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North Kern Vocational Training Center serves students from three different partnering districts, and eight different high schools. Our buses are operated by experienced and qualified drivers who are regularly trained in safety. North Kern Vocational Training Center (NKVTC) has been providing Career Technical Education (CTE) to students for over 30 years.
Welcome to Universal Institute,a CARF accredited leader in Rehabilitation and Living Services for the Disabled. The goal of the Vocational Program at Universal Institute is to prepare clients to rejoin the competitive workforce.

Our programs offer clients exciting jobs in the community that prepare them for employment post-rehab. Our Vocational professionals will assess “on-the-job” strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations to the therapy team.  Therapists can then make sessions far more functional and enabling for the clients and their overall recovery. Rehabilitation Center based coffee shops that provide freshly brewed coffee, tea, cold drinks and snacks.
We transport approximately 350 students a day, and travel approximately 35,000 + miles from district to district annually. North Kern buses are inspected annually by the California Highway Patrol and are maintained routinely by the Wasco Union High School District’s maintenance department.

The key component to the success of these proprietary programs is the ability to merge the skills that clients are developing in our dynamic Rehabilitation Programs (PT, OT, Cog, ST and Psych) with real world work environments.
This inter-disciplinary approach leverages the effect that any one discipline could have alone and maximize the ultimate results.

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vocational training center business plan

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