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Volunteer Now & Volunteer Now Enterprises Ltd are the leading provider of quality, up to date and local training on topics that will make a difference to you, your organisation and those you work with. FirstLink went on the road two weeks ago, traveling to Grand Forks, North Dakota, to train the area’s best and brightest volunteer coordinators.
The event went so well that FirstLink is making this training an annual event in Grand Forks.
FirstLink’s Volunteer Network is the only agency in North Dakota that trains the community about volunteerism and volunteer management. Volunteer coordinators are on the front lines working on recruiting, managing and retaining their organization’s volunteer workforce. North Dakota is a state that has seen considerable growth over the past 5 years with the oil boom. FirstLink is dedicated to getting across North Dakota in the next two years to create a movement in volunteerism by connecting, training, and promoting all volunteer efforts. I encourage you to check out the latest volunteerism statistics for North Dakota to really visualize this problem.
Just as nonprofit organizations need money to fulfil their mission, they also need volunteers and community support. Continue to follow FirstLink’s Volunteer Network to stay up to date on future volunteer management trainings and volunteerism news!
Volunteering is scientifically proven to lead to: Longer life, Lower disability, Higher levels of well-being, Increased physical, social and mental activity, Sense of purpose, Stronger connection to community, Takes mind off of own problems, Increased brain activity, Reduced levels of depression, and Skills development. Austin HSEM and the citizens of Austin need your help to prepare the community for a disaster.
Training covers basic emergency preparedness, response capabilities, first aid, fire suppression and search and rescue procedures. If you’d like to join Austin CERT and have questions about this training - the first step to becoming a CERT volunteer - please contact Sonia Goodman at 512-974-0471.
The 24 hours of required core training educates people about disaster preparedness for specific types of hazards, and trains them in basic disaster response skills and the role of a CERT volunteer. Volunteers who wish to directly assist HSEM and first reponders during an activation of the Emergency Operations Center must be badged, and a criminal background check will be required in order to be issued a CERT badge.

Offers informational resources and networking opportunities to faith-based practitioners, private philanthropies, and public administrators who seek to collaborate effectively to renew urban communities. The Volunteer Canada website has great information for those managing volunteers; most of the information is not specific to Canada.
Ivan has been one of the most instrumental and forward-thinking leaders in the volunteerism field for over three decades. Wide range of materials on volunteer recruitment, retention, screening and supervision, from Court Appointed Special Advocates.
We are specialists in all aspects of volunteer management with a unique knowledge of the Northern Ireland context. This was an important training because FirstLink has never left Fargo to complete our Volunteer Management Training Series licensed through Energize Inc. Nonprofits need this chance to come together and talk collaboratively about how they can improve their volunteer efforts. In Grand Forks we discussed Volunteer Recruitment, Job Descriptions, Orientation and Training, Delegating to Volunteers, Supervising Volunteers and Volunteer Recognition. We began this journey about five years ago with the creation of the Community Volunteer Workshop in Fargo. Finding similar resources pointed at nonprofits and supporting volunteer programs are much more difficult to come by.
This influx of people has put a larger strain on basic need resources that are provided by nonprofits.
It’s time for volunteers, businesses, nonprofits, faith communities, government agencies and educational institutions to come together and rally behind this cause.
In 2013, North Dakota was ranked #20 in the nation for volunteerism compared to #12 just 4 years ago. Every volunteer coordinator needs to have the skills to recruit, retain and recognize their volunteer workforce. CERT provides an excellent opportunity for Austinites to play an important role in helping to safeguard, prepare for and respond to major emergencies in our community. The web site is a place where leaders of volunteers can exchange views on critical issues in the field, browse pertinent articles, gather information on how to broaden their professional skills and networks, advance their careers and link to other sites useful to volunteer managers.

Now in his 70s, Ivan is sharing more than 700 pages of his innovative writings, most out of print and only available online.
Our training meets national standards of quality whilst retaining a practical and useful approach with many courses available free of charge.Training is designed for groups at every developmental stage whether you are just starting to look at management practice or working towards management awards.
This full day session taught concepts that help build nonprofit capacity to engage and retain volunteers. When the attendees left at the end of the day, they had physical worksheets and documents which they can use to create new best practices for their respective volunteer programs. This workshop brings nonprofit professionals from all over the state together to discuss how to build up volunteer programs.
FirstLink offers the community a way to easily learn about a multitude of topics related to volunteerism.
Nonprofits can’t succeed unless they have enough people working towards their cause on a daily basis. The CERT program is supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).Like us on Facebook for CERT program news and updates! There has never been a time of higher need for high quality trainings to help nonprofit professionals do their jobs to the best of their ability. FirstLink believes in all nonprofits and are willing to work with all nonprofit professionals who are passionate about bringing volunteer management to every community. Volunteer management takes advantage of a community’s most valuable resource – its organizations and its residents. FirstLink is a statewide community organization working towards bettering all nonprofits in this area.

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