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Victoria Secrets has some beautiful underwear and as well as providing customers with a wide range of products, they also have a credit card that allows the user to accrue points each time they make a purchase. Choose the prefix that you wish to use – you have a drop down box to help you with your choice. Enter your annual income – it is up to you if you include things such as child support or alimony.

You can choose if you want anyone else to be allowed to be a buyer using this card and there is a limit of 4 for this facility.
You need to start at the bottom but as you earn points you will move up the list and you will receive $10 every time you redeem 250 points.
The card is known as the Angel card and with the chance to get between $10 and $500 off a future purchase it makes sense to apply for one.

After 500 points you will be a VIP and by the time you have earned 1000 you will be forever.

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victoria secret angel card worth it

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