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When I called to activate the card, I had to listen to this long spiel about some kind of protection program that will pay off my balance if I get attacked by wolverines or get fired for blogging on the job.
Finally, I interrupted her and said, “Look, if I have to go through all this to activate the card, I changed my mind. Shoved in the envelope behind all the pretty glam market crap was a yucky white paper with all the details about the Victoria’s Secret card. These days, I don’t need a bunch of underwear or card-related perks to make me feel special.
I have friends who have gotten fired just because they didn't keep up their quota of store credit card applications.
I’m a bargain shopper, recently I was looking through an old wallet and found the VS card I never used!!!
I just read that you actually don't even NEED to call to activate a card, that when you receive them in the mail they are already active!
Has anyone ever noticed an attitude problem with cashiers when you tell them no to a store credit card! Oh dear…Please, please, pleeeeease be careful with the company that handles these accounts (it's not VS directly)! Long story short, they credited my payment to another account and didn't send me a statement for almost 3 months, which of course showed all kinds of wild late fees, etc. It's sad because I did love that card for all of the little perks (they send you a free $10-20 gift card every year for your birthday). Yeah, I appreciate the thought, but I'd prefer my underwear in the non-stank variety, please. FYI, the only reason I stumbled upon this post was because I was googling pictures of supersoft hiphugger thongs and up pops your site.
I'm new to your blog, but I really like this post because I see this kind of marketing EVERYWHERE. I had originally looked in to grabbing a VS card just when me and my friends were buying bathing suits for out spring break trip but after reading a bit I figured it wasn't really worth it.
Wow, you are very right about all the marketing strategies they cook up, especially the ones that say that you can get a free piece of something… if you splash out more money than its worth and getting swindled.
Since then, they have very much changed their way of doing things, offer better free items (over night bags, totes, beach bags, towels, umbrellas, perfumes and more). Despite all of your negative items- you forgot to mention that they have great customer service. Stephanie…do you think it’s possible that they changed their policies because blogs like mine complained? I just want to add my share about my terrible experience with Victoria Secret card, I’m glad I looked up with matter on the internet and has found many people to have the same problem like me, because their customer service employee from Victoria Secret Credit Card and from Comenity Bank tried to make it seems ridiculous on my part that they never see this happen before. So I signed up for VS Angel Card for 6 months already, and made purchases with it, but I also return some of my items of the purchases. So I look up online to see if this happens to other people, and yup, it does happen to a lot of people actually!
So I called VS directly, told them my story, again, the girl changed her tone instantly when I bring up this matter. I just read it almost all the comments that u guys write and now im soooo scared about vs card .. And to answer your question Leslie I do not believe you recieve any charge for not using your card. I have a Victoria’s Secret credit card and it is a angel forever card which is VIP I guess and it’s as simple as pay off your balance! And I’m both disgusted and impressed by the marketing techniques VS (I first typed BS, ha!) uses to make sure you use your Angel card. And if I save up 1250 of them (meaning I’ve charged about $105), I can get a FREE gift from the satin series in the reward store!
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They do this because it encourages people to shop there more to begin with, not because they plan on sending out wolves at a later date or something.
It's really genius of the company and back when I was in high school, it would have totally worked for me. I've recently been thinking of getting one myself, but was wondering if I got one and didnt use it for months upon months, would I get charged just for getting one or would I have to pay some sort of fee?
But every time I called the card issuer, I was told that I needed to wait for my statement before I could pay the bill.
Got all aggressive and rude, insisting she works there for 8 years and never heard of this situation, I insist saying I DIDN’T do anything wrong therefore those charges were unfair and also told her that this does happen to a lot of people from their experiences on the internet. Last time I called to activate my Angel VIP card it was totally ridiculous what I had to go through. Also all of my customers who have got the credit card , under my employee number realizes it is a CREDIT card and like all credit cards they try to get you back in the store.
I logged into my account, paid off my balance, and now the card is put away in the place where unused credit cards go to gather dust.
