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Today my coworker, who I'm secretly in love with, asked me what my plans for the weekend were. Today, upon my arrival at work, I was greeted by 2 police officers, 2 managers, my coworker, and a meth-head in my office. Today, my AP government teacher moved our seats and of course, I was seated next to my ex who has harassed me ever since our breakup.

Today, I've tried literally every possible brand of antiperspirant deodorant available to me in my area.
They quickly told me that the meth-head was wearing stolen merchandise under her clothes, then left me alone with her, saying I had to watch her undress.
When I asked the teacher after class if I could please have a seat change, she told me I would have to write a 3-page essay on why I made the request.

I scrambled out, still half-asleep, to find out that nobody was in an agonized heap at the bottom.

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vertex english language training

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