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The free section requires a short, free registration process, but after that, you’re able to download from a sizeable pool of quality images. This site is slightly different in that you can use a smaller, image from their collection for free.
In almost all cases with Free Digital Photos, you’ll need to include a credit link when using the photo.
With Free Images, the required registration to use their stock is a slightly long one, however it’s free and once you’re in you have access to plenty of visual imagery for any of your needs.
There doesn’t appear to be any terms regarding attribution, however it’s worth doing so to be safe. This site has both a free and paid section for people who need a little extra choice with their image search.
Clicking on a photo, takes you to the main image and you’ll see that the original source must be attributed when using the file.
Images at the larger end of the spectrum require you to fill in a captcha prompt, however this can be bypassed by registering for a free account.
Make sure you read the text beneath the photo which stipulates that attribution to that page is mandatory.
Going down a slightly different route, Ancestry Images hosts a large collection of free, historical stock images.
The idea behind BigFoto is that amateur photographers can submit images they’ve taken (usually of landscapes from around the world) and share them for free with anyone who wishes to use them. If you’re after stunning images to use commercially in a development project, look no further.
Hubspot may not be your conventional choice for sourcing free stock images, however every now and then they do come up with the goods. If vintage is more your style, New Old Stock hosts a large pool of vintage stock that have no known copyright and which are free for use without attribution.
There’s some corkers here – perfect for adding some authenticity to a blog post or a little vintage humour.
For another website that offers beautiful, high resolution photos, head on over to PicJumbo.
When you click on a photo, you’ll noticed that you can get more images from a particular photo shoot. Those with a more natural eye and an appreciation for all things ‘nature’, will love Pickupimage. There’s no registration needed to use these photos and you can download them in a couple of different sizes, saving you time in the editing process.
Unsplash releases 10 brand new photos, every ten days for you to download, modify, use and play with to your heart’s content. To make the process of searching for wikimedia commons images much simpler, give Can We Image a try.
The following websites are slightly different in that they allow you to search through sites such as Flickr and Wikimedia Commons for your perfect picture. is creative common licensed and acts as a free stock photos community where users can upload, share, search for and use each others work. For some of the better packages you do have to pay a monthly fee, however free accounts can resize 5 free images per month. You can use Picmonkey perfectly well for free however to access some of the better fonts and effects, the Royale version is your best bet.
More commonly known for its premium range of stock photos that cost a pretty penny, Getty Images has made news recently with its free embeddable image service. The only draw-back from this approach to image sharing is the inability to download the picture first. Now there’s a lot to be said for Social Media and how we should be sharing a lot more images on those networks, to boost our visibility and reach.
Far from simply publishing your updates into the ether, you can breathe new life into your social statuses by embedding these posts into a blog post or website page.
If you’ve come across Deviant Art before, then you’ll probably recognise it as a place to share your art works, photography, poetry and prose. Some artists will state on a post or somewhere in their profile whether these images can be used elsewhere or not, and there’s never any harm in asking. Staying on the artwork and image theme, Open Clipart is another source of graphics that are free for public use.
Ever wondered how people manage to get awesome looking scenes of a mobile device with their own image or text in it?
The idea is that they provide you with a range of backgrounds, tablet templates, mobile phone and computer templates, you then add a URL of the page you’d like a screenshot of and Placeit then pops it into the template. To use the images for free, you’re only able to download a small version, however they do have options for a premium account if you’d like something a little bigger. You’ll love this if you’re a foodie because Foodies Feed is, as you tell, all about the delicious morsels we call food. Another source of breathtaking imagery is Albumarium, almost an emporium of visually stunning images that are submitted by users and curated on the website.
There’s no limitations on these photographs, meaning you can use them for any purpose you like, and believe me, there’s some amazing pictures to choose from. Right now the library is fairly limited, but the patterns you’ll find in their archives are of a brilliant quality and include some interesting choices. I’m in love with Free Refe’s collection of images, mostly due to the fact they’re all taken from a mobile device.
All images are free to use, are of a very high resolution and require no attribution to share and enjoy. Picography is relatively new to the free image market, however the images that they already have are excellent.
No list of image sources would be complete without including some of the best places to get your hands on some professional, paid photography.
If you would like to launch a website to share news about architecture projects and design trends or you would like to redesign the architecture website you already have, this is the right article for you. Those who might need the following website templates are architects, web designers who specialize in creating architecture, decoration and interior design websites and other people in architecture and construction industry. Actually, each of the free website templates featured in this article may help you either create a website for an architect or bring an architectural firm online.
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Super Bowl Sunday is almost here, but it’s not too late to use the excitement to score some sales.
Print, email, or post this flyer to your website to give your customers another reason to celebrate this weekend. The one thing your Mary Kay® business could be missing ia a beautiful, easy to use QT Office® Unit Website! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and stay connected by subscribing to our email list on the right!

If you have bought a domain and still need to design the website, then please don’t leave it blank it is never too early to start marketing your site. Last week we showed you 15 great Coming Soon pages, in this post we will present 10 tips for creating a more effective and professional Coming Soon page, we will use this as inspiration for our next article on Wednesday where we will provide you with a list of tutorials for creating beautiful Coming Soon Pages.
