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Special Note:users can also make payments via mail or over the phone by dialing at 800-695-94-78 and even by simply visiting Victoria’s Secret store. VS Angel card is offered in three different types: Angel Card, Angel VIP, and the third one is Angel Forever. Due to it’s this much fame among women, the company broadened the product range by including cosmetic products, perfumes, shoes, and some other special types of women’swear.

Whenever a new product is launched or some other offers are announced, Victoria Angel Card holder gets are notified.
However, it is not just a store credit card but a reward card as well.Once the earned points amass to certain limit, the cardholder can then select free gifts by choosing from a wide range of options. In order to become Angel cardholder, you need to apply for it first and the issuance of card is subjected to approval of this application.

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victoria secret angel card credit limit increase

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