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With the semester winding down most people are preparing for a break, but faculty and staff members at the University of St, Thomas, this as an opportunity to prepare for the future and learn how to better serve students. Most people give candy and chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day or spend the day with their significant other. From across the city and around the world, 3,600 students are drawn to this university each year because of the distinctive nature of a St. The vibrant dialogue at UST between faith and reason prepares students to think clearly, seek the truth boldly and confidently, communicate effectively, think critically and build an ethical and moral foundation for leadership in their professional and personal lives. Our students learn more because they have access to exceptional faculty who teach, guide and mentor them; 94 percent of full-time faculty members have the highest degree in their field. We are fortunate to live, work and learn in the fourth largest and most diverse city in America, and our campus is located just minutes from the Texas Medical Center and adjacent to a thriving museum district. Growth in our science, technology, engineering and mathematics programs has led to plans for a new Center for Science and Health Professions, for which we will break ground in November 2015 as well as a new Center for Performing Arts – and we are looking forward to these enhancements to our 19-block urban campus in the heart of the city.
Midstream involves bringing oil and gas to the distributor and the conversion and storage of these natural resources. Public policy, regulatory, financial, business, policy and management issues are central to the implementation of energy programs. Thomas had a milestone year with the addition of signature Graduate and Undergraduate degree programs to expand opportunities for Houston’s workforce. Robert Ivany, was awarded with The American Hungarian Foundation's George Washington Award. Our high acceptance rate into medical school, our cooperative degree program in engineering, the new school of nursing and the impressive global accreditation of our Cameron School of Business demonstrate our success.

They are physicians in the world’s largest medical center and teachers in the Fifth Ward of Houston. The region’s vibrant economy provides a great resource for student internships and career opportunities after graduation. Thomas to become one of America’s great Catholic universities in the next 15 years, and we are well on our way.
This includes geologists and geophysicists, who determine where resources can be found, as well as the ideal topographical locations for establishing drills and other methods of enhancing production. This includes the construction, maintenance and operation of pipelines, railcars, barges and ships, and other modes of transporting energy resources.
As consumers look for more options to power their lives, innovative thinkers, researchers and inventors will be at the leading edge of the ever-changing energy industry. To address this, UH offers programs on energy management, energy finance, public policy, energy law and industrial psychology.
The award recognizes individuals of Hungarian background who made tremendous contributions to American life. They are researchers and fundraisers, writers and counselors, entrepreneurs and nurses – many of them leading in businesses and organizations across the Houston region.
We are confident in our mission, and we have faith in our students, in our faculty and in our benefactors.
UST is a private institution committed to the liberal arts and to the religious, ethical and intellectual tradition of Catholic higher education. The engineering and technology areas of petroleum, mechanical power and construction are involved in exploration and production.

Transporting oil and gas also involves geopolitics, for those interested in policy and law, and various technologies. Noteworthy are the Gutierrez Energy Management Institute (GEMI), and the Upstream Energy Safety Certification Program that have a global focus. Refining crude oil and processing natural gas, production of value added materials and consumer products and marketing occupy the downstream sector of the energy industry. At UH, we believe that the world’s energy demand and environmental stewardship go hand-in-hand.
One of our newest programs in this area is the graduate certificate program in Global Energy, Development and Sustainability. Thomas is Houston’s Catholic University and was founded by the Basilian Fathers in 1947. We exemplify this through our popular undergraduate minor in Energy and Sustainability and the globally recognized Energy, Environment and Natural Resource Law program in the UH Law Center. One of the most significant short-term gains in energy productivity is likely to arise from energy efficiency and reduction of transmission losses.
UH has programs in sustainable, innovative and new architecture, electric grid cyber security, environmental engineering, power engineering, power technology and superconductivity.

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university of houston organizational leadership and supervision

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