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The Master of Geographic Information Systems for Sustainability Management online program at the University of Washington teaches you how to design a more sustainable world using GIS. Geared to those who want to enter or advance in the GIS field, the UW Master of GIS is the only program of its kind to offer a focus in sustainability management. Learn to use GIS to analyze and understand the various parts at play in a sustainable system – and how changes to any of the parts can affect the whole. According to the United States Department of Labor, the market for geospatial technologies is growing by almost 35 percent a year, creating favorable career opportunities for those with GIS skills. Designed for the working professional, the UW Master of GIS offers most of its courses online, so you can complete your degree from anywhere. MGIS professor Timothy Nyerges has been awarded Fellow status by the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science.

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This part-time, two-year professional program focuses on leveraging powerful GIS technologies to develop sustainable solutions to a variety of complex problems, ranging from affordable housing development to land use impacts on water quality improvement. A change in shipping routes might interfere with whale migrations, or a new highway might impact water quality through increases in runoff. The UW Master of GIS program helps you develop deep GIS expertise that can be beneficial in a variety of roles, particularly in GIS and sustainability management. Each summer, you will spend a short week of intensive study on the UW campus in Seattle, meeting with your cohort to develop project ideas, undertake advanced GIS work and deliver presentations. In our program, you'll learn how to use GIS to create actionable knowledge that can help organizations make more informed decisions.

In the program's final capstone project, you'll get valuable hands-on experience working on a sustainability-related GIS project for a community partner in the Puget Sound region. This hybrid model combines the flexibility of online learning with the richness of social learning through face-to-face interaction.

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uw online courses fall 2013

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