The reason for creating a coming soon page is that there is actually something coming soon.
A great example of letting visitors know just how far the website was and what needed to be done before the final release was the evasi0n jailbreak website. The most important thing to remember is that if you have a countdown timer then you MUST launch the website when the timer reaches zero, you really can’t leave it at zero for too long or visitors will lose faith in you. As you might have noticed in our previous post many of the Coming Soon pages use a much larger font than normal websites, this is to grab the attention of the visitors. If you looked through the inspirational coming soon pages we presented last week then you might have noticed one prominent feature they all included, yes I am talking about the email sign up form. While there are several different ways to design your subscription form most designers tend to stick with a very simply design that only requires the visitor to enter their email, remember this isn’t a survey so don’t ask for unnecessary information.
However you need to remember that because someone signs up for your email updates that is not an invitation to bombard them with emails, stick with as few as possible, perhaps one to thank them for signing up and one when your site has launched. There is nothing more important that letting your visitors know what has changed since last time they visited.
If you don’t want to use a email sign up update then perhaps you might want to consider running a blog that will keep visitors updated on what’s happening with the site. Finally in recent years more and more developers have turned to social media outlets such as Twitter or Facebook to keep their visitors in the know. The biggest reason for creating a Coming Soon page is so you can explain to the visitors what you are all about, whether it be an upcoming product or simply a website. I am not saying you should write a whole essay about your amazing new site but a few sentences can go a long way to convincing visitors to come back.
Remember when we were talking about design in #2 and I told you to focus on the design well you really need to focus on your wording as well, there is nothing more boring that a website that simply says “This Site is Under Construction” honestly I am sure you can come up with something a bit more original. Since the biggest reason for visitors to visit a website is that they want something from you, it is vital that you let the visitors know how else they can reach you.
If you are on Twitter or Facebook then let your visitors know, you can either do this through a link or with social media buttons. Your Coming Soon page can also contact direct contact information such as Phone numbers, email addresses or even a physical address. Everyone knows the saying curiosity killed the cat, if you add some sort of mysterious touch to the Coming Soon page then you are bound to spark the interest of many visitors. Of course don’t forget that this isn’t the same as keeping visitors in the dark, as we mentioned earlier it is really important to let visitors know what they can expect once the final page launches. You can create mystery through the text choice or through your design, the goal of your website should be to get visitors talking and if you can manage to do this through a mysterious touch then there is a much bigger chance that they will tell their friends about it.
A great example of creating mystery around a new launch was the Polish phone provider Heya, they had a coming soon page with just a red hand (the company logo) at the same time they had commercials on TV and billboards announcing something big and directing visitors to their website. Just because a Coming Soon page has a short lifespan, that is really no reason for you to ignore SEO habits. If you start building a search engine presence early in the design then you are much more likely to have a better presence once the final page launches as well as help you gain a higher search engine ranking in the future.
In most cases an attribution credit, linking back to the photo origin is required although Dreamstime does include a handy snippet for you to paste with your image to make things easier.
These  stock images are usually sized small enough to look comfortable as editorial content, however for larger, more detailed versions you’ll have to pay a premium.
When searching for an image, the results show a line of sponsored results from shutterstock, before moving on to the free results. Free registration is required and unfortunately the free section is fairly limited in terms of quantity. These resources include icons, photos, vector images and templates that are all of a good quality and high standard. Images are user submitted and free to use, with each image clearly stating the usage rights.
There’s no sign-up required to download an image and they can be downloaded in a range of sizes to suit. Once downloaded you’re free to use the image as you see fit and are not bound by having to attribute. As the name suggests, these images are in the public domain and are therefore free to download and use. You’ll also need to look into the license terms as some images require a model or property release. Below the image is a tab which stipulates the terms of the image and you’ll probably find that many of them will require an attribution link. Everything is completely free for both personal and commercial use and I have to say some of them are truly breathtaking. FreeMediaGoo is place for developers to share and source free media for use on TV, in Print, Film and anything else you can think of. They’ve been known in the past to package together high quality stock photos that are free to use and all they ask in return, is that you sign up to their newsletter. Each week they release a brand new batch of images that are completely free to download – no attribution or signup required.
This however will cost you, but is worth taking up if you have the cash and need a series of similar images.
This site features mostly nature and environment related images that are in the public domain, meaning they’re free to use, edit and publish – all without attribution.
Nearly all of the images on his website ‘Superfamous’ are free to use, however must attribute correctly and give credit to Folkert when publishing. They’re completely free and require no attribution, making image sourcing hassle free and inspiring. If you’re used to wikipedia’s layout and system, then you should be okay finding what you need.
