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The Greatest Video Game Music features most of the arrangements and orchestrations from the one off concert Video Game Heroes, which took place at Londons Royal Festival Hall on the 2nd September 2011. The concert began with Advent Rising's "Muse", which was an unlikely opener, but nevertheless quite emotional with its operatic focus. The main theme from Battlefield 2 is appropriately militaristic, and the brass and percussion are careful as to not overpower the rest of the orchestra too much. The album also includes "Soviet Connection" from Grand Theft Auto IV, an arrangement that was cut from the concert at the last minute. All tracks recorded by Steve Price at Angel Studios and Sam Okell at Watford Colosseum on the Abbey Road mobile rig. Eiiaii ioaa?o aaiu ii?oaiey ea?iaie iocuea I?anoe?iue Eiiaiineee Oeea?iiie?aneee i?eano? ?aoee aianoe nai? eaioo a enoi?e? ea?iaie iocuee. Computer games have existed for over 30 years now, and came from humble beginnings compared to what we see on our screens today. Games quickly went from a 2D experience and into the 3D realm thanks to the invention and continual improvement of graphics cards and GPU’s, and will soon be making a step even further into the realms of Virtual Reality (VR) thanks to technology like the Oculus Rift, which is dangerously close to being released. Although gameplay has always been critical to the success of a game, one part that tends to get slightly overlooked is the music that accompanies the game, as it can often help in making games into long lasting icons.
If you don’t believe me, just ask any of your friends if they can hum the Mario theme tune.
This just shows you the impact that music can have on the visceral experience of a game, even at a subconscious level, as it is always there to try and add to the experience, and never to subtract. It is no surprise then as computer games have continued to get more advanced that the soundtracks would go along with technology, so much so that nowadays almost every triple A title is accompanied with a full orchestral soundtrack, and often makes use of some of the best orchestras from around the world to make sure it is done to a proper standard.
Things were not always as “easy” as they are now though, as the early composers for computer game’s had a host of difficulties and challenges to overcome if they were to create music that people could remember, and is often extremely overlooked in the eyes of gamers. With that in mind, and considering I have a degree in Classical music, I thought I would lay down some knowledge for those interested out there on how music in gaming has morphed into what it is today, and how some of the most iconic soundtracks of our time were made using surprisingly simple means.

Are you one of those filthy human beings that turns off the soundtrack to a game just minutes after the beginning, or do you often find yourself by the enthralled orchestral soundscapes that you are surrounded with when questing through the world of gaming? Stay tuned to Telkom Gaming for part one of mapping the gaming soundscape in the coming days, as it will talk about some of the soundtracks we remember the most – the Nintendo NES. TI6 Compendium Smashes First Day Record Prize Pool Total continues to skyrocket as community gets involved.
Big-budget studios always have at their fingertips the option to go big-budget with their music and hire an orchestra. Max Payne II (while this may seem an interesting and under-appreciated choice on the surface, I’d bet money that if this were selected, London Philharmonic would use the exact same transcription of the main theme done by the FILMharmonic orchestra for the 2004 Games Convention in Leipzig. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (VGL and VGO both cover this, and they probably do a better job than London Philharmonic, given the nature of the score. With the exception of a few oddball titles on that list (Golden Sun and LBP stand out as sore thumbs), everything on this list is already orchestrated.
It features music from a range of video game titles adapted by arranger and orchestrator Andrew Skeet for performance by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Voices.
Modern Warfare 2 is followed by something completely different, Ari Pulkkinen's theme tune for Angry Birds, which is brilliant fun and great to listen to.
The standard physical release features the 21 aforementioned tracks, whereas the digital releases include a bonus. Widely regarded as one of the most known theme tunes around the world, a study conducted in the US found that over 70 percent of students at the varsities that partook in the study were correctly able to identify or sing the Mario theme tune, despite not having played the game for quite a few years. For indie devs, however, a full orchestra performing music for their games is like a pipe dream.
90% of the items listed here have been arranged and performed to death by orchestras the world over in the last decade.
If referring to the whole series … yeah, I could use some Alexander Brandon orchestra in my life.

It’s already available for consumption in many forms, or else it will be in a few months from one of any number of venues.
Every game orchestra in the history of the planet has done Mario medleys, and 70% of them still use the arrangement from the first OGC in 1991. The break-out burgeoning genre defined by its financial constraints and lack of a third party publisher has gotten ZERO legitimate orchestral coverage.
I’m still holding out for an orchestral tour of break-out insta-classic indie games from the past few years. The atmosphere is really haunting, thanks in part to the shimmering strings, and there was a good mix of action and suspense in the piece. Think about it: World of Goo, Aquaria, Super Meat Boy, Minecraft, FEZ and so many others, all handled by the archetypal ensemble of instruments for the past 500 years.
The last track is something completely different, "Gusty Garden Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy. Even though the arrangement is lacking in a few areas, such as a lack of countermelody in the middle, they capture the spirit of the piece really well. As for Tetris, the opening is actually quite epic sounding, and then the piano started playing the Type A tune, after which the whole orchestra joins in. You should add your widgets into Default sidebar area on Appearance => Widgets of your dashboard.
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