build trust and provide better results. In addition to these skill sets, the very best in the business have the ability to use self-effacing humor to appear humble, and consider humor as one of the most important tools they have to build strong relationships. David Connolly is the founder of iQ Consulting, and is a recognized industry leader in helping agencies and carriers accelerate and perpetuate growth and retention.
Quote of NoteNo sum of money can make this family whole, but hopefully the Garner family can find some peace and finality from today's settlement. Which of these value-add services do you think your "emerging affluent" personal lines customers (e.g.

When people make the choice to pursue a life path of personal development and spirituality, they encounter certain universal lessons that seem to arise as archetypes. There are many other lessons that could be on this list, but these are some of the most common universal lessons that are learned by everyone who takes a spiritually-minded path in life. Over the course of these five decades, our legal team has gathered a large collection of legal cases, case law, and legal analysis, positions and settlements, of which we have been party to on many occasions.
This is known as the Free Exercise Clause, and it is the very foundation of the concept of Freedom of Religion in the United States and the passage of the constitution that allows online churches like the Universal Life Church to exist. Read the below summaries of the many pages this site contains for information about these resources. Check our blog regularly to read about these issues, which we pull from all over the world.
These include a name change guide that ULC wedding officiants should send to every couple whose wedding they officiate and a collection of sample documents that you can use to help you start your own church. One of the main tenets of the Universal Life Church is respect for all religions and all people.
We are dedicated to the Constitutional protection of all faiths and will gladly file suit against anyone who attempts to infringe upon our ministers’ rights.
We strongly believe that all faiths have many commonalities – those historical, textual, emotional and spiritual truisms that bring people together.
Supreme Court, a small congregation in a suburb of Flagstaff, Arizona received a “win” when the Supreme Court ruling ended in their favor in June of 2015.
It has also been a major point of contention during some of the country’s most volatile periods.
Some have been passed, some have failed, and some have reached a state’s highest executive officer only to be vetoed. This is especially true when you consider the fact that it was written over 200 years ago by men who had no idea what life in the USA would be like in 2016.
Studies show only 30% of the information we receive in the context of a conversation is verbal, almost 67% is non-verbal. As the old adage goes, the easiest person to sell is a salesperson…that’s because most salespeople share similar personality traits. Strong ego’s make it very difficult for sales people to change their approach and mirror their buyer. We are consultants, and our perceived value is what we offer our clients in the form of guidance and advice.
We call them chameleons because they seem to change their spots or stripes at will to get along with everyone. One million dollar producer producer I work with believes that the amount of laughter and good-nature d ribbing that occurs with prospects is directly proportionate to his success.
Their robust agency services platform provides professional guidance in almost every area critical to the success of your company. A If you are on a path of higher consciousness, there is a good chance you have experienced these realizations already.
A And no, this is not just some cute cliche that I’m putting in this list because it gets thrown around a lot. A Every new lesson and experience shatters old assumptions you had about the way the world works. A Fighting is necessary sometimes, but only insofar as it contributes to a greater degree of love. Throughout those years of litigation, the ULC has been a focal point for much of the legal proceedings that have established and protected our religious freedoms.

We vow to never let any party jeopardize the existence or practice of this clause, and to ensure that all legally-ordained Universal Life Church ministers are granted the same rights as ministers of conventional churches. We must all find our own path in life, through the teachings of whichever religion meets our individual needs.
Faith is very personal and individually important, and yet people of faith all believe that life for themselves and all other sentient beings is better with god than without. The goal is to find out how they like to buy and then give it to them the way they want it with whip creme and cherries on top. Our ability to assess exposures and manage risk as well as assess client issues and provide services that problem solve is what brings value.
A What’s great about lessons learned on a spiritual path is that these same lessons were learned by people 1000, 5000, and 10,000 years ago. A Once you realize that you hold the power to shift your consciousness, to expand your mind, to center yourself, and to reach higher truths about yourself, it is your obligation to share that knowledge and wisdom with the world. A And every lesson you learn about yourself shatters old belief systems you had about who you thought you were.
A For example, fighting in relationships or with friends may catalyze an even stronger friendship, but only because it helps you understand and love each other more deeply. A It is here to help you evolve, but it can only do this if you are willing to let it help you evolve.
With extensive legal research, we have compiled this archive of online Universal Life Church legal cases.
To that end, since this central theme is paramount for the concept of Freedom of Religion, we believe that Ecumenical Reconciliation is crucial for the advancement of mankind. A People on a spiritual path would rather love, forgive, and understand than fight, bicker, and judge each other. A What if, by experiencing these things, we develop more wisdom, more personal depth, more appreciation for the miracle of life, and more knowledge?
A As long as you are in integrity, are authentically you, and are living in truth and in honesty, only good will come to you. We intend to establish ourselves as an authority on the Constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion, protections from religious persecution, and the legal proceedings that have paved the way forward.
A Pay attention to the little things that bother you about people in your life, and everything that makes you angry, frustrated, or impatient can teach you something about yourself.
A Once you change yourself, it’s your job to encourage others to be the change as you try your best to be the change.
A As it turns out, a life that includes these ingredients often leads to a much happier and more rewarding life.
While we are talking and listening we need to train ourselves to observe our audience to pick up on physical and verbal clues to help identify their buying style. Also, improving your vocabulary to use less words to express your self is worth the effort.
A Stay true to who you are, and the universe will provide you with relationships that nurture your individuality.

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