It searches and displays results from the free-to-use image depository and then links directly to the usage rights page. Most of them will allow you to filter your search results based on license type and usually provide you with some code for attribution purposes. Many of these images can be used for commercial use too however require the proper credits included with the image when publishing. It’s also particularly useful if you’re trying to find the creator of the image, in order to request permissions to use it. Users can source images, resize them and create attributions all on the same website, which is pretty snazzy if you ask me. There’s a feature to create collages, add image overlays, different fonts, colours and many other features that are too numerous to count. What that means for us is that we can embed these images directly into our blog posts as a free alternative to the traditional paid-for stock photo. This can’t be done if you go for this option, so it’s worth weighing the pros and cons before diving in.

Have you ever considered using a Tweet or Status Update as an image in and of itself though? It’s certainly a great way to add some variety into your imagery, without paying a hefty price. This clipart has been released into the Public Domain and can be used for unlimited commercial use, so there’s no way you can be confused over what you can and can’t do with the images once they’re downloaded. Most people who do this probably use a pdf template or manage it with Adobe Illustrator which can be a bit of a pain if you’re not used to them. You can also upload an image if you prefer and it will be added perfectly in place as if it really was your image on that device. Head on over to their free section and choose from any of the included images which includes fun cartoons, objects, icons and many other vectors. The beautiful foodie finds on this site are of a very high quality, are completely free and have absolutely no limitations on how you go about using them.
The Terms of Service stipulate that all images must be submitted under the Creative Commons license and the author must be credited properly when you go to use their photographs. On the website he states that he’s always on the lookout for great image sources and so decided to serve up his own offerings for anyone to use. That’s what Curated Quotes were thinking when they made all of their image quotes free to use.
The images are free to download and use and feature striking, decadent images of flora and fauna, as well as animals and natural scenes. A lot of the ones you’ll find online for free aren’t that original or are fairly low quality. If you’re into quirky, you’ll especially love their sushi pattern, which as with all of their patterns, is free to download and use without any form of registration. These prove that you can get some stunning effects with the right filter, lighting and subject matter. Created by a branding company based in Dublin, all images are free to use for commercial and personal use, without any attribution back to the source required. The sites below include some popular websites that you’ve probably heard of, along with a few wild cards like Creative Market and Etsy who are more popularly known for other products. Below you will find free website templates to help you build architecture websites and blogs. Creating a Coming Soon page is not only a good idea of filling the blank space it is also a great way of introducing yourself to the online world.
The best tip I can give you is be honest with your visitors and let them know when exactly you are going to be updating the site.
Yes I know that it is not going to be used forever, but you still need to put an effort into creating something beautiful. Remember now that someone has visited the site you want them to return when the site is launched, and what better way of doing that then sending them an email letting them know you have gone live, if you don’t offer some form of email subscription you run the risk of your visitors having forgotten all about your website when it finally launches.
The website below is a great example of how to keep the email subscription form present and still keep the design nice.
You could do this directly on the site by having a what’s new area or if you are allowing people to subscribe to a mailing list then you can either decide to let them know during the design phase or simply send them a message once the site is up and running. If you have created a logo, or if you are creating a product, then perhaps a mockup would be a great addition to your Coming Soon page. Not only does this allow your visitors to find alternative ways of contacting you but it also allows you to build your social network presence and build an audience before the final release of your site.
As the example above from DeviantART shows you can even add a Google Map so your visitors know where you are located. Not only did this generate interest in social networks but even Television and Newspapers were talking about what this could possibly be. She has a Masters degree in International Business Management, but her passion is anything related to web design.
I’m not a good photographer, but I’m a good scavenger, and now I have the support of an even better scavenger. These images are mostly non commercial too, so can’t be used to promote a product or service. There’s no mention of attribution therefore I’d err on the side of caution and include one anyway. The website owner requests that these images should not be used for commercial use and that a link back to the source is greatly appreciated.
Every week new photos are added to this collection of high resolution, premium quality images and they’re all absolutely free to do whatever you want with. However because each image is so acutely categorised, some people may find it difficult to navigate. In essence it means you can find out where a photo comes from, it’s original source and if there are any other versions of it online.
Canva is one of those sites that with a bit of practice you’ll be using over and over again. What few people know however, is that a lot of these images can be used as editorial content, providing you get the right permissions.
Combining an emotive photograph with inspiration quotes, these images are both powerful and useful in their own right.
Far from being your usual corporate business stock photo, these images have a sense of realism to them that’s excellent for adding a touch of authenticity to your content. For a while we called this post ‘the blog post of doom’, as it took such a HUGE amount of time to pull together. I’d love you to add them in the list below, and if we can get the number to 99, we’ll turn it into a free eBook. As these templates are created by different web design companies from around the globe you have the best choice of free web templates related to architecture.
Don’t forget the Coming Soon page works as pre-launch marketing, if you create a great coming soon page then visitors are much more likely to come back. If you are creating the next YouTube platform let them know, the next twitter let them know…get the picture make sure you let your visitors know what to expect after final launch. It enables you to use pre-set templates to create visually stunning images with a few clicks of your mouse.
While the image quotes are free to use, Curated Quotes does prefer a link included, crediting them when publishing. I’m looking for images that don’t cost anything, are open source, but that honour the photographer in the process.
For QT users, just enter the discount amount on the invoice and we’ll keep track of everything without a penalty.

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