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Certainly there is a major difference between the motive of US military intervention in Indochina and in Afghanistan, but our political leadership class seems as ignorant of history and culture now as they were in 1945 and 1956. But outsiders who do the same confirm their disrespect for the faith and lack of moral virtue and therefore lose the propaganda battle with other believers.
Iraq is a deserving target for smarter international sanctions but expanding the battleground will further put at risk Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries with significant Muslim populations.

Take our poll and tell us what you are doing to support your candidate.Finally read our wrap-up of the eight RPCVs in Senate and House races around the country and where the candidates are in their races. Director Gaddi Vasquez: The PCOL InterviewPCOL sits down for an extended interview with Peace Corps Director Gaddi Vasquez.

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us military leadership training videos

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