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Keep your Christmas tree itself as either white, ivory, pink or silver for the best effect.
For the fun loving Victoria’s Secret Pink decor be loud with black or deep purple and fuchsia for your color scheme. For the juvenile cupcake pink Christmas add subtle pieces of other colors like turquoise, pale yellow and light purple.
This entry was posted in Accessories, Christmas, Decorating Ideas, Interior Design and tagged Christmas, Home Decor by Laura Bielecki. By Isabella Muse on September 15, 2009 ??13 Commentsin Fall Collections 2009, Victoria's SecretOne can never have to much pink in one’s girlish life wouldn’t you agree? The Muse questions if this collection will be a yay or nay with the VS makeup lovers out there as it does have a certain girlish almost child-like look about it…but hey who knows right? Includes a vibrant shade of polish with sparkling crystals inside the cap for application on nails or toes.

Expressing your individuality in your Christmas decorations will impress your guests and make you feel right at home through the cold winter months. Don’t make the Xmas ornaments too dainty, with this theme you have to keep it loud and graphic. Fuss over details with polka dots, stripes, ribbons, bows and texture through your wreath, ornaments and nicknack’s. For the princess, barbie or all around pink fanatic the color can be a great bold statement to make a fresh and fun home that looks like cupcake icing and plush animals. Think figure skates, cupcakes, teddy bears, unicorns, Barbie, picture frames and lollipops. This look is ideal for a teens bedroom, dorm room, retail store or decadent Christmas party! I just bought my first 3-for-$15 group of them today-I got the chubby eye crayon, the so soft lip pot, and the lip gloss ring, & I love them!

Personally my favorite pink for Christmas decorating is the mature woman pink with rich tones of coral and dusty rose and accents of pearls and flowers (just like my image above). Christmas lights should be soft and sparkling… white is always the best and most versatile option!! I had gotten sick of boring-looking cosmetic items & these are a breath of fresh air for me, & from my favorite line!

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victoria secret pink nation app

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