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On the other hand, the family narrative is interspersed with an examination of corporate agriculture, the impending food crisis, oil dependency, and the effects of each on our planet, our children and communities. As a gardener, I loved the way the author organized the book around the calendar, which, because the Kingsolver family was living so closely in tune with nature, echoes the growing cycle – from asparagus in April to (frozen) zucchini the next March.
I learned a lot that I’ll apply to my vegetable growing (without feeling like I just read a book on crop rotation or seed starting). I’ve always been a Barbara Kingsolver fan, so I bought the book without really knowing what I was in for.

Well… it is, but Kingsolver manages to take such weighty topics and make them not only relevant but digestible.
I think of it so often, and I am sure I decided to start growing my own veggies because of it. But whether Kingsolver’s arguments for eating locally are old hat or big news to you, this is one compelling read.
And she provides steps everyone can take to improve the situation, even if you’re not planning to grow your own food.

If you read this book you will discover so many answers to questions you maybe didn’t even realize you should be asking and hopefully you will find ways to change and improve your life and share it with the people you care about. Even if you can’t grow your own food (like me, in NYC with not even a balcony) you can still make significant changes.

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vegetable animal miracle sparknotes

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