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Have you ever been told to smile while you’re at the mic because it will make you sound friendlier and more conversational?  Bad advice.
There are several physics principles that apply to vocal resonance, but the only one we need to consider now is that the smaller the opening of a cavity the more it enhances lower frequencies. Check out my mp3 on Resonance if you want to learn more about it.  There are also some great exercises on there to improve resonance. This site at the University of Iowa shows each sound in our language and how it’s formed.
This website gives you some cool tools to make your podcasts and screencasts the best they can be. This website by two guys from Australia has a growing community of podcasters who share their experiences, hints, tips and marketing ideas to help your podcast thrive.
We provide executives with an advanced skill set appropriate to their role, level of seniority, and communication challenges. The use of webinars and teleconferencing for internal and external meetings has increased dramatically in global communication. Voice Skills for teleconferences and web conferences are a vital addition to your executive skill set. Conference speaking and presentations require the executive to be able to manage the dynamic of a large audience and be comfortable speaking in an unfamiliar venue.
Professional Voice has provided presentation skills and public speaking rehearsal coaching in a wide range of contexts, including London's Royal Albert Hall and a simultaneous presentation and teleconference to a worldwide audience of 15,000 employees. Corporate films and webcasts are a key vehicle for promoting and underpinning brand messages - and yet often they are unclear, badly-structured and poorly delivered.

Film is a challenging and unfamiliar medium for many executives and requires a new skill set for a successful end result. Having moved to a senior position within my company, I knew I needed to ensure that my presentation skills were “up to the mark”. The Voice and Communication Masterclass took me back to basics and guided me through the entire dos and don’ts of presenting, as well as voice coaching and tips on writing scripts. Professional Voice has continuously delivered high-quality programs that are of real benefit to the personal development and communication skillset of our people. Communication is such an important part of leadership and Professional Voice helps build the skills that bring communication to life. Overall, the change has been dramatic in a very short space of time, and I'm progressing in every new speaking opportunity: clients, pitches, conferences. We utilise the expertise of Professional Voice in our most senior development programs and can always be sure that the result will be very valuable.
Deze cursus is geschikt voor stellen die het contact met hun partner willen verbeteren, herstellen of die hun relatie nieuw leven in willen blazen. Het is te leren om ruzies te stoppen, de ander te bekritiseren, te zwijgen of afstand te nemen, en patronen van verwijdering te doorbreken. Het is mogelijk om de verbinding met je geliefde te verdiepen. Deze cursus vraagt inzet, moed en motivatie. Uitgangspunt van de cursus is de visie dat elk mens verlangt naar verbinding met een dierbare ander. De relatiecursus ‘Houd me vast’ is gebaseerd op de Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) ontwikkeld door Sue Johnson. Echter, deze relatiecursus is niet bedoeld voor stellen die van plan zijn uit elkaar te gaan, of waarbij geweld speelt in de relatie of wanneer er sprake is van een buitenechtelijke relatie; in deze situaties is relatietherapie bij een therapeut meer aangewezen.

Thank you thank you for being an engaging, playful, intuitive, excited, supportive, knowledgeable and cool coach!
The air cavities that the sound waves move through either enhance the lower frequencies or reduce them.
Planning and preparation are key to ensure that the executive is able to master these challenges and maximise the opportunity.
Professional Voice provides voice coaching and advice on structure and how to land a message effectively to management boards and teams. Now my presentations are effective and have a real impact on the audience while being delivered in a professional and confident manner.
This week I had the opportunity to present in front of my main board, which includes our shareholders, and I probably delivered my best presentation ever in terms of clarity and authority. The Professional Voice coaches are able to engage and even manage to inspire critical people who have had intensive communication experience and training before. Wel kan de cursus een goede aanvulling zijn voor paren die al bezig zijn met relatietherapie.
Door jarenlang onderzoek (Johnson) is gebleken dit effectief te zijn, ook voor de lange termijn. Daarnaast werken we door middel van concrete handvatten voor het versterken van de onderlinge verbondenheid in de partnerrelatie.

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