As I said when I applied for the card, I’m not a huge underwear shopper, but I probably would have become one if this had happened a few years ago. Nowadays, I just interrupt them on the first time, telling them that I don't want to pay for any extra service. They got me at the register, I bought a clearance lingerie bottom and a regular size parfume, opened a card and only spent 10$!!! Even better was that the statement came while I was out of the country so it sat around in a giant pile of mail for the weeks while I was gone. I can relate to this too because I grew up with parents who very much associated what they owned with their worth. Now that my frugal muscle has been exercised, I see these things and am completely disgusted that they work!
Geez it amazes me that companies can get away with such high interest rates, additional charges. A few days ago I got a call from Comenity Bank, harassing me to pay my bill because it was past due 3 months. He keeps saying that it shows on the system that the statement is sent out monthly blahblhablha, easy for you to say anything, how can I see the proof then? She paused for a moment, didn’t know how to reply to that, put me on hold to talk to her supervisor, and came back to tell me that all my charges has been dropped, and that my statement is going out today.
I have had my vs card for a couple years now and I have never loved a piece of shopping pharaphernalia more. Every time I go into the store they give me something free- beach towel, make up case, panties even if I’m a day early, I just ask for it and they give it to me. Because they want me in the store, where I’ll see the cute colors and want them instead, plus the matching accessories and OMG this perfume smells awesome! Sure, I’ll take it if I ever earn it (I have 935 points right now per the website) but do people really buy stuff just to earn a dinky little something for free? Join in the discussion here on So Over This, or connect on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Google Plus.
When I got home and called to sort things out, they claimed to have lost my email address in their system and berated me for not paying my bills?! That email included the paperless statement, which – by coincidence – told me that the bill was due in 24 hours!! I told the guy from Comenity my situation and that they are the one who is responsible for not sending me mail which was required by law. SO PLEASE, IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU, STAND ON YOUR GROUND AND DO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE, THE MORE OF STORIES LIKE THIS, THE HARDER FOR THEM TO DENY THEIR UNETHICAL AND COMMITTING FRAUD BUSINESS PRACTICE! I’ve dealt with the credit card reps multiple times- purchased online and in the store- had to return things and exchange things and do not have ONE complaint. I now know that I am who I am regardless of what I own and that great people recognize that. You can access any balance on your account from the manage credit card link on the main vs site.
If you know how to utilize their coupons and have common sense on how to utilize your credit card then you never pay fees-never pay annual rates.
They said since I return the merchandise, it is automatically counted as a payment, that’s why I do not need to worry about paying that month statement. I charge then a few days later when its posted I pay it- rack up the reward points, more coupons coming and $0 bill so no need for the 1.99 protection fee to be added monthly. Then she went thru the terms and conditions so quick that I couldn’t understand a word she said. About a week or so (maybe later) I get an email or bill telling me that my payment was denied. So I was getting charged every month and was so busy and kept forgetting to cancel the service, which is what they want to happen. They send you 10$, 15$, or 30$ (based on your card holder status) certificates every time you reach so many points. Finally after about 5 months I cancelled and that wasted another 20 minutes of my life with them trying to persuade me that I needed that service…. Because I do not want the same thing that happen to my mom to happen to me, which she signed up for a VS card 2 years ago and NEVER receive the card or the bill, but she forgot that she opened once since she didn’t want to at the moment but the sale associate was very pushy. So anyway I was so dreading getting my new card activated until I came across an old comment from Chellesinmke that said YOU DON’T HAVE TO CALL TO GET THE CARD ACTIVATED, because its already activated when they mail it to you. And her BANK account got closed because all of the late fees build up, which she wasn’t aware of because they NEVER send anything to her.
Now, I have a baby on the way and it horrifies me to think about, if I refuse to pay for another five years, how bad it would be. I think they just want you to call so they can sign you up for a service to get more money from you. I swear everytime I make an online purchase I feel like I’m scamming them with all the discounts and free stuff.

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