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Beetee, Wiress and the District 3 male (74th HG) were all described by Katniss to have ashen skin. Tributes from District 3 tend to be extremely good at creating and using electronics, as displayed by Beetee as he became a victor by utilizing his knowledge and skill with electrical devices. Both the tributes in the 74th and 75th Hunger Games, who didn't die in the bloodbath, died at the hands of a Career, as the District 3 male was killed by Cato and Wiress was killed by Gloss. While the District 3 female did not make it far in the 74th Hunger Games, dying third in the bloodbath, the male was electronically skilled and he proved that to the Careers by moving and then rearming the landmines used to prevent tributes stepping off the pedestals before the official start of the Games. Before the Dark Days, District 3 was one of the more wealthy districts, however it was crippled by the uprising (in which it presumably played an important role) and living standards decreased. Although it's still one of the wealthier districts, District 3's living attitude is really poor, and is the poorer of the wealthier districts, and typically don't do well in the Games. According to The Hunger Games Adventures, District 3 is located directly to the west of District 12. According to the, District 3 has twelve factories in operation, and a population of 195,329, making it the third largest district, in terms of population.
It was one of the first districts to rebel during the 2nd rebellion, along with Districts 1, 8, and 11.
Although it was said they showed joy during Katniss' arrival during the Victory Tour, the citizens of District 3 seemed to be unhappy and later rioted during her speech, pleading for her to say what she really felt. According to the Capitol.PN, District 3 claims 62,991 in tesserae, making it the fifth richest district. If the population is 195,329 and they claim 62,991 tesserae, it would equal to 0.322 tesserae per person, making it the 6th richest district. The can make negative contractions of the verb To Be in the Past tense by joining the verb (was or were) and n't (e.g. Try our interactive games to practice Was and Were (simple affirmative sentences), Was and Were in Questions (simple questions), To Be in the Past Tense (mixed) and Was and Were in Short Answers. A variety of English grammar notes and rules including charts and examples for beginner to advanced level students.
The Digital World, inhabited by the Digimon, is a virtual space created by network developers. The project was prepared by creating an island or a continent where Digimon could be made closer to humans. This world is located within the host computer, which is called Yggdrasil, and is controlled and managed by artificial intelligence.
According to legend and stories swirled in the mist of history, patchouli was introduced to the West by traders who used the plant’s oil or its dark, green leaves to protecting their precious cargo of silk.
David Jourquin is a French perfumer, though I’m unclear on what his exact background may be or if he was in fashion before.
The Jourquin fragrances are inspired, in part, by the olfactory memories of his mother with her leather jacket, his visits to Guadeloupe with his father, and the impact of trips to Morocco with his step-father. For Cuir Tabac, the nighttime version of his pair of Cuir fragrances, David Jourquin drew heavily on his childhood memories of visiting the bustling marketplace of Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe with his father. The heady and insolent patchouli heightens the deep and profound tobacco, cigar and musk notes overturning the senses in a soft murmur of fine eternal lavenders. Five minutes in, the first glimmer of tobacco appears, smelling just like a fresh, unlit, Cuban cigar. I still don’t smell any dominant, hardcore leather, per se, but there is a growing impression of its feel flittering about the edges. About 4 hours in Cuir Tabac’s development, the fragrance settles down for its final stage.
In some ways, it seems that Cuir Tabac dissolves in on itself, but you can also argue that it’s meant to be a soft glow that discreetly envelops you before it turns into something more personal.
So, if Cuir Tabac is intentionally meant to be this secret, quiet, shy whisper of softness and warmth, then I can hardly criticize the perfumer for achieving his goal.
God bless the individual that’s willing to spend hundreds of dollars on this fragrance.
For the first hour, you get hints of sweet pipe tobacco, quickly overshadowed by a medicinal tone (probably the mix of lavender & patchouli). One thing that needs some elaboration, however, is the issue of Cuir Tabac’s longevity. This entry was posted in All Other Perfume Houses, David Jourquin, Orientals, Patchouli Fragrances, Perfume Review and tagged Cuir Tabac, David Jourquin, David Jourquin Cuir Tabac, leather fragrances, patchouli-fragrances, perfume review by Kafkaesque. What are some of the games that should have given us hours of enjoyment but never got the chance? Sometimes companies will announce when they cancel projects, but other times they'll remain silent about promised products that never emerge. District 13 is the last of the thirteen districts of Panem and was thought to be destroyed by the Capitol during the First Rebellion. On the temporary tattoo the District 13 citizens get every morning, it shows what that person needs to do. Other activities are the Command, where citizens of District 13 write down what they want changed or added to the schedule.
Buttercup is let outside to find food, but his comings and goings are strictly controlled, and if he causes any problems, he will be shot on sight. President Coin accepted, but stipulated that she could only hunt within a strict quarter-mile radius for a time span of two hours and had to use the game that they, she and Gale, caught for the kitchen in District 13. In the book Mockingjay, it is revealed that District 13 was never destroyed during the First Rebellion, but that they moved underground due to a non-aggression pact with the Capitol in which District 13 remains fully independent and isolated from the rest of Panem in exchange for them not attacking the Capitol and starting another war. After this agreement was reached, the Capitol cut off all outside access to the district and demolished the visible remains of the district to allow them to falsely display the remains of the district to the rest of Panem as the consequence of rebelling against the Capitol. When District 13 gained independence from Panem, it also gained a valuable arsenal of nuclear weaponry, and had its non-aggression pact with the Capitol, ensuring its safety. It is also mentioned that there was a pox outbreak that spread through District 13, lowering the population and making most of the survivors infertile. After the First Rebellion and the district's supposed destruction, the Capitol stated that its primary industry had been graphite mining only with no mention of its studies in nuclear sciences.
Weddings in District 13 are relatively low-key events with the couple signing a marriage certificate and being assigned a compartment for them to share. In Catching Fire, Bonnie and Twill from District 8 tell Katniss Everdeen about the mockingjay that has repeatedly been seen flying across the corner of the screen when the Capitol is supposedly televising new footage of District 13. This reveals that the Capitol never actually shows the current state of the district, but instead always replays old footage.
After the third Quarter Quell, the survivors were taken there, along with the refugees from the bombing of District 12.

During an interview with Caesar Flickerman, Peeta Mellark warned District 13 that the Capitol were to bomb the district which gave them a eight minute head start to the bunkers. Districts 2 and 13 are the only districts with dual industries, though no other district knew about its second primary industry. District 12 also has dual industries but only after the Second Rebellion. District 13 is the only known district to be located underground, though it originally existed above ground before the First Rebellion.
District 13 was the starting point of the First Rebellion and in some ways of the Second Rebellion. District 13 is one of the three known districts to be bombed during the Second Rebellion (District 8 and District 12 were also bombed).
It is stated by Prim in the third film that District 13 had an epidemic a few years ago that made President Coin lose her daughter and her husband. This is presumed to be a typical trait of District 3, in the film Beetee was the only tribute from the district not to have this characteristic. District 3 was the 2nd - 4th district to pry from Capitol rules and eventually, they became the third district to do so.
The plant’s naturally medicinal, sometimes mentholated or antiseptic notes would ward off insects and other marauders.
By blending the sweet and pungent scents of the market with his powerfully evocative signature leather and tobacco notes, Jourquin has created something remarkable: an enveloping, warm, and edgeless fragrance that truly feels like a memory. First, and most prominent, is lavender which feels dry, pungent, herbaceous, and exactly like that in dried lavender sachets from Provence that I loathe so much.
Cuir Tabac’s perfume notes may not list amber, but there is a definite golden haze in the base that is sweet, musky, and resinous. For a fragrance that is called Tobacco Leather, Cuir Tabac doesn’t actually feel like a leather fragrance at all. The patchouli’s medicinal undertones have faded, while its other features have grown stronger. The fragrance’s undertones are smoky at times, nutty at other times, and always resinous in feel. At first, there was the subtle, muted whiff of something resembling new car seats in an extremely expensive vehicle, but the smell soon gave way to an impression of an old, comfy, sweetened leather, armchair. Cuir Tabac has definitely started to evoke the reading room and library in an old Mayfair gentlemen’s club with its wall of books, its comfy, well-worn, dark leather armchairs, and a warm fire. With the exception of that sharp synthetic accord, the rest of Cuir Tabac starts to feel like a very well-blended blur.
At first, it’s turns into a creamy cafe au lait with patchouli fragrance that has a subtle whiff of lavender, synthetics, and tobacco. It is now a creamy, vanilla patchouli fragrance with subtle whiffs of sweetened, unlit pipe tobacco, along with the tiniest speck of smoke and musk. The latter interpretation seems to be supported by David Jourquin’s somewhat abstract attempts at philosophical, poetic stylings on his website, both in the section about him and the one devoted to his philosophy. I know a number of people who prefer wispy, gauzy, soft scents that remain close to the skin and are just a private message to themselves. I think the reference definitely applies not because of the scent itself, on my skin at least, but because of how many of its notes just vanish like a ghost, only to occasionally reappear later, or how hard they are to pull out of the nebulous patchouli cloud.
The thin, unobtrusive nature of the scent and its low sillage clearly was a problem for two of the commentators quoted up above. One commentator found absolutely no difference between Cuir Tabac and its sibling for the day, Cuir Mandarine. The creamy bits are lovely, as is the cafe au lait undertone that sometimes vaguely mimics a similar nuance in Chanel‘s Coromandel, and I always enjoy dark patchouli, even when mixed with lavender. These are the games that companies gave up on before announcing them to the world at large.
There's a special term for products that never seem to get out of the development cycle: vaporware. It was said by the Capitol to be "uninhabitable" with the ruins still smoldering from the "chemical" bombs dropped on it. The reason that the Capitol was willing to accept this arrangement was due to District 13's specialization is nuclear weaponry and the fact that they had trained their nuclear missiles on the Capitol, threatening to destroy them. When District 13 relocated underground, they began developing and manufacturing new types of weaponry and later did so for the rebel armed forces during the Second Rebellion.
For that reason, District 13 was eager to accept refugees during the Second Rebellion as "breeding stock" and unsurprisingly there were very few children in the district. The ruins are always smoldering and the same news reporter is talking in front of the rubble. However, nuclear energy and graphite mining are closely related, as graphite is one of the most important components on a nuclear reactor.
When the silk hit the streets of Europe, fine ladies were enchanted by the lingering sweet smell of patchouli and demanded more of it.
Both fragrances were released in 2011, are eau de parfum in concentration, and are packaged quite solidly in leather, stitched with the David Jourquin signature. Thankfully, its abrasive sharpness is quickly mellowed out by the infusion of the patchouli, but it still has an edge to it that this lavender-phobe finds a little off-putting. Perhaps it’s merely another facet to the patchouli, but it seems much more resinous than just that.
The note also has sweet, golden, almost leathered, and floral underpinnings, and they don’t stem from the other accords so much as from the tobacco itself. Now, the patchouli has a far greater whiff of something that is slightly green and herbaceousness. There is a butler passing around cognac snifters, accompanied by the finest Belgian chocolates, and a humidor of the most expensive Monte-Cristo cigars from Havana. Less than 75-minutes in, the notes lose a lot of their edges and shape, and the sillage drops. Then, at the start of the third hour, the tobacco returns to the fold and starts to tango with the patchouli. Another thought Cuir Tabac was too similar to the more affordable Thierry Mugler fragrance, A* Men Pure Havane.
Unfortunately, I had enough problems with the scent that, at that price range, I would far prefer to get Profumum’s glorious, smoky Patchouly soliflore with its incredible concentration, baroque richness, salty ambergris, and lack of razor-sharp synthetics. Game developers can leave the company in the middle of a project to go work somewhere else.
Only the people who worked on these games -- and anyone they've talked to -- are likely to know about them. Its primary industry was nuclear science and technology, whilst its other minor industry was graphite mining, with the latter being stated as their only industry by the Capitol after its supposed destruction.

Although in a deal established by Katniss Everdeen, she asked for permission for her younger sister, Primrose Everdeen, to keep the small tom cat named Buttercup she took care of in District 12. At the end of Catching Fire, Katniss learns that District 13 is being used as a base for the new Rebellion. Beetee from District 3 built specialized weaponry, Katniss became the Mockingjay symbol, Finnick Odair narrated propo, and so on.
In Catching Fire during the Victory Tour, Katniss notices that this district, along with District 8 and District 4, shows the most happiness to see her, implying that it is of the more rebellious districts. At the same time, the patchouli is also extremely golden and pale, manifesting an incredibly creamy touch that smells a lot like milky cafe au lait. Frankly, I’m not sure I can recall the last time I smelled a lavender-patchouli pairing, let alone one that is quite so singular and unadulterated in its focus.
The whole fragrance sits atop a somewhat molten base that, at this point, is lightly tinged with a hint of creamy, almost vanillic, sweetness. Lurking about is a subtle smokiness that feels more like incense than tobacco smoke, but it may be a by-product of one of those five patchouli types. Instead, the fragrance sometimes carries the subtle feel of leather as a subset of the patchouli and resins, a manifestation of their characteristics, if you will.
It becomes more prominent as time goes on, especially once the lavender recedes in strength around the 50-minute mark. For those who don’t feel like drinking, there is creamy cafe au lait, dusted by white cocoa powder and toasted nuts. Cuir Tabac is a warm, slightly nebulous glow of patchouli that is creamy, sweet, a little bit smoky, slightly leathered, very nutty, and just barely infused with lavender atop a musky, ambered base.
Now, it’s no longer uncut Cuban cigars, but sweetened pipe tobacco infused with patchouli. Clearly, the fragrance is very well-blended and reflects different facets on different occasions, but I wish it had more body, depth, and structure.
Cuir Tabac remains unchanged until its final moments, a little under 11 hours from its start.
However, even they might not think the perfume was worth it for the price and accessibility issue.
If you will note, not a single one of those comments (or the remaining few on Fragrantica) mentions leather at all. Still, if money is no object, if you prefer your patchouli to be gauzy, lightweight, and discreet, and if you also enjoy lavender, but don’t like leather or dominant tobacco notes, then Cuir Tabac may be for you. Video game technology sometimes advances significantly during a video game's production cycle, which means the game looks dated before developers have finished making it. It is implied in Catching Fire that their citizens lived in abject poverty, as they were one of the first districts to start an uprising during the Dark Days.
There are nutty undertones that are a little like roasted almonds, but there is also a faint whisper of chocolate lurking about.
The patchouli has a strong element of toasted nuts, and it’s no longer just a subtle impression of almonds, but toasted hazelnuts as well.
Cuir Tabac is now a lovely, multi-faced patchouli fragrance with nutty, creamy, sweet, musky, dark, and vanillic touches, followed by touches of lavender and the faintest hint of fresh cigars.
And, somewhere in the background, someone is burning a tiny, itsy-bitsy bit of black incense.
The tobacco pops up once in a while to make itself noticeable, but it generally hovers at the periphery.
The latter is still simultaneously creamy and dark, but all the subtle leathered, nutty, and incense undertones have vanished.
Both times I wore it, the results were slightly different in terms of the small details, as well as in the order and prominence of all the notes except for the patchouli, but the nebulous feel of the fragrance was the same. Yet, patchouli happens to be one my favorite notes (in its dark, chewy incarnation), so when I heard that Cuir Tabac from David Jourquin contained five different types of it, I sat up and ordered a sample right away.
What actually bothers me significantly more is the lurking, whip-sawing, crocodile’s tail of something synthetic that flickers around the dark waters of the base. Cuir Tabac is not a true or hardcore leather fragrance by any means, no matter what the name may say. Unfortunately, the base continues to have that synthetic note that feels as sharp as broken glass. The rest of the notes are puny and shows no interest in fighting back the tyranny of fleetingness.
In these cases, companies face a tough decision: Continue developing a flawed game, or cancel the project and concentrate on something else.
Given that the leather is mostly more of an implied suggestion, I think a more accurate name for the fragrance might be Patchouli Tabac…. I tested Cuir Tabac twice, just to be sure, and the aromachemical was there each time in differing degrees of prominence.
Everything feels so swirled into the patchouli that it’s really hard to pull the other notes from the cloud which hovers an inch or two above my skin.
As for the tobacco, judging by those comments, it seems to have played hide-and-go seek with a few other people as well, since the reports are quite split on its prominence. In the early days of video games, it was possible for a small team or even a single person to program a game from start to finish. My point is, would someone want to risk a wispy, unobtrusive blur of a scent that is quite expensive and, for many perfumistas in different parts of the world, not easy to test out first?
Today, most video games are too sophisticated and complex for a few people to design and program.
There, Cuir Tabac is sold at Jovoy, the Ritz hotel, and The Different Company, among others. For all other locations, you can turn to the David Jourquin Store Locator which lists vendors from Russia and Saudi Arabia to Spain and the Ukraine.
As a side note, the brand has a lot of vendors in France and Russia, but it seems to have a very limited European presence and even less so elsewhere. Your best bet may be with companies like Luckyscent, Jovoy, or First in Fragrance who ship worldwide